Hollywood has to change

One of my friend’s and I recently got into a heated discussion about the new RoboCop movie, and she was basically saying that I shouldn’t be watching anything from the progressives in Hollywood. While I agree with her in theory, I still love to watch blockbusters, especially when they are libertarian minded.

The truth is, the progressive side of Hollywood is dying. Oh sure you still get a lot of Hollywood blowhards lapping up the communist liberal agenda, but these fools are now mostly ignored. What really shows is the actual movies being made.


Even though Hollywood tough guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are personally anti gun, their movies depict the exact opposite of this, and that is what people take away from them. These two super star actors rose to fame during the unapologetic 80’s. Their movies are cheesy and their acting is terrible, but we still love the tough guy image they portray in them.

During the 90’s and early 2000’s we saw a lot of soppy liberal apologetic movies, and none were all that successful. It’s only since the new superhero movies such as Iron Man, Captain America and the Avengers have come out, that movies are becoming true block busters again. Rebellious movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean smashed the box office charts, while true unapologetic franchises such as the Dark Knight Rises rewrote the way Hollywood movies are made.

hollywood 5

We are entering once again into an unapologetic era of hard hitting action hero movies, where freedom and independence shine through. The liberal Hollywood elitists cannot make their soppy movies without the hard hitting movies to rake in the cash. I suppose this is where my friend referred to me as an enabler. But what I have to say is that none of these soppy movies will be around for long, because for just a few hundred dollars and a good eye, I can make my own half decent movie and feature it on YouTube for free. Hollywood cannot compete with that unless they make good solid movies. And with the Disney owned Star Wars franchise getting ready to make the next set of movies, the bar will really be raised to the top.

Hollywood will have no choice but to change with the times, or get utterly destroyed by its own arrogant stupidity. And personally, I’ll watch a good indie movie any day over a Hollywood movie.

Winteregg is winning

On Saturday I wrote an article about JD Winteregg and Eric Gurr. Having attended the straw poll in Eaton, and having heard these two men debate three times now, I can safely say that JD is the right guy for the job as Congressman of the eighth district of Ohio.

winteregg is winning 1

I received some negative feedback from a couple of Gurr’s supporters on twitter when I said that Mr Gurr suggested deporting both legal and illegal immigrants. Though he may not have said this directly, the way he directed the conversation certainly made it sound like it. His reference to operation Wetback made him sound racist. Mr Gurr said he would round up all the illegal immigrants and significantly reduce legal immigration. He said he wanted to send them all back home. Now if a Libertarian Conservative like myself took that as meaning legals and illegals, I can only imagine how much fun John Boehner’s team would have with it, not to mention the progressive mainstream media. They’ll tear him apart and call him a racist. They’ll show him as being out of touch. At the end of the day Eric Gurr would be a PR nightmare and would likely ruin our chances of replacing John Boehner. Now I’m sure Mr Gurr is a nice enough guy, and he does seem to genuinely want to do good, but you have to be able to play the game, and Eric Gurr is simply not articulate enough.

JD Winteregg on the other hand understands the progressive game. He knows how to play it and to hand it back to them. He has the strategy to throw it back in their faces.

Now I’m not the only one who feels JD is the better candidate. Daily blogger Rich Hoffman had this to say about JD: “J.D. has a new penny feel about him, and after hearing him speak, I believe he is incorruptible.”

We need someone fresh, principled and incorruptible. Just like senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, JD brings fresh ideas and optimism when he speaks. JD understands the progressives game and how to play it against them. We need JD to beat Boehner and win OH8.

winteregg is winning 2

Go watch Robocop!

As the evening grew dark, and snow continued to fall in South Western Ohio, my wife and I ventured out into the storm. It was Friday evening, and Valentines Day at that. The winter storm wasn’t going to hamper our fun, and my Jeep was all ready to tackle the un-plowed roads.

We ventured down toward the highway, and the jeep dug into the slushy snow mix left by the salt trucks, desperately battling the last in a series of heavy snowfalls. I pointed out where a car had slid down the embankment only a few days previously on my way to work. We talked about how hard the winter had been so far, how cold it was, and how much snow had fallen. We entered the highway and crawled along at a steady 40 mph with the rest of the traffic, while reminiscing previous Valentines day’s together. We left the highway exit, and rolled on down to The Streets of West Chester, where a big blue truck was doing its best to keep the AMC Cinemas parking lot clear for the movie goers and sweet hearts to enjoy their evening.

We parked up the Jeep, and headed into the movie theater to buy our tickets. We bought some popcorn and a big blue slushee, and headed into our theater room. We watched all the trailers for the exciting up and coming movies for the year. Then our film started.

