Life comes at you fast!

After the Tea Party on Tuesday, I wrote the article about Rick Santorum. In my opinion, based on facts and common sense, Ron Paul is the only candidate who has the credentials necessary to lead this country and I endorse him for the presidency. Guys like Rick Santorum have no place in leading this country. Your political record stays with you forever, and his stinks!

After I posted the article on Wednesday, life caught up with me at breakneck speed. I have a draft post for an article on Glenn Beck and Israel. It is long and complicated. Basically; I do not believe we should pay any special interests to this UN mandated country which took over land formally held by Palestinians. Glenn talks about Israel being a bastion of democracy. But if anything it is a provoker of many of the wars in the Middle East, and does nothing to stabilize the region. I also find it very troubling that many of the presidential candidates are sponsored by the American Israel super pacs, all the while Israel and these Israel backed candidates are propping up and sponsoring the ideas of bombing Iran. As I have mentioned before, bombing Iran would be a very foolish thing to do, and could trigger WWIII, or simply a massive default on our currency.

There are many problems right now. And what troubles me is that Glenn may actually not be who we think he is. I see it as one of two ways; he is an agent of blatant misinformation, riding on the side of liberty while acting as its destroyer. Or he is simply and helplessly flawed in his thinking on the Middle East and the rationale behind supporting Israel and religious bigotry.

Like I said; the article I have drafted is long and needs a lot of work. But always keep in mind that the hero does often become the villain (read the hero with a thousand faces) and that many people can be wrong in some areas while right in many others.

I like Glenn’s exposure of progressives and all the links between those in power and the organizations and special interests that support them. But I find it troublesome that he supports special interests of his own.

Over the next week I will be extremely busy. I am designing a website and putting together an online store for a company I am helping to set up. Aside from Super Tuesday; where I’ll be gathering signatures for the Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment, my time will be completely booked.

I’ll continue to contribute more blogs in the future, though not as many as previously at this point in time.

Always question everything around you. Never accept what others say simply because they are right on most issues. You never know for sure until you do the research for yourself.

“Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.” -Thomas Jefferson

And Remember;

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” – Thomas Jefferson

Rick Santorum!

My jaw dropped in disbelief yesterday when the votes were read out at the local tea party gathering. 56% voted that the local tea party support Rick Santorum! Thank god we needed a 66% majority vote to actually endorse a candidate, otherwise I  may not have been able to bring myself back to another meeting. I honestly could not believe that over half of the people in that room were supporting Rick Santorum, a guy who stands for big government, and massive deficit spending.

Here was a group of people, who were for small limited government, and had done so many great things on the state and local level, but somehow managed to completely miss the point on the national level. Were they really so misguided? Were they really so misinformed? Or were they really crazy enough to believe that Rick Santoram is a fiscal conservative?

The sad conclusion I made after I got home, my head spinning, was the sad fact that many of these people were greatly misinformed, and most of whom probably watch fox news each night; which puts as much spin on the facts as any progressive channel.

For anyone who was at the Tea Party last night, who is reading this. Please look into each individual candidate’s past. Please look at what they really stand for.

I’m still completely stunned that so many people could get behind such a counterfeit conservative. Did they learn nothing from George W Bush’s term? Are they really so brainwashed to think that the republicans are the custodians of all freedom, and the democrats are the anti-Christ?

The sad truth is that many of them are simply misinformed and misguided. They’re not crazy kooks, they just want to do what is right and get our country back on track. That is why I challenge everyone and every group in this blog. It is not about left vs right, it is about liberty and freedom. That is why I point out all the flaws, and the strengths in everything I write about. We cannot move forward unless we study all the angles, and are willing to see others view points.

Last night was not all bad though, there were a couple of great speakers, two of whom I admired, and one of whom I will be voting for later this year. I’ll talk about them both later in the week. I simply had to get this article off my chest. Rick Santorum! Really? That’s what the majority of the room choose as a ‘fiscal conservative’ who stands for liberty and limited government? Wow! What a shocker, we really have our work cut out for us!

Education, education, education! Thank god that this tea party wants to educate its members and families on the constitution. Perhaps I can point out the strengths and weaknesses of candidates, on both national and local issues, so at least we can start digging away at the fundamental problems.

If Rick Santorum is what the majority of the room thinks is a good candidate for limited government, we’re in trouble.

It’s time to take a stance and stand up for principles, not the establishment.

Wake up people; do your own research and stop following the lamestream media. The ‘mainstream’ does not have our best interests at heart. You do.

Fuzzy logic: The case for bombing Iran

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are going so well. So why not invade, sorry; ‘strategically bomb’ Iran?

