Welfare is theft

Welfare is theft, not only because government must steal from those who produce in order to fund social programs. But because it robs those who use welfare, of the initiative to make money by thrift or other creative means for themselves.

Welfare is a ticking time bomb, because as generation after generation becomes dependent on government agencies to help support them, they have less and less incentive to go out into the world and take a chance. They do not educate themselves to their fullest potential, and they are shielded by many of life’s harsh lessons. This system of welfare is unsustainable, and it is close to complete collapse.

Instead of having government agencies run re-distribution programs, by stealing from the producers, and giving to the ‘needy’ which in many cases is simply a byword for ‘lazy’. People who currently use welfare, or would think about using it, should be encoraged to save what money they have for future events. They should  be encouraged to take whatever work they can get, and to be thrifty with the money that they have.

When value is placed upon the money they earn through hard work, like with other elements of society, the value of money goes up. All the while money is given out like candy without being earned, its value goes down.

There are those who would argue that it’s evil to stop welfare. But how is it evil to stop giving those who haven’t earned it more money? Is it not better to teach a man how to fish, and provide for himself?. Education programs are far more valuable, than simply providing a service by redistributing wealth.

There should be no government programs. Government should only have a very simple role in our lives. To build roads, allow commerce, a postal service, and a judicial system.

Without huge government, taxes and social programs, people will once again be able to prosper as individuals. It is the individual who takes the job at McDonald’s to support his family, instead of relying on a welfare check. And it is the individual who gets promoted to management, because he has worked hard and proven himself. To rise above the mediocre and be all that he can be.

Whenever I am asked ‘but how can I afford that?’ I say ‘good, you’re asking the right question’. Now keep asking it ‘how can I afford that’, keep saying it until you figure it out for yourself. Whether you have to take on two jobs at once, or squeeze out extra pennies from your budget. You’re on the right track when you ask ‘how?’.

One thing is for sure. Eventually, the government won’t be able to provide everything you need, because they will have run out of victims to sacrifice and loot. The mentality of ‘oh you make enough money to pay the taxes, you can afford it’ will not always be allowed to pass by. Eventually, when ‘those who can afford it’ can no longer afford it because of the looting through taxation and interest. These  people will simply resign in protest. They will not have the motivation to get up in the morning and support all the welfare thieves. And in many cases, may take a mediocre position and start using government programs themselves.

Once this problem ensues, the fate of the welfare state is sealed. It cannot support itself without able-bodied people supporting it, while being expected never to use it.

And there is the true evil. Those who will never use the system, are expected to support the system. Instead of buying themselves or their children a new pair of shoes, they are expected instead to pay for another families groceries, because they are to lazy to get up and take a job to pay for it themselves.

Welfare encourages people to be dependent on others. It is there almost as a reward for stupidity and making mistakes in life. While punishing others for being successful. A society with this mindset cannot survive, let alone thrive.

So what about the needy? I hear you cry. Well there are very few real ‘needy’ people. Needy normally means lazy. But for the disabled people, for those who truly cannot support themselves; we have charities. Charities are a noble ideal, and many wealthy people contribute willingly to charities. For decades, before welfare, many thousands of people were helped and saved by charities. And it should be no different in the future. Those who truly need it, can get help, while no one is robbed to support it. The wealthy and even those who are not, can contribute and help out. And our system, our way of life, will be allowed to continue, without completely collapsing in on itself.

Welfare breeds laziness, it breeds the mediocre. This country was founded upon self-sufficiency and determination to make the most of yourself. It should be no different today.

We can live in a society that helps others out, but it must not be mandatory. Helping others should always be voluntary. I would encourage you to help others. Just a few weeks ago, I helped cut up a fallen tree limb from a neighbors house across the street from my in-laws when I was visiting. The guy was in his 70’s, and walked with a cane. I thought nothing of helping this guy out. He had served in Vietnam, and had built his house himself when he was not much older than myself. I could spare a half hour to help a self-sufficient man like myself, who has aged and has a harder time getting around now. I have no problem helping people like him. He was extremely appreciative, and I worked up a good sweat. It felt great to go swimming after working up a sweat and helping someone out in the process. But to ask me to sacrifice a chunk of my paycheck after a hard day’s work, for a ‘needy’ person who hasn’t earned my valued pay; that is simply unacceptable.