I was a bit nervous about how good Robocop would be. I’m not one for remakes. I prefer originals. But I must say I was very impressed. I realized immediately why there were only two showings of this film at this theater, and why critics had been so hard on it. The film takes on a very libertarian mindset, and bashes heavily on the mainstream media.

Unlike the original Robocop, this film is not anti capitalist. This film depicts the future in which drones are still used overseas, and the mainstream media is still corrupt and used for corporatist interests. The film shows the struggle between a corrupt CEO and his paid off congressmen who are being used to strike down a law that prevents the use of drones and machines on American soil. Sound familiar?

The film was action packed, and very heart warming. It showed that human interaction is far superior to machines, and that even though we should use machines to our daily advantage, we should always be in charge of them, and not vis-versa.

When the movie concluded my wife and I turned to each other and remarked at what a great movie it was. When the credits ended we got up and headed out across the street to Bravo’s where I had reservations. The big blue truck was still trying to keep up with the snowfall, and was doing a good job of clearing a path for the few lovebirds who had dared to venture out into the wintery abyss. We entered the restaurant and were seated immediately due to the various cancellations.

robocop 1

As we sat down, we people watched, and we pointed out to each other who were first date couples and who were long term married couples. We discussed the movie, its liberty mindset, and the direction movies are currently heading in. We discussed the state of the nation, and our plans for the future, all the while eating our delicious meals and reminiscing on our past.

When we had finished our meals, we headed back out into the frozen tundra, and I fired up the Jeep to the sounds of the beach boys ‘Kokomo’ as we rolled out through the snow back home.

Sometimes the greatest adventures come when they are least expected, and when everything around you seems to be trying to stop you.

As for the new movie, go watch Robocop! You won’t be disappointed!


Beating Boehner

This morning my wife and I attended the Eighth District Candidate Forum & Straw Poll in Eaton Ohio. After a pleasant 45 minute drive along country roads on one of the warmest days of the year so far, we gathered for the debate.

The two candidates running against Boehner for the republican primary are J. D. Winteregg, and Eric Gurr.
The reason for the primary against Boehner is simple. The guy is completely out of touch with the 8th district, and has become President Obama’s pet poodle.
Of the two candidates I like JD the most. He is young, articulate, and understands the game. He understands the tricks the progressives play on us, and knows how to take the fight to them. Eric Gurr sounds like a nice guy, but he doesn’t seem to be as in touch with the voters as I would like. His stance on immigration made my stomach turn, and granted a look of shock and appall from my wife. Eric was right that we should deport illegal immigrants, but dead wrong in suggesting we limit the number of legal immigrants and suggesting they should be deported also. My wife and I worked very hard to get me over here and spent a great deal of time and money jumping through all the hoops to get me to where I am today. JD’s stance however was spot on. He simply said that we should enforce our current laws, and send the illegals back to their home countries. This is exactly what needs to happen. I took comfort in a call from the audience when a guy shouted out “we’re all immigrants!”. Those who have studied American Immigration know that the current laws are designed to take the cream of the crop from other countries, and to allow families of migrants to move here after a number of years have gone by. It is a very well thought out system, that should be enforced as it is.
What Mr Gurr pointed out about immigration is that there are 100,000 immigrants coming over here each month, and only about 133,000 jobs being created each month. He used this to justify his stance against immigration. This shows how out of touch he is, and how he is ignorant of the fact that many immigrants actually create jobs in this country when they move here. Many immigrants are top scientists, engineers and technicians, taking jobs that cannot be currently filled by American workers. American exceptionalism comes not only from within this country, but from immigrants who move here and fulfill their full potential. Reducing immigration will do nothing for the economy and the people of this country.
JD was right when he said taxes and regulation need to be lowered, and that principles need to be restored in DC. As an immigrant myself, I can tell you that if it wasn’t for all the rules and regulations currently in place in this country, I would have a booming business, with many hired American workers. As it stands today, I can neither afford to hire any body, nor even think of climbing the mountains of paperwork and red tape to get started.
If we can get a politician like JD elected, if we can get people like JD elected all over the country, then the 100,000 immigrants moving legally to this great country each month, wont even put a dent in the new jobs being created. With politicians like John Boehner being voted out of office, and progressive policies being scrapped, jobs will be booming in this country once more. With spineless politicians being voted out, and principled politicians being voted in, we will rein in spending, and curb our deficit. Our country will turn a new leaf, and continue to be prosperous once more.
JD’s message is simple: cast a new light on DC, and when he says that I believe him. After the poll was taken, many in the audience felt the same way I did. JD won the straw poll, and I hope he gets the backing of the various Tea Party and liberty groups. I believe JD is our best chance and beating Boehner, and sending a message to DC, that we the American people, have had enough of career politicians, and progressive politics.
Let’s cast a new light on DC and beat John Boehner!