Socialism will never take over America

Communism was only able to fully take over Soviet Russia because the US provided the poor with food. If they had not sustained the people with bread and water, the Russian’s would have eventually rebelled and the empire would have come crashing down.

America will never be taken over by socialism. It is a mathematical impossibility. The only reason Europe has been able to sustain itself is because there have been capitalist nations in the world propping up the whole system.

At 16 Trillion Dollars in debt, we simply cannot afford to pay for any more social programs.

“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money” – Margret Thatcher

We are already seeing signs that Obama’s grand plan is failing. Hundreds of businesses have announced plans to lay off workers and cut hours to stop the heavy burden and costs of ‘obamacare’.

Almost every State has now signed a petition on the white house website to secede from the Union.

People are fed up, they will not put up with the slug that is socialism. We are in a period not seen since the revolutionary and civil wars. It is literally a battle between the producers and the moochers. But guess what? The producers will not allow themselves to be shackled. Before they pay another dime for social programs and taxes, they will simply close up shop and ‘go galt’.

The engine of the world is driven by capitalism. Without it the whole world falls apart, and no amount of ‘pull’ will be able to stop it.

The battle back toward peace, liberty and prosperity has only just begun. Let not your heart be troubled. We’re in this for the long haul, and there’s a lot of work to be done.

The moochers and looters are currently celebrating their mini victory, and are currently poking fun at those of us who have been working hard to preserve our way of life. Let them have their fun, it will be short lived. Use your frustration to do good, be productive, teach others, prepare yourself and your family for what lies ahead, and be ready to reclaim the world.

Socialism has just about lived out its course in history, and when it comes to a sudden end, it will vanish from the earth, and individuals will rule once more.

America is the land of opportunity, the land of Capitalism and free enterprise. If you take those traits away, it is nothing but an empty shell, one which will fall, break and disperse, and the fragments will rebuild the way it was supposed to be. Whether we continue as a unified republic or as several states will mutual exchange of goods and services, America will flourish once more. We are currently shedding a skin, and a new one is already forming.

Go join your local Tea Party, your local liberty group, go talk to your neighbors who hold similar opinions. Build friendships, make alliances, stock up on food in case of a power black out. Learn new skills, teach yourself. Build yourself as an individual, so that no one can ever pull the rug out from under you, and so that you can always depend upon yourself, no matter what idiot is in charge of the government. They don’t control us, we employ them. Continue to throw out the incumbents, and continue to install new principled representatives who abide by the constitution.

Socialism is almost dead, the socialists just don’t realize it yet. But you and I know better, and we’ll be prepared when it happens.

America’s greatest days are still ahead.

The 2012 election fallout

It’s even better than I predicted. I already knew that Romney would fail. After all, who really wanted to vote for the progressive liberal anyway? He was only marginally better than Obama when it came to economics, and that was only because of the looting he did as a vulture capitalist, which was hardly a role model for the country. On every other issue Romney and Obama were essentially the same. Many core republicans voted for him anyway, and are now reeling from the news of finding out that Obama has clinched a second term in office. But the good news is that while everyone’s hair is now standing up on end, their skin has thickened also. Already the Tea Party has called out Speaker of the House John Boehner for his remarks about the Tea Party being ineffective and inconsequential, and his progressive side has shone through on accepting Obama-care as ‘law of the land’. Many conservatives have just had a stinging slap in the face, and are looking very clearly at the corruption in their own party. This corruption is what I have been trying to tell everyone for months. Thank God people are now starting to see it.

I wrote earlier in the week that every cloud has a silver lining, and indeed it does. All the progressives are currently singing and dancing, and already planning to tax us more than ever and load us up with even more stupid government programs. But little do they know that we in the liberty movement have only just started to take a hold of the rug that will be pulled out from under them. The economy will crash before wealthy producers pay another nickle for their stupid social programs. Many people will simply ‘go galt’ before they are driven into wage slavery to support the ‘needy’. The fact that we now have our very way of life at stake means that all the liberty groups will band together to preserve that, and will do all that they can do push our liberty agendas forward.

“This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, but this is perhaps the end of the beginning” – Winston Churchill

Did you really think everything was going to be solved last Tuesday? Did you really expect everything to be put right with another wolf in sheep’s clothing sitting behind the desk in the Oval office? At least with Obama there is a clear and present threat that the majority of us can see. Do you really think that the Army or the local county sheriffs will comply if Obama declares martial law? If it had been Romney, they may have complied, and we would slowly and quietly sink into the abyss. But since it’s Obama, no one will comply. Except maybe the big cities; but they are mostly full of moochers anyway, and their fate will be one of their own creation. As for the true liberty movement, and the core conservatives, we will prevail.