So you see, the way forward is not through government intervention, which has a long history of failure, but through voluntary charity toward others. Just stop for a second, and help others who just need a tree limb removed, or perhaps are sick and can’t cut their grass. You can do something nice, that doesn’t take too long, and doesn’t cost you anything, without having to sacrifice your hard earned time and money to someone who hasn’t earned it.

The welfare state will collapse eventually, perhaps it is much better that we learn to help one another through acts of generosity, rather than through taxation and looting.

After all, isn’t that what this country was founded upon? Weren’t we founded upon the rejection of taxation without representation? Weren’t we founded upon the idea of governing ourselves and taking care of ourselves?

Try applying self sufficiency and voluntary acts of generosity to your life, and I guarantee you will feel happier and more fulfilled because of it.

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

22 thoughts on “Welfare is theft”

  1. This post is naive and full of blindness. Before you go and accuse, as you put it “MOST”, people who accept or partake of welfare as “lazy” or even better “thieves” get your damn facts straight. Yes, I will agree with you on one thing and one thing only. There are a “FAIR” amount of people that abuse the system and any other aide system besides welfare. But that will never change. Even if you were to get your wish of a completely aide free society there will always be abusers i.e (Robbers, Drug Dealers, Prostitutes, etc…..) to be able to fund their lifestyle. So that being said placing the blame on institutions that are meant to help those that are truly in need is pure stupidity. Believe it or not these institutions have brought a lot to the table to help people that are and were truly in need of it. Let me walk “YOU DOWN LIFE HARSH LESSONS” as you put it. Have you ever been homeless, not had food on the table, lost your job, have no insurance and become very sick or need surgery, or how about try to support a family of more than just you and your wife while living in a declining economy where you never know what curve ball life will throw you. Because if you haven’t then you have no right to sit there behind your keyboard and judge the people that use the systems that were put into place to help the real people that need the aide in such real life situations. Personally, I have had family that have had to resort to welfare, medicaid, etc.. to help get by in a very tough and delicate situation. So basically according to what you wrote those members of my family, whom might I add are longer relying on those systems to get by and are currently paying the same hard earned money from taxes back into those systems, are lazy no good thieves because they hit a rough spot in their life and had to resort to government aide. It’s not a bad thing to not like paying taxes. It’s not a bad thing to say that you don’t like working hard to provide for your family and still having to give a percentage to the government to fund their programs while other people are lazy. Yes, thats fine to say and yes there are tons of lazy people but that too goes both ways meaning lazy people on welfare and lazy people not on welfare. But it is also easy for you to sit high and mighty pacing all your frustration on these very helpful systems to those who truly need them when the toughest thing you have had to face is rather or not to wear flip flops or tennis shoes. Next time you decide to post something of this magnitude narrow your wording down and stop being so general because your generalizations just make you look amateur and ignorant.

    1. These very institutions are the reason why your family have problems. The more government gets involved in people lives, the harder their lives become. The reason the economy is tanking is because of government and crony corporate intervention. The settlers of this country were able to overcome much worst hardships than we currently face, and yet they were able to raise their livelihoods to great abundance.

      While your family may have fallen on hard times, their plight was made worse by government programs that still hold back their paychecks. If it were not for government intervention, the medical care they sought would have been far cheaper.

      The robbers and villains you talk about are there in every society, and that is why we have a judicial system. The leeches upon the government programs are the reason why they don’t work. Leeches breed more leeches.

      That is why I say that charities are a far better way to go about helping families who are truly in need.

      I did not use generalizations. I meant what I said. Welfare is theft. Government never manages anything well, and is full of waste. The programs that you like would be far better managed by non profit charities.

      I have studied the subject of welfare, government programs, interventions, and indeed history going back to the Roman times, and when the state intervenes too much, it inevitably collapses in upon itself. Also, I have had many family members who have used government support over the years, so I am not ignorant of it. But I do not support it. I gladly give to charity and help out where I can.