If I had been the caller, I would have considered myself ‘schooled’ by George. What many people don’t realize is that its OK to be wrong sometimes. The caller believes that its OK to bomb a country because it is a ‘threat’ to us. When presented with the facts, he goes back on weaker and weaker knowledge and ‘facts’ to defend his view point. If I had been the caller, and was presented that information, I would have accepted it, and told George that I’d look more into the information he’d given me, and that I’d call him back later and talk more. People are often so wrapped up in themselves that they will defy all logic to make themselves feel better against being wrong. It is OK to be wrong. We learn from our mistakes. The honorable thing to do is to accept the schooling, and say ‘alright, you’ve got a fair point, let me look into it and I’ll get back to you’. That is a far more intelligent way to move forward, rather than to boldly argue in the case of stupidity, when new facts present themselves contrary to your current beliefs.

So why is it that the media goes along with all this new war propaganda? The drums of war were beating against Afghanistan and Iraq before invasion, but they ceased to beat when our young men began being blown to bloody bits, in countries that did not want them there. Only after the bombs fell, did we realize that perhaps it was not such a good idea. Only then did the media begin to review the wars negatively. So what is in it for the media? Are they really so inept to cover the news (the real news), that they will go along with almost any unfolding drama just for a ‘news story’?

WWIII is a planned event:

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” – President Harry S. Truman.

‘If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy’ – James Madison

War and Peace:

US prepares to annihilate Iran:

‘How fortunate that men to not think’ – Adolf Hitler

It is truly terrifying how similar our current candidates speak compared to Hitler. Preemptive strikes, protecting the homeland. Everything they say mirrors Hitler in an eerie way. That is why I say to those on the right; watch out for fascism.

Does it not trouble you that the media attacks the only candidate who is running on freedom and the Constitution?

Even the beloved ‘great great American’ Sean Hannity wants war. Even the infamous Bill O’Reilly panics when Ron Paul points out that we are the ones who are a threat to Iran. He shuts Ron Paul down when he tries to explain it to him. This is why I have no respect for any news network right now. Fox news is no better than CNN or MSNBC. They are all a poison on our conscious. Fox news might say that they are fair and balanced, they might say that they are pro-freedom, but they are simply puppets of the cronyism that is ruining this nation.

The media has an agenda, and each network pushes it from different angles. Fox news is no different. The special interests have poisoned every media organization, and anyone who speaks out against it, has been fired or marginalized.

Anyway, back to the case for bombing Iran:

Look how evil the Iranians are:

I mean just look at them! How evil! How dare they enjoy life! Bomb them, bomb them now!

Oh wait…they’re not evil. Sure their government is a little whacky; which is just like every other government in that case. Why in the hell are we talking about bombing them? If not to destroy their country for ‘our oil’? I’ve said it before, that Iran is not a threat to us, and that we have more than enough oil on our own land. I say leave the Iranians the hell alone, and if Israel wants to start a war, let them, but don’t involve us, let them have their war, and see what happens to them for starting it. Glenn Beck wonders why so many youth don’t practice religion right now, and yet he talks about how evil Iran is and how there is a prophecy and that Iran calls us big Satan and Israel little Satan. Well to Iran that is true…we are satanic in our actions toward them, with all our threats. And prophecies about wars and Jesus returning make you sound like a nut case. The youth are not stupid. Many are misguided, and many are mis-educated, and you can thank many of Glenn’s generation for that. Thank god he is doing something to correct that, but he really needs to wake up on his foreign policy stance. Glenn, not everyone is Christian, I know you say that you respect all religions, but its not coming off that way. Your book about George Washington heavily sided with divine providence. While that may be true, that doesn’t mean that everyone should be christian or that the founding fathers wanted this to be a christian nation.

Jesse Ventura is right, religion has caused most of the past wars, and continues to fuel new wars.

When are we going to stop naked wars of aggression and go back to defensive policy only?

Why are we busy protecting ‘holy sites’ and starting ‘holy wars’ and not respecting others ‘holy sites’ and cowering from their threats of ‘holy wars’? Don’t you see how stupid all this is? I’ll side with Charlie Chaplin, and say that ‘the kingdom of god is within man, not one man, nor a group of men, but in all men’ and in that case it should not matter where you practice religion, nor what historical buildings you have. Respect one another and let bygones be bygones.

Here are the consequences to expect if we do start a war with Iran, and bombing Iran is an act of war:

Now I’ll bet I’ve done a great job alienating the few subscribers that I currently have. But I’m not in this for some popularity contest. I said from the very first post that I would expose the truth. And in this post, I’ll say this: Anyone who thinks that bombing Iran is a good idea, or that it is in our best national interests is NUTS!

