Welfare is theft

Welfare is theft, not only because government must steal from those who produce in order to fund social programs. But because it robs those who use welfare, of the initiative to make money by thrift or other creative means for themselves.

Welfare is a ticking time bomb, because as generation after generation becomes dependent on government agencies to help support them, they have less and less incentive to go out into the world and take a chance. They do not educate themselves to their fullest potential, and they are shielded by many of life’s harsh lessons. This system of welfare is unsustainable, and it is close to complete collapse.

Instead of having government agencies run re-distribution programs, by stealing from the producers, and giving to the ‘needy’ which in many cases is simply a byword for ‘lazy’. People who currently use welfare, or would think about using it, should be encoraged to save what money they have for future events. They should  be encouraged to take whatever work they can get, and to be thrifty with the money that they have.

When value is placed upon the money they earn through hard work, like with other elements of society, the value of money goes up. All the while money is given out like candy without being earned, its value goes down.

There are those who would argue that it’s evil to stop welfare. But how is it evil to stop giving those who haven’t earned it more money? Is it not better to teach a man how to fish, and provide for himself?. Education programs are far more valuable, than simply providing a service by redistributing wealth.

There should be no government programs. Government should only have a very simple role in our lives. To build roads, allow commerce, a postal service, and a judicial system.

Without huge government, taxes and social programs, people will once again be able to prosper as individuals. It is the individual who takes the job at McDonald’s to support his family, instead of relying on a welfare check. And it is the individual who gets promoted to management, because he has worked hard and proven himself. To rise above the mediocre and be all that he can be.

Whenever I am asked ‘but how can I afford that?’ I say ‘good, you’re asking the right question’. Now keep asking it ‘how can I afford that’, keep saying it until you figure it out for yourself. Whether you have to take on two jobs at once, or squeeze out extra pennies from your budget. You’re on the right track when you ask ‘how?’.

One thing is for sure. Eventually, the government won’t be able to provide everything you need, because they will have run out of victims to sacrifice and loot. The mentality of ‘oh you make enough money to pay the taxes, you can afford it’ will not always be allowed to pass by. Eventually, when ‘those who can afford it’ can no longer afford it because of the looting through taxation and interest. These  people will simply resign in protest. They will not have the motivation to get up in the morning and support all the welfare thieves. And in many cases, may take a mediocre position and start using government programs themselves.

Once this problem ensues, the fate of the welfare state is sealed. It cannot support itself without able-bodied people supporting it, while being expected never to use it.

And there is the true evil. Those who will never use the system, are expected to support the system. Instead of buying themselves or their children a new pair of shoes, they are expected instead to pay for another families groceries, because they are to lazy to get up and take a job to pay for it themselves.

Welfare encourages people to be dependent on others. It is there almost as a reward for stupidity and making mistakes in life. While punishing others for being successful. A society with this mindset cannot survive, let alone thrive.

So what about the needy? I hear you cry. Well there are very few real ‘needy’ people. Needy normally means lazy. But for the disabled people, for those who truly cannot support themselves; we have charities. Charities are a noble ideal, and many wealthy people contribute willingly to charities. For decades, before welfare, many thousands of people were helped and saved by charities. And it should be no different in the future. Those who truly need it, can get help, while no one is robbed to support it. The wealthy and even those who are not, can contribute and help out. And our system, our way of life, will be allowed to continue, without completely collapsing in on itself.

Welfare breeds laziness, it breeds the mediocre. This country was founded upon self-sufficiency and determination to make the most of yourself. It should be no different today.

We can live in a society that helps others out, but it must not be mandatory. Helping others should always be voluntary. I would encourage you to help others. Just a few weeks ago, I helped cut up a fallen tree limb from a neighbors house across the street from my in-laws when I was visiting. The guy was in his 70’s, and walked with a cane. I thought nothing of helping this guy out. He had served in Vietnam, and had built his house himself when he was not much older than myself. I could spare a half hour to help a self-sufficient man like myself, who has aged and has a harder time getting around now. I have no problem helping people like him. He was extremely appreciative, and I worked up a good sweat. It felt great to go swimming after working up a sweat and helping someone out in the process. But to ask me to sacrifice a chunk of my paycheck after a hard day’s work, for a ‘needy’ person who hasn’t earned my valued pay; that is simply unacceptable.

So you see, the way forward is not through government intervention, which has a long history of failure, but through voluntary charity toward others. Just stop for a second, and help others who just need a tree limb removed, or perhaps are sick and can’t cut their grass. You can do something nice, that doesn’t take too long, and doesn’t cost you anything, without having to sacrifice your hard earned time and money to someone who hasn’t earned it.

The welfare state will collapse eventually, perhaps it is much better that we learn to help one another through acts of generosity, rather than through taxation and looting.

After all, isn’t that what this country was founded upon? Weren’t we founded upon the rejection of taxation without representation? Weren’t we founded upon the idea of governing ourselves and taking care of ourselves?

Try applying self sufficiency and voluntary acts of generosity to your life, and I guarantee you will feel happier and more fulfilled because of it.