      This is not an argument about my being on a high horse or looking down on others. I believe everyone is capable of rising up and making more of themselves. I’m sure you have many talented family members, and it distresses me to see so much talent in the world wasted because government programs have made it harder to make a living by taking hard earned money from hard working people and distributing it elsewhere.

      The tough and delicate situations that many families face is not the issue here. It’s how we go about fixing them and helping them out in a sustainable way, without taking the hard work and effort away from others.

  2. Being all that you can be is a noble idea indeed. One that I personally live by myself. But to say that you yourself do not want to partake in government aide thats fine but to belittle the ones that have no other choice or alternative and don’t have the luxury of failing because their life or families life depends on it that is indeed ignorant. My families life was not made harder by the government assistance accepted but yet made it simpler until they were able to get their feet beneath them and ascend at being the best that they could be. Which is essentially what you want in society. Leeches do indeed breed leeches but again that would happen even in your ideal perfect society and if you want to go the judicial route there are laws that keep abusers from abusing welfare and other aide why not enforce those laws more instead of completely ruling out government help WHEN TRULY NEEDED is certain cases. I stand by my statement of your pure ignorance in calling everyone who excepts government aide thieves or lazy. If you want to fail one your own and succeed on your own and rise above and make someone of yourself that is awesome I give you my full support but for those families that can’t afford the luxury of failing or have failed one to many times I support sacrificing some of my hard earned money to help them out. You never know when you might need it and when or if it comes to that last resort you better hope people are willing to help pay their taxes to support it cause wise you literally just lose nd nobody should lose.

    1. The conundrum is that the families are not the ones doing the stealing. The government steals money from me through taxation at gun point. If I refuse to pay my taxes I get thrown in jail or have my possessions taken away from me. So I’m not calling the families thieves, but they are accomplices, because they go along with these laws so long as they benefit from them, and then wonder why people like myself get upset. I believe the families are quite capable of supporting themselves if the government stepped out of the way entirely. These economic downturns are caused by government interventions to begin with. And for me to stay away from government assistance; I can’t do that all the while they rob my hard work, I am bound to these programs and expected to pay for them, even though I have no interest in them.

      I have risen plenty far without assistance, off my own hard work, and I’ll never accept assistance from government. The families of the past managed to get by on next to nothing, sometimes for years on end, and they managed to pull through. I can’t imagine it would be harder today with all the new technologies we have available.

      As for the judicial system. These welfare laws, and the breaking of them costs a lot of money. The judicial system has ballooned out of silly crimes created by government misadventures. So I’d like to see it removed entirely so that the government budget can be slashed, and they can stay out of our lives.

      People should be allowed to lose so that they know what it is to win, so they can taste success, and live meaningful and productive lives. The threshold has been met where people are fed up of paying all these silly taxes for multiple government programs.

      Like I said, there are plenty of good charities out there, and there are always people willing to help. But to expect people like myself to fund these government programs at gun point is getting old, and people are fed up of having their hard earned money wasted, when they should be allowed to invest it and improve their lives as they personally see fit, not a bloated out of touch government.

      This was meant to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Not the land of securities and taxes.