The problem with the Republican Party

I’ve said it many times; that I’m libertarian and that I support Ron Paul. I just found a video from Judge Napolitano, that hits the nail directly on the head as to why the republican party is such a shambles right now:

And like I’ve said before, if you want the republican party to win this year; vote Ron Paul, and help get this country moving back toward liberty again.

Will the next presidents day become national monarch day? Or will we celebrate the beginning of one of the greatest presidencies in history? It’s up to you. Do you believe in real individual freedoms? Or are you as shallow as the other three candidates? You choose.

Why I am Libertarian

I believe that the current establishment of left vs right is a racket designed to steal our thoughts away from the truth.

Before Barack Obama came along, we were not talking about progessivism. Before Glenn Beck exposed it, we did not know about it. And why are were we not currently talking about all the ills from George W Bush’s term? Why did the democrats and the ‘left’ put down the wars until President Obama came along, and yet you do not hear about it so much now?

I believe that the left vs right is a stupid game that no-one wins.

I am libertarian because it is the only political course that makes sense. It is the course that the founders of this country took, and it worked well for them. As it will for us, if we return to our values.

What is libertarianism?

Libertarianism is, as the name implies, the belief in liberty. Libertarians strive for a free, peaceful, abundant world where each individual has the maximum opportunity to pursue his or her dreams and to realize his full potential.

The core idea is simply stated, but profound and far-reaching in its implications. Libertarians believe that each person owns his own life and property, and has the right to make his own choices as to how he lives his life – as long as he simply respects the same right of others to do the same.

Another way of saying this is that libertarians believe you should be free to do as you choose with your own life and property, as long as you don’t harm the person and property of others.

Libertarianism is thus the combination of liberty (the freedom to live your life in any peaceful way you choose), responsibility (the prohibition against the use of force against others, except in defense), and tolerance (honoring and respecting the peaceful choices of others).

Liberty is one of the central lessons of world history. Virtually all the progress the human race has enjoyed during the past few centuries is due to the increasing acceptance of free markets, civil liberties, and self-ownership.

Our goal as libertarians is to bring liberty to the world, so that these wonderful and proven ideas can be put into action. This will make our world a far better place for all people.

We hope you will join us in embracing this ideal – and in taking a stand to personally bring about a world of liberty, abundance and peace.

There are many different views on libertarianism. I have attended Tea Parties in my local area, and I agree with all of the small government rhetoric, but I do have my reservations. I believe in small government and individual freedoms. If the tea party leans more toward libertarianism, I’m all for it. If it falls back toward stateism, it becomes a waste of time. What does your local Tea Party represent? And is there a way you can help steer them fully toward the tree of liberty?

The difference between republicans and democrats is a lot like two opposing football teams. They both have plenty of commentary, but their tactics are essentially the same, and their goal is to win. The trophy is almost never in the interests of the people.

Are you a libertarian? This video shows what libertarians believe in:

This is how I scored on the test:

How did you score?

Libertarianism is the philosophy of liberty:

Libertarianism should be the goal of both democrats and republicans. To move up toward liberty, rather than down toward stateism and government control. Let us educate the world, so that we might build a future with freedom, rather than destroy the present, so that the future looks bleak.

I am a libertarian because I epitomize liberty. I believe in individual freedom for all mankind, no matter what creed, sexual orientation or beliefs. I don’t care what your habits are, or what you do with your life. If you ruin it, that is your fault, not mine nor the states. I only care if you harm others. If you do not, you should be free to do what you please.

What do you believe in? How did you score on the test? Are you libertarian, liberal, conservative, centrist or stateist? And what are you going to do about it?

Jesse Ventura the patriot

I love people like Jesse Ventura. He is not afraid to go after the truth. There are too many people who are worried that society will label them as a kook, that they will not look into ‘conspiracy theories’. Now many conspiracy theories are not true, but the disturbing fact is, that many of them are true.

I like Jessie Ventura because he is not afraid to look deeply into these problems, and when he discovers disturbing facts, he pushes on and digs deeper.

He is not afraid to get into arguments with big name figures, because he knows that he is doing his patriotic duty by standing up for liberty over the popular left vs right rhetoric.

Jessie Ventura has served his country, he is a hero of this nation, and he is not afraid to point out chicken hawks.

Jessie Ventura, like myself, like Ron Paul, and many other sane people in this world, is not afraid to point out that Iran is not a threat to this nation, but that we are indeed a threat to Iran.

If I were Iran, I’d probably be building nukes too, wouldn’t you? After all, we haven’t attacked North Korea for that very reason, and they are more of a threat to us than Iran. Oh but I forgot, Iran is sitting upon millions of barrels worth of oil.

