Good vs Evil

As I was riding through the plains of Iowa I stopped for gas and a breakfast sandwich. While my order was being prepared an old farmer sat one booth over from me and looked at my bike gear and at my motorcycle parked outside. “Where you riding from?” he asked. I explained to him that I was heading home from Kansas, on a mini trip out west and that I was heading back to Cincinnati. He asked where I was from (due to my accent) and I explained the story of how I ended up living in the states. He smiled and said that he liked to see people like me (legal immigrants) come to live and work in the US, pay their taxes, and participate in American society. He explained to me that he was going to vote for Hillary Clinton “because she has more experience” but had changed his mind due to her position on illegal immigration. He explained that he was concerned about terrorism and letting too many refugees in un-vetted. He said that he hoped Trump would do what he says he will do and put a stop to it all. I told him I thought Trump was worth a shot. As I finished up my meal I told him it was nice to talk to him, and he said “God bless you. I like seeing people like you come here. Welcome to America.” This kindly old farmer was about as innocent as you get, especially for someone who looked to be close to retirement age. What a concept I thought as I rode on another hundred miles before stopping again for lunch.

The man I mentioned was literally looking at the presidency in black and white, as if Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton had resumes for the white house. On paper, as far as government work is concerned Mrs Clinton does have more experience. But once you get away from that, the picture becomes very different.

Hillary Clinton has scandals and allegations of corruption going back decades. From Watergate all the way up to the present day ongoing email scandal. A simple search online will show you a plethora of information on Hillary’s lies and cover-ups.

Donald Trump on the other hand, how bad is he? Well he does say some pretty mean things, and doesn’t act a whole lot presidential. But if that’s all that’s really wrong with him, it pales in comparison to Hillary Clinton.

Here you have a self made billionaire who has built dozens of buildings and provided thousands of jobs vs a multimillionaire who has made money in government by receiving millions from special interests. Who do you honestly believe has your best interests at heart? The old guy who wants to ‘make America great again’ by using the last few years of his life to better the country for his children and grandchildren to prosper? Or the corrupt establishment politician who has been getting rich off special interests for decades while neglecting the very people who have voted for her?

As if the stark contrast and the scandals weren’t enough, Hillary’s near total control of the media is enough to make Joseph Goebbels proud. The same day that wikileaks publishes more damning evidence of Hillary’s treasonous actions, the liberal media suddenly digs up some evidence of Mr Trump saying something rude ten years ago, then focuses on nothing else.

The irony is those on the left try to paint Trump as some sort of Nazi, yet their leader is the very embodiment of everything that was evil about Adolf Hitler. Even the Clinton’s statements are near identical to those of Adolf Hitler and Mussolini.



So take a good long hard look at these two candidates over the next month, a look at the country as a whole and at yourself. Do you want a corrupt serial liar deciding the fate of the Supreme Court and the nation for generations to come? Or would you rather let a rude businessman have a shot at setting things straight?


This election really is the difference between good and evil.

Bernie Sanders Nazi thugs

Glenn Beck likes to refer to Trump supporters as ‘brown shirts’ a term coined by Adolf Hitlers militant political wing. It’s surprising that a man as well informed as Beck has chosen to label passionate Trump supporters as Nazis, while ignoring the real ‘brown shirt’ thugs.

On the republican side you have the establishment working overtime to smear Trump in any way shape and form possible. In the media you have the majority of news outlets running every kind of anti-trump article imaginable. But the worst, the absolute worst form of intimidation we are experiencing comes from the militant Bernie Sanders supporters.

I saw the images of the protest, near riot unfolding in Chicago. I saw the footage of a man trying to jump the stage in Dayton. And when I was walking toward the latest Ohio Trump rally in West Chester, I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach as I thought of these protests. My fear was realized when a group of loud potty-mouthed teenagers were protesting outside the Town Hall rally. The police had cordoned them off and were protecting both their right to free speech, and to protecting both them and the pro Trump people. None of the Trump supporters minded much, until of course the Sanders supporters started shouting “F**K TRUMP, F**K TRUMP.” There were children present in the patient crowd of thousands trying to get in. The disgusting disregard for decency left many a little on edge.

Trump is not Hitler

When I walked into the Town Hall stage and sat down I saw many security officers. There were regular security guards, local police, the local sheriffs department and of course the secret service. They were all very calm, very pleasant people. But once Mr Trump arrived they went directly into business mode and I could tell some of them were nervous, as was I.

For good reason. A few short minutes into his speech two Bernie Sanders supporters tried to rush the stage. They were pushed back by the secret service personnel and escorted off the premises.

Mr Trump was calm and shrugged it off. He was pleasant about the whole thing, but it had many of us nervous.

After he had left I walked outside. The supporters were very happy with his speech. He is a lot more down to earth in person and seemed genuinely sincere. Contrast this with the thugs outside who were still shouting “F**K TRUMP, F**K TRUMP” while they heckled a pro Trump young black man and his family as they walked past. The news crews were too busy typing up their stories about the rally itself inside to pay attention to the ‘brown shirt’ style of intimidation tactics being used outside by Bernie’s thugs.

I can honestly say, now that I have seen him in person, that Donald Trump is the real deal. He is sincere in his rhetoric about restoring sovereignty to this nation and he is not the racist reincarnation of Adolf Hitler that the media are trying to paint him to be. He is not stirring up violence. That is the Sanders supporters and their left-wing fascist tactics.