  3. Taxes has always been around and will always be around there is no getting away from it. The point is this for those who really need it I gladly pay my taxes. It’s not a matter of bettering my life because I can use the money that I have earned post taxes to better my life and if those funds don’t suit my lifestyle then I get a better paying job or find some way to fund making my life and my families life a better place to be. Thats where the hard work and hard earned money comes into play. Not well they took money from me again so now I cant buy that new BMW I have been craving. If you want the BMW you save you get a better job but you still pay those pesky taxes so that those people who are in dire need have the assistance to get there feet back under them so that they too can finally go out and get a job and support their family while being able to leave welfare in the past as a crutch and in turn paying their dues (Taxes) back into the same pot of that they had to borrow. Yes, the government is corrupt and at times take more than they need and yes you will always have leeches (we have established that already) but the core principal is still to help those that are in need (true need). Let me paint you a picture here. I pay taxes like everyone else (I actually pay 3 different city taxes on top of the usual taxes incurred). I work a hard 40 hours a week busting my ass at a blue collar job. I have a wife and a baby to support. Due to conflicts out of my control I have encountered the need to ask for assistance from the government in the form of medicaid. I have no insurance that is willing or able to cover the baby at the moment. So, me and my wife filed for a family medicaid that only covers the baby not me or my wife. We are only using this as a crutch until I can figure out how to cover the baby with typical insurance. We both work and neither of us are lazy by any means. According to what you are saying we should just cut all ties with the government assistance risking the babies health and well being so that I can learn how to win and not be lazy. That my friend is stupid. There are many more people out there in the same boat as I am and we do not leech off the system. We are normal everyday hardworking people that have hit a rough patch and this is our way through it. If you choose not to ever partake of the government assistance that is fine. Honestly I hope you never have to, seriously. But to say that it is robbery at gun point because the core belief of the system is to help people like me and my wife and baby and many others in the same situation who truly just need it as a crutch is blatantly naive. Taxes is frustrating. I get it. Your mad. You feel as if you are supporting people that dont deserve to be supported because they wont get off their ass and fix their own problems like you claim to have. I admire your hard work and drive but you sir are still not seeing the fact those hardships you have claimed to go through you had people willing to help you out. Not everybody has that luxury. Also not everybody has the choice to just lose. It’s not losing to use a system that was set into place for the very reason you are using it for as long as it is the right reason and not abuse of the system. SO go ahead and be mad. Go ahead and shake your fist at the sky and blog about how much the government sucks and they invade your life. The truth is that it is never going to change a thing. To undue all the wrong that has occurred already would take well past your lifetime and your children’s lifetime. I suggest to learn to continue to work hard and provide for your family and to be moral and right doing in every opportunity possible. But as for a revolution of governmental change it will always be a dream nothing more. Such as socialism it looks good on paper and in theory but it will never work and never happen.

    1. Welfare is socialism.

      If I withdraw entirely from the system, the taxes will go down, and the government programs will dry up.

      Taxes may have always been around, but this country fought to get away from that.

      I’m not interested in buying a BMW, but I would like to choose my own healthcare without having to buy insurance. Before the government got involved in healthcare, medical care was far more affordable, and those who really needed it could go to charities and seek help.

      As for the rough patch you are in right now. I will not have children for the time being as I am not financially ready. Were you ready before your wife and you decided to have children? Is it my and everyone else in society’s responsibility to pay for your needs? Or is it your responsibility to take care of your actions? If my wife got pregnant tomorrow, I would go out and get the best job I possibly could, and get the best healthcare I possibly could. The last thing from my mind would be to ask others to give me a hand. I would take responsibilities for my own actions and make the most of it, no matter how hard the times ahead.

      I am no monster. I understand what really goes on behind the scenes. That is why I highly support charities, and give no credit to government agencies. Inefficiency breeds inefficiency and leeches breed leeches. History has proven that societies which rob from others to ‘help those in need’ always fail. History has also proven that when people are encouraged to fend for themselves, that they discover a greater power in themselves than they could ever imagine, and can go on to do great things.

      If you didn’t have to pay so much in taxes, don’t you think you’d have more spare money to provide the things you need right now? Wouldn’t you have more incentive to go out and make more money, to provide everything you need? What is holding you back so much?

      This is the country of change. This is the country that built a continent. I think it’s time we moved forward and out of the socialized abyss, and back into prosperity again. These social programs, rules, regulations, taxes and deficits are suffocating this great nation.

      I believe in you, your passion shows that you are committed, go out into the world and make it your own, don’t let the ‘safety nets’ of government hold you back.

  4. The changes come by pointing out what works and what doesn’t. In hindsight welfare doesn’t work and it never has. Blogging to the world and shaking a fist at it does work because it gets people thinking, and talking which hasn’t happened enough up to this point. There are always options for people willing to take them but those options should not come from a government agency. The people who created that system created it to buy votes and it has been a disaster that needs to be reformed. The author of the retorts here sounds like an intelligent person otherwise he wouldn’t have so much to say. It’s not the kind of life others choose for a man that makes a man. A man makes himself.