Do not be afraid to look into conspiracies. Do not be afraid to go against the grain, to speak out against both liberals and conservatives.

Think about this: Many people my age voted for Obama because he spoke of ‘hope and change’, many people my age (and unfortunately many older people) didn’t realize that this was a hollow promise, that the hope and change was not the direction we all wanted to go in. After eight years of George W Bush, people were sick of the direction the country was heading in. We had two wars, massive debts and government spending, and our rights were being stripped away from us by such unconstitutional legislation as the patriot act. Of course we wanted hope and change. Many on the right are so quick to jump on the ‘blame the progressives’ bandwagon, that they marginalize the youth who voted for Obama, who so easily would have voted for someone else of the same caliber on the right (think Ronald Reagan). Obama gave nice speeches, personally I didn’t like the substance, but hey, many people lapped it up. They didn’t want a no-good progressive like McCain, who was a carbon copy of George W Bush, and quite accurately labeled by many as ‘McSame’. Of course people voted for Obama. It wasn’t because everyone of them was a radical lefty. It was because the other candidate offered nothing new or exciting. Those who voted for McCain did not realize how much of a progressive he was, they just wanted to have a republican in the house, so the evil left could not take over. They didn’t realize that the right was infested also. Do you really like all the things that George Bush did during his presidency? Do you actually like the patriot act? Have you read it? From the radical right (yes I’m going to call it that) we got Guantanamo Bay, which goes completely against everything this country stands for. What good is our country without the law and order that it stands upon? We got the patriot act, which is about as unpatriotic as any bill I’ve ever seen. We got two wars in the middle east from countries that were no threat to us. And we got huge deficit spending. So everyone voted for the guy who was shouting ‘hope’ and ‘change’. The landslide victory was not because everyone is a socialist. It was because everyone was tired of the crony capitalists from the radical right. I’ve spoken to so many people my age who regret that they voted for Obama. They are not socialists, they are not loopy liberals. Whenever I do hear them talk about the government helping them out in some way, I am very quick to point out that the government never does anything to really help you. I’ve helped to persuade many people to become more libertarian. They voted against conservatives because they were corrupt and crony, and now they will vote against liberals who are corrupt and crony also. That is why I admire people like Jessie Ventura, that is why I admire people in the Tea Parties. I admire anyone who stands up against government, because government is the cause of almost all problems, not the solution. My purpose with this blog is to help wake people up, and to let them see that a stage has been set, for them to fight amongst each other and tear each other down, rather than build each other up, so that they might take down the very framers who set this ugly stage for their own benefits.

Remember that the original definition of the word ‘conspiracy’ comes from the latin; ‘con’ which means; together, and ‘spiro’ which means; breathe.

And remember that people like Jessie Ventura, no matter how strange they seem, are patriots, and all patriots point out the truth, no matter how controversial and scary it might be.

Debt Slavery

I’ve mentioned debt slavery a few times now throughout my blog posts, but I’ve never gone into detail about it. I think it is an important subject you should know about, since many in the developed world, keep themselves locked up in the never ending rat race without ever realizing that they’ve sealed their own fate.

Debt slavery is not hard to get into. As soon as we reach adulthood, the expected culture is to go to college and get hooked up to massive student loans. After that we are hit with a barage of credit cards. Then we have new reliable cars to pay for, and of course the life mortgage of buying a house. After all is said and done, and we have kids, we have locked ourselves into a never ending cycle of paycheck to paycheck debt repayments for the rest of our working lives. Our whole life flashes before us as we carry our debt balance from one month to the next, never really getting far ahead in life.

Of course, certain loans can be beneficial, but why does it seem mandatory that to ‘get ahead’ in life, we are required to take a loan out on everything we do?

It seems like this process of taking out loans, having more money printed, and then paying back to the same people who print our money, devalue it, and then expect us to pay back with interest, all seems like a bit of a scam. And that’s because it is. Eventually a debt based society will collapse in on itself.

In one of my previous articles I talk about the gold standard. Our standards of living slip when we print more money. A return to values will ensure that our money has value, and everything we buy will be worth more. Loans may become harder to obtain, but our money will have more value, so we will not have to become so indebted to buy everything.

Debt slavery is a plague upon society, it helps to frame the farm that we live in, and keep us all in bondage. The only good thing about it, is that it is optional. The bad thing is, that so many people take the option to carry it. Personally, I will be debt free at the end of the year, and I plan never to return to it. I’d rather live out on the street and be free, than carry debt like a slave from month to month, paycheck to paycheck.

How much better would your life be without debt?