Let the silly progressives have their fun, it will be short lived. The campaign to regain the senate in 2014 has already begun, and the Tea Party has only just began to call out the progressives from within our own party. A revolution is at hand, a revolution of the mind, and all the progressives will fall in our wake.

And as for the next president, let’s choose one who can combine all our movements together, who understands true liberty, who will set this country straight again. I am officially endorsing Rand Paul for president in 2016!

Tail of the Dragon; a review

Rich Hoffman‘s new book ‘Tail of the Dragon‘ comes out in one month’s time. It is a fast paced book about a man who stands up to the tyranny of the Tennessee highway patrol and their revenue collecting on the roads around the smokies.

Much like the sheriff of Nottingham and his tax enforcers from the days of Robin Hood. Modern day taxes are looted from innocent people along the highways of America through speeding tickets.

Long gone is the idea of serving and protecting society. Instead LEO’s are now asked to collect extra revenue for their own ‘sheriffs of Nottingham’, and to jail those who do not comply.

‘Tail of the dragon’ is a tale of what happens when one man says ‘no’ to the system, and leads the cops on a high octane chase around the smokies.

The book has the same kind of feel you get from watching ‘the general lee’ flying wildly off a ramp during ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ while blasting its Dixie horn, or watching smokey and the bandit outwit the sheriff on his high speed pursuit.

‘The Dragons Tail’ has these same feelings and the momentum builds up throughout. I like how ‘Rick’ challenges the cops, and stands up for his rights. I like how the system is exposed for how corrupt it is. For me, my favorite part, was toward the end during the chase around the smokies. I held onto the pages for dear life as I stormed through page after page as if I were driving the souped up Firebird, doing well over 100mph, reminiscent of the movie hooper where the car and its driver defy all odds.

The chase storms through the mountains as Rick is pursued by an endless band of cops through the misty mountains, and even a shopping mall!

Tail of the Dragon is a must read for anyone who loves the constitution, self liberty, a sense of being a pirate on the high seas; against all odds, or simply just loves a good car chase!

Tail of the Dragon is now exclusively available on

Order your copy today!

Welfare is theft

Welfare is theft, not only because government must steal from those who produce in order to fund social programs. But because it robs those who use welfare, of the initiative to make money by thrift or other creative means for themselves.

Welfare is a ticking time bomb, because as generation after generation becomes dependent on government agencies to help support them, they have less and less incentive to go out into the world and take a chance. They do not educate themselves to their fullest potential, and they are shielded by many of life’s harsh lessons. This system of welfare is unsustainable, and it is close to complete collapse.

Instead of having government agencies run re-distribution programs, by stealing from the producers, and giving to the ‘needy’ which in many cases is simply a byword for ‘lazy’. People who currently use welfare, or would think about using it, should be encoraged to save what money they have for future events. They should  be encouraged to take whatever work they can get, and to be thrifty with the money that they have.

When value is placed upon the money they earn through hard work, like with other elements of society, the value of money goes up. All the while money is given out like candy without being earned, its value goes down.

There are those who would argue that it’s evil to stop welfare. But how is it evil to stop giving those who haven’t earned it more money? Is it not better to teach a man how to fish, and provide for himself?. Education programs are far more valuable, than simply providing a service by redistributing wealth.

There should be no government programs. Government should only have a very simple role in our lives. To build roads, allow commerce, a postal service, and a judicial system.

Without huge government, taxes and social programs, people will once again be able to prosper as individuals. It is the individual who takes the job at McDonald’s to support his family, instead of relying on a welfare check. And it is the individual who gets promoted to management, because he has worked hard and proven himself. To rise above the mediocre and be all that he can be.

Whenever I am asked ‘but how can I afford that?’ I say ‘good, you’re asking the right question’. Now keep asking it ‘how can I afford that’, keep saying it until you figure it out for yourself. Whether you have to take on two jobs at once, or squeeze out extra pennies from your budget. You’re on the right track when you ask ‘how?’.

One thing is for sure. Eventually, the government won’t be able to provide everything you need, because they will have run out of victims to sacrifice and loot. The mentality of ‘oh you make enough money to pay the taxes, you can afford it’ will not always be allowed to pass by. Eventually, when ‘those who can afford it’ can no longer afford it because of the looting through taxation and interest. These  people will simply resign in protest. They will not have the motivation to get up in the morning and support all the welfare thieves. And in many cases, may take a mediocre position and start using government programs themselves.

Once this problem ensues, the fate of the welfare state is sealed. It cannot support itself without able-bodied people supporting it, while being expected never to use it.

And there is the true evil. Those who will never use the system, are expected to support the system. Instead of buying themselves or their children a new pair of shoes, they are expected instead to pay for another families groceries, because they are to lazy to get up and take a job to pay for it themselves.

Welfare encourages people to be dependent on others. It is there almost as a reward for stupidity and making mistakes in life. While punishing others for being successful. A society with this mindset cannot survive, let alone thrive.