      1. Again, books have to be read to be understood. There isn’t enough of that going on these days. Ayn Rand is being rediscovered by a new generation, but not fast enough to save everyone.

  5. The trouble is many people don’t have deep enough traditions in their current families to remember what life in America was like before The New Deal and the Great Society of the 60’s when many of the welfare programs were created. That’s why I love the World War II era planes and John Wayne movies.


    That’s what America was like before and it’s what I’d like to see again. There’s no reason to think it can’t happen. The way things are now can’t go on forever, because everyone is bankrupt. Things have to change.

      1. Philosophy is key to everything. A winning philosophy is needed to win a sports game of any kind. A winning philosophy is needed for business, to earn money and work your way up. And a winning philosophy is needed to conduct a good life, with money or without money. If a philosophy is bad, the life will be too. The key is learning which is good and which is bad and there isn’t any gray area.

  6. I can see both sides of the conversation. The unknown1 has some very solid and valid points as do you. You are right in the sense of saying that there are corrupt parts of the system at hand (mainly being the overwhelming abuse by people using the system) I can see how that makes you upset and angry at paying taxes for a program that is giving people things that they should have to earn. Compettion is key in driving success. That much I agree one. But as for the Unknown1 I see is point very clearly as I too am in the same boat as he. Yes there are abuser’s of the system and leeches do breed leeches. But there are just as many people that truly use the systme for the correct intentions that the for told system was setup for. As he put it, it is merely a crutch for those who are in a time of need. I can relate with him on a personal level because I too have become faced with such a decision as he. Kaiden will be born without insurance because of me being unable to obtain a fulltime job that supplies insurance (not for a lack of trying). It is very important that he have insurance when he is born for many cases (god forbid any of those come about). So the other day we applied for Ohio Family medicaid purely for Kaiden to be covered until I am able to obtain a better job that supplies insurance. This is merely a crutch in a dire time of need. If we are able to obtain the beniefits of Medicaid for Kaiden this will be a financial burden lifted off mine and Holly’s shoulders. I do not consider myself a theif for resorting to this. I have paid my fair share of taxes ever since my first job at 15 years old. Having this protection for Kaiden will also not make me any lazier. I will not stop looking for a job simply because I am using a temporary fix of government assistance. So I do agree with Unknown1 on the bases that these systems when used correctly are highly effective and helpful to those truly in need. Yes, I hate paying taxes and Yes, I could use the money saved from taxes to make mine nad Holly’s and the baby’s life better. But the truth is that I am not alone and in most cases there are people taht in a lot worse case then me that nee welfare, food stamps, etc…. it’s the only way they will survive and make it. They are just using it as a crutch to helo them get on there own two feet again and when they do rise up they will pay back exactly what they used because they too will pay taxes just like you and I. It’s the abuser’s of the system that you should focus on and how to stop them. Just my opinion

    1. The only way to stop all the abusers is to cut off the system entirely. All the taxes I paid in England I will never see again. I didn’t touch any of the ‘benefits’. Equally, I have paid even more taxes here and I still have never touched the ‘benefits’. There are many people in your situation who are denied the very benefits they need, because their circumstances don’t warrant government approved conditions. Rich is right that this is designed to create voting blocks, because it makes people fall back to the lowest level of mediocrity. How can our country continue to compete with emerging countries such as India and China, when our government forces us to pay back a large portion of our checks back into an ever increasing system which robs the very competition we survive on? What has always made us competitive is our capitalist system. This capitalist system has been hijacked by the socialists on the left and the fascists on the right. Neither government provided healthcare (which is essentially stolen and redistributed) nor forced compliance to buy insurance is going to help anyone. Where an individual such as yourself is denied by government, he might be able to be covered by a charity. But such as current things are, government has its hands all over everything and now prevents this. Since you are currently unmarried, are you even able to buy private health insurance to cover Holly? I think the insurance thing has become somewhat of a scam also. I’ve actually been working on an article which debates healthcare, its a huge issue. But government will always breed inefficiency and rob those who need it, of the very resources they need when they most need it. As for jobs, there are plenty out there, it just might not be what you want to be doing. But sometimes you just have to go with what you can get, even if it’s working at a place like white castle, I hear even they have decent benefits.