What I saw inside the Town Hall rally was a very successful man, who is very opinionated and has changed his mind a lot over the years, but who really cares about his country. He engaged very pleasantly with the crowd, even taking the time to listen to shouted questions from some people. He gave honest and humble answers and even gave a few people a hug when they asked for one. He shook hands, he listened, he tried to take everything in. The protesters outside and the two disrupters inside were too obsessed with trying to silence our freedom of speech, than to listen to what the man had to say. And that is Nazi style fascism, not Trump’s well intended speeches.

Is Putin the new Tsar?

Until events earlier this year, I didn’t pay much attention to Vladimir Putin, but after the actions of his military in the Ukraine, and the annexation of the Crimea, you’d be a fool to ignore him.

Vladimir Putin is quoted as saying that “The collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geo-political catastrophe of the century”

Indeed this article even reports that Mr Putin wants to restore the Holy Roman Empire!


Putin Is The New Tsar Of The Holy Empire

He aims to deliver on pact with the Russian people.

L. TODD WOOD — MAY 19, 2014

Vladimir Putin may have been a communist, but he is no longer. Most Americans don’t understand that the Soviet Union was but a small seventy year slice of Russian imperial history. Instead of a new leader of the communist party, Putin has become the new tsar of Russia. It’s not about ideology for him; it’s about power. Rather than fomenting a communist utopia and spreading Leninism worldwide, Putin is resurrecting the Russian Empire. Under the Romanovs, the tsars expanded throughout Siberia and the Caucuses, even owning Alaska and parts of California at one point before withdrawing during the Crimean War. The tsars were experts at the geopolitical chessboard, conquering when they could and forging alliances when they were overmatched. Putin is borrowing from this playbook. He is reestablishing the long coveted third Holy Roman Empire.

When Constantinople fell to the Ottomans in the fifteenth century, many Christian holy relics were moved to Moscow in order to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Muslim invaders. The Russian Orthodox Church was intimately intertwined with the imperial halls of power and began to plant in the royalty’s mind the concept of the third Holy Roman Empire after the fall of Rome and Byzantium. The Church wanted a continuation of the Christian state. Putin has reinvigorated the relationship between the Russian government and the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church. He uses it to build legitimacy among the populace of believers spread throughout the vast Russian territory. The royal necropolis, the Cathedral of the Archangel, stands only a few hundred yards from Putin’s residence inside the walls of the Kremlin. Ivan the Terrible and his two sons are buried there. One could be forgiven for wondering if Putin visits the necropolis for inspiration. As the Russian monk Philotheus said in 1510 to the royals, “Two Romes have fallen. The third stands. And there will be no fourth. No one shall replace your Christian Tsardom!”

Putin has also tapped into a deep reservoir of imperial pride that has been pent up for several decades since the fall of the Soviet Union. Russians want desperately to be respected and even feared around the world. Putin is giving the Russian people what they want. They are willing to relinquish their newfound freedoms for the return of a strong leader who can regain the perceived rightful place of Russian people.

There are striking similarities to the way Putin governs compared to the tsars of the past. Perhaps the most important is a concept introduced by Ivan the Terrible after his beloved wife Anastasia was poisoned by the Russian nobility. The oprichnina is the concept of a palace guard or circle of wealthy supporters who protect the tsar and receive special favors, economic- and security-wise. The Obama administration has started to target these individuals to put pressure on Putin to cease and desist in his quest for reclaiming the old Soviet states. It will take a lot more pressure from the West than has been applied to turn the allegiance of this group of insiders. Their future and Putin’s future are joined together.

The bottom line is that Putin will continue to push to achieve his imperial agenda as long as there is no opposition. He is playing the long game. He realizes Obama is weak and has given him an opportunity. He started planning this adventure a long time ago. He also realizes the Americans will probably elect a much stronger president in less than three years. Therefore, he is moving as fast as opportunity allows to achieve his goals. He wasted no time moving into Eastern Ukraine with the same successful tactics after Crimea was annexed.

Sanctions will have no effect on Putin’s calculus. He can bear economic pain as he pivots to the east to build trade relationships. His goal is not to become part of the West, but to reestablish what he believes is Russia’s historical destiny. He doesn’t want to conquer the West but to transcend it. Putin wants what the tsars of Russia have always wanted: respect, wealth, and power. He aims to deliver on this pact with the Russian people.

Indeed Time Magazine reported on the Tsar in 2007 when it made him person of the year.

time 2

No one is born with a stare like Vladimir Putin’s. The Russian President’s pale blue eyes are so cool, so devoid of emotion that the stare must have begun as an affect, the gesture of someone who understood that power might be achieved by the suppression of ordinary needs, like blinking. The affect is now seamless, which makes talking to the Russian President not just exhausting but often chilling. It’s a gaze that says, I’m in charge.

Time 1

The Irony being the Time Magazine also made Adolf Hitler man of the year some years ago too.

time 3

The actions of the ex KGB officer over the last few months have proven that he is in many ways, similar to Adolf Hitler. He may not be as brutal as Joseph Stalin, and he may not as yet be a dictator, but he is as land hungry as Nazi Germany’s former leader. Which is ironic considering that Russia is the largest country on the planet. But as the saying goes “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Watch this space.

Dreams and awaking to reality

As I dream I think of all the wonderful things I have experienced in my life, and imagine all the things I would like to do. In my dreams I live in a free world where I build my reality to suit my needs and desires. In my dreams, my wife is there, the sun is rising on the horizon, and my dog perks up his ears as I get out of bed and he rushes to my side for me to let him out.

When I wake up, I realize that I am living my dream. My wife is beside me, and my dog stretches out on the floor after a night’s sleep by or on our bed, and waits patiently for me to let him out. I open the door and he trots out into the morning dew over grass, and I look