So what about the needy? I hear you cry. Well there are very few real ‘needy’ people. Needy normally means lazy. But for the disabled people, for those who truly cannot support themselves; we have charities. Charities are a noble ideal, and many wealthy people contribute willingly to charities. For decades, before welfare, many thousands of people were helped and saved by charities. And it should be no different in the future. Those who truly need it, can get help, while no one is robbed to support it. The wealthy and even those who are not, can contribute and help out. And our system, our way of life, will be allowed to continue, without completely collapsing in on itself.

Welfare breeds laziness, it breeds the mediocre. This country was founded upon self-sufficiency and determination to make the most of yourself. It should be no different today.

We can live in a society that helps others out, but it must not be mandatory. Helping others should always be voluntary. I would encourage you to help others. Just a few weeks ago, I helped cut up a fallen tree limb from a neighbors house across the street from my in-laws when I was visiting. The guy was in his 70’s, and walked with a cane. I thought nothing of helping this guy out. He had served in Vietnam, and had built his house himself when he was not much older than myself. I could spare a half hour to help a self-sufficient man like myself, who has aged and has a harder time getting around now. I have no problem helping people like him. He was extremely appreciative, and I worked up a good sweat. It felt great to go swimming after working up a sweat and helping someone out in the process. But to ask me to sacrifice a chunk of my paycheck after a hard day’s work, for a ‘needy’ person who hasn’t earned my valued pay; that is simply unacceptable.

So you see, the way forward is not through government intervention, which has a long history of failure, but through voluntary charity toward others. Just stop for a second, and help others who just need a tree limb removed, or perhaps are sick and can’t cut their grass. You can do something nice, that doesn’t take too long, and doesn’t cost you anything, without having to sacrifice your hard earned time and money to someone who hasn’t earned it.

The welfare state will collapse eventually, perhaps it is much better that we learn to help one another through acts of generosity, rather than through taxation and looting.

After all, isn’t that what this country was founded upon? Weren’t we founded upon the rejection of taxation without representation? Weren’t we founded upon the idea of governing ourselves and taking care of ourselves?

Try applying self sufficiency and voluntary acts of generosity to your life, and I guarantee you will feel happier and more fulfilled because of it.


Before I moved here, I saved every penny I could. I didn’t take the bus home, or buy a car. I walked 4 miles home every day. Part of my reason was because I was upset at how expensive the government had made buying a car and getting a license and insurance. I didn’t want to be ‘nudged’ into taking public transport. My small paychecks, were already taxed higher than I thought necessary. In a way I ‘shrugged‘ from the world, in the best way that I could. I managed to save up a substantial amount of money, while working hard at my simple job, and providing very little in tax revenue to the overbearing government.

Whenever someone tells me something is too hard, or they can’t save enough money, I ask them why they don’t give up some of their luxuries. You can buy anything you want, as equally as you can create anything you want, if you put your mind to it.

With the rising cost of gasoline and the costs of maintaining my vehicles. The thought has crossed my mind about getting out of distribution and just working at a store close to my house. I could simply walk there, and the transportation savings would offset the pay decrease. You see, the government thinks it can simply grow taxes at a never ending rate, and not expect repercussions. Not only does an economy slow down during tax rises and red tape increases, but productive people like myself begin to shrug, because we do not see the point in working if most of it is immediately taken away from us. During ‘the fountainhead‘ Howard Roark goes to the granite quarry for similar reasons. I refuse to lend my time, body and mind to looters. My mind, body and time is my own. So long as I can keep a roof over my head, and food in my wife and I’s stomachs, and keep her happy, I really don’t need anything else. I’ve taken her on trips which spare no expense,  but we’ve also been on cheap camping trips and had just as much fun.

It is not up to governments and corrupt corporations to set the tone for this nation or to leech us at every turn. There are things we can do to limit their looting capabilities, and get the most out of life for ourselves.

We really do have ‘people power’ and it starts with the individual. If you personally make a commitment to cut back your spending, and enjoy the fruits of life. You will starve out the looters, while enriching your own life.

Other nations are getting ready for this. The dollar is collapsing, and other nations are creating bomb shelters, and storing up gold. They are getting ready for the fall out. Are you ready? Atlas is shrugging, and time is running out to flush out the looters.

I believe in happiness, in creating a world for myself as I see fit, without pulling the rug out from under others, without leeching off their success. I will build my own success, but I will not fund others dreams of sacrificing me as a victim so that they may profit from my knowledge and hard work.

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, you can save and buy anything you want, you can work your way toward any job or position in life, and you can pull the rug out from under the looters by stepping down and enjoying the simplicities of life, while fighting the leeches with your mind and reasoning.

I believe this will be the first country in history to turn away from self destruction. But only if enough people stand up and speak out, and stop funding the looters.