  7. I am not buying insurance for Holly. She is and will remain covered by her parents insurance until we are married. Just like I will remain on my parents insurance until I can obtain my own and get Holly on mine and Kaiden too. Simply we will be using Medicaid to cover Kaiden and Kaiden only. Hopefully she will meet the conditions and we will be able to have caresource for the baby until I can get a full time job. I have been contacted by a company but even then my benefits wont be in effect until 3 months from now. If that company falls through I have lined a second job at my old job. Hence why i said I am not lazy nor stealing from the system. I am using this as a crutch to get us on our feet with out sucking our time away from Kaiden and sending us in a downward spiral finance wise. It’s just cause you have not used your benefits does not mean other people still don’t desperately need it

    1. That is exactly why I don’t like any benefit system enacted by government. Your family has enacted a support system all by itself, even though it doesn’t necessarily have the funds to do so. What if this care-source doesn’t come through? Won’t you be furious that the very crutch you are hoping to lean on won’t be there? When an individual and families are able to support themselves, they always do a better job of it. And I don’t agree with the whole employer insurance deal either. You’re right, three months is far too long. That is another part of the healthcare argument, because there should be more options than simply government encouraged (and soon to be forced) insurance or simply provided by a government entity, which again amounts to theft. This argument goes way beyond the current spectrum of debate because I’m talking about trashing the system entirely in order to rebuild it properly, the way it was supposed to be. I find it curious that my great grandfather had time to volunteer as a firefighter, and work odd jobs and still be able to support a healthy family of six children, and all before the government of Britain began the National Health Service. A system which has grown in costs, but diminished in service over time.

      I will never use these benefits, so really they are of no benefit to me, they are only a burden which I have to pay for. I know that most people are quite capable of helping themselves, and especially when a baby comes into the world, there are almost always family members around to help out. That is the beauty of volunteerism. You volunteer your time to others, you aren’t forced. I still believe charities are a far better route than government intervention.

  8. No I wont be furious. Upset, maybe. Furious absolutely not we will then move on to our last resort of buying individual insurance for the baby. It was an option for us to pursue caresource and ohio medicaid for Kaiden and we decided it to be the best option with the situation at hand. I agree that having to wait to get on insurance sucks and open enrollments always are a pain. But as far as insurance goes it is essential to us at the moment and will save us any financial crisis down the road. As far as your grandfather. Those were different times. That alone does not justify it. But to have quality time with your family is far more important to me than slaving away at 2-4 jobs just so I can stand and say I made my own way without help of any kind or assistance of any kind rather it be from family or government. Because in the end what did you accomplish. You spent hours on end working and no time connecting. I came from a family that my dad (biological) was never around due to drugs and other sorts (not because of working) I swore to myself to never allow my kid to grow up without him 100% knowing his/her father. That does not make me lazy nor incompentant. I will strive as hard as I can to supply a life for Holly and Kaiden that far exceeds most peoples living situations. I will be determined to find my own way and follow my own path to success. So this crutch absolutely does not deter my drive for competition. I am probably one of the biggest competitiors you will ever come across. I hate losing. But I also know when I need help in certain situations. You are right in wanting to scrap the system and rebuild but I think to make welfare and other aides vanish for the pure reason that you alone don’t use them when you could enforce stricter laws on obtaining them to keep the abuser’s out makes more sense. That goes for everything. Helathcare, insurance, so on. You might not be using them now but what happens when (god forbid) you or your wife get sick. Or one of you get in a accident with the vehicle. If you did not pay into these things, Car insurance, Healthcare, etc… and opted not to have the coverage you get slapped with a ridiculous bill that could potentially sink you and your american dream. Now before you go and say anything I want to make clear that i do absolutely agree that helathcare and car insurance cost ridiculous amounts of money is totally a scam in every way to jack up the prices on us as Americans by no means should it ever cost someone 500 dollars to get neo-sporin put on a cut by a Doctor as they did that to me once. But then again a reform is nowhere in site and though I agree there needs to be a clearing of the system and rebuilt its essential to play by the rules until then or all that will be caused is financial woes and tons of stress.

