The return of ‘Tail of the Dragon’

The ‘Tail of the Dragon’ has returned! This time exclusively in eBook form!

Unfortunately the original paperback is no longer in print, due to the publishing company going out of business. After a year of hiatus, ‘Tail of The Dragon’ has been repackaged, re-edited, and reproduced with a cool new cover, and offered exclusively through

You can read the first couple of chapters for free in the preview section. It is a high octane thriller, and worthy of any rebellious, freedom loving thrill seeker.

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Tail of the Dragon

Rebuilding the beast

In ‘Tail of the Dragon‘ Rick Stevens rebuilds his Pontiac Firebird. Instead of just buying a new car, he guts out his old machine and installs new technology under the hood. One of the reasons for this is that cars can hold a sort of spirit about them. After a few bumps and bruises, a minor wreck or a major service, you still feel a connection to your old machine. You might have to hold the ignition a bit longer while you pump the gas pedal, or there might be a funny way you have to jiggle the indicator switch to turn on your headlights. Each car develops a spirit over time, and that can be the difference between a machine and a real beast under your feet.

For all your petrol or gear heads, you’ll know of Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, who has been with the show in its various formats for the last two decades. In this one on one interview, he speaks of the passion behind motoring, and the difference between supreme engineering, and motoring soul.

What has been your favorite car over the years? And when was the last time you went out for a good long drive?

firebird dreams

Tail of the Dragon; The beast released

Today is the day!

Tail of the Dragon has finally been released!

I already wrote a review of the book a few weeks ago. I got a chance to read an early copy of it since my father-in-law is the author who wrote it.

Rich Hoffman and I have a lot in common. I met his daughter when we were both very young. Over the years he has been a mentor to me, and I have learned a great deal about philosophy and mythology from him.

Over the years Brooke and I have supported him in all his endeavors and we have worked on various different video shoots together. A couple of weeks ago we designed a T-shirt for him to promote the book. In a couple of weeks these T-shirts will become available to anyone who wishes to buy one, so stay tuned!

Rich has a very good way of sifting through the stagnation of society and cutting straight to the chase. His viewpoints on the freedom of man and of government intrusion are very similar to my own. I came from a different upbringing and I don’t see eye to eye with him on everything that he thinks, but using critical thinking, I understand almost everything he says and does.

Our current government has become too encroaching on our lives and has been using us as cash cows for not only taxes but also for petty fines in the form of speeding tickets. This is something that greatly irks the both of us, and something which ‘Rick’ fights in ‘Tail of the Dragon’

Are you tired of the cops pulling you over for silly reasons? Are you tired of getting speeding tickets when you pose no real danger to other drivers? Are you tired of the government getting its grubby hands all over your hard earned money?

If you’re tired of the government telling you what to do and what not to do, and clamping down on those who rebel. Then I suggest you order it online!

I don’t just say that because I am related to the author, I genuinely mean it. When I read the original manuscript, I literally couldn’t put it down. I was blazing from page to page just to see what happens.

With many blurbs from various well known people, from the co-author of ‘A Patriots Guide to American History’ to ‘Doc Thompson’ you can be sure that this book is no fluke.

You will enjoy ‘Tail of the Dragon’ it is a non-stop heart racing chase around the Smoky Mountains, with death defying driving against a tyrannical government.

I suggest you go out and buy yourself a copy today!

Tail of the Dragon; a review

Rich Hoffman‘s new book ‘Tail of the Dragon‘ comes out in one month’s time. It is a fast paced book about a man who stands up to the tyranny of the Tennessee highway patrol and their revenue collecting on the roads around the smokies.

Much like the sheriff of Nottingham and his tax enforcers from the days of Robin Hood. Modern day taxes are looted from innocent people along the highways of America through speeding tickets.

Long gone is the idea of serving and protecting society. Instead LEO’s are now asked to collect extra revenue for their own ‘sheriffs of Nottingham’, and to jail those who do not comply.

‘Tail of the dragon’ is a tale of what happens when one man says ‘no’ to the system, and leads the cops on a high octane chase around the smokies.

The book has the same kind of feel you get from watching ‘the general lee’ flying wildly off a ramp during ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ while blasting its Dixie horn, or watching smokey and the bandit outwit the sheriff on his high speed pursuit.

‘The Dragons Tail’ has these same feelings and the momentum builds up throughout. I like how ‘Rick’ challenges the cops, and stands up for his rights. I like how the system is exposed for how corrupt it is. For me, my favorite part, was toward the end during the chase around the smokies. I held onto the pages for dear life as I stormed through page after page as if I were driving the souped up Firebird, doing well over 100mph, reminiscent of the movie hooper where the car and its driver defy all odds.

The chase storms through the mountains as Rick is pursued by an endless band of cops through the misty mountains, and even a shopping mall!

Tail of the Dragon is a must read for anyone who loves the constitution, self liberty, a sense of being a pirate on the high seas; against all odds, or simply just loves a good car chase!

Tail of the Dragon is now exclusively available on

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