    1. This article was never meant to be a personal attack against anyone. I am sick of paying into a system I will never use. I will always cover my bases. So it is a waste of my time and money. The very fact that you need to work so many jobs to cover everything by yourself again comes down to government interference. Since abandoning the gold standard, our nation debt has skyrocketed and the value of the dollar has plummeted, making everything far more expensive. Crony medical corporations and corrupt politicians have been working hand in hand to jack up the prices of medial care, all the while doing whatever they can to force you to buy into it, or become a debt slave to it if you get landed with the bill.

      The point of the article is to show that if government got the heck out of the way, we wouldn’t need any of these silly social programs to begin with, because the economy would consistently be in better shape. Depressions and downturns are historically caused by government interference.

      And again, the crutch you seek could always be provided by a charity, with volunteerism at its heart, instead of corruption. You will never chase all the leeches away unless you pull the plug entirely. If you create more laws to combat criminals, you just balloon the judicial system, and create an even bigger burden to the tax payer.

      I know your situation is tough, that is why Brooke and I have avoided children thus far. In time, when we feel ready to take on the responsibilities, we will try and have kids. As for you and Holly, you have a ready and able family to help you through this rough patch while you get on your feet. Thus far, the government has done nothing for you, except take a chunk of your hard earned cash from you, which you could use right now for the baby, or to start up a trust fund.

      This is a philosophical argument, because eventually all these social programs will come crashing down. I’d rather ween the populace off them, and weed out all the government legislation that gets in the way of free enterprise, so that we can become competitive again. Competition is what brings costs down, and adds value to our lives. Free enterprise without government interference also allows us to help one another freely, and at a much lower cost. Self sufficiency is the key to a successful individual, family and nation.

  9. I never took it as a personal attack and I apologize if you felt that way. Just merely discussing the difference in certain ways of thinking. I may not agree with you on every level and that is perfectly fine. I do not judge people on what they believe or their stance on views. I actually enjoy debating differences. That is what being free is all about. Being able to have those different voices and speaking them aloud. I agree totally that the government has way over-stepped its boundries in forcing us certain hands to deal with. I am totally against a socialist nation and I am completely against unjust laws, taxes, bills, etc…These hardships have affected everyone. The liberals, the convservatives, and the libertarians. No one is spared of these rough economic times and all the corruption that goes on in politics and big business. As far as charities go. I completely agree that if we could rely soley on charites and pull the plug on government funded programs that would ultimately weed out the criminals. But the truth is that charities are scarce and extremely competitive and way to under-funded to make a difference at this current point. Therefore making aide the only available thing for people that are hurting. As far as mine and Holly’s situation. Yes, not ideal. We barely knew eachother and definitely were not financially stable by any means. But the cold hard fact is that we are faced with having a beautiful baby boy made out of love in a tough time. I will and have fought a very long and uphill battle to support Holly and Kaiden. I do not intend to give up. I don’t intend to quit. I never have and never will. Be it paying my taxes or not I will and have begun what I deem acceptable and beniefical ways to support my soon to be family.

    1. Well that’s good. Sooner or later these programs will end. Charities would become a lot stronger and better funded if there was no alternative. The conundrum is that as long as people use the government system, the volunteer system diminishes, and this exasperates the problem. This house of cards that corrupt politicians and complicit citizens have allowed to be stacked up will soon fall down, and I fear at that point it will be completely out of our control. Welfare is theft because it robs the individual of his passion to achieve and go above and beyond, which ultimately pulls everyone else up. This collectivist system which has been dragging people down and making people use it’s system, is nearing its end, and will swallow not just the guilty in its sink hole. But for the time being, you must do what you feel is right. You’re lucky, you have a great family around you, on both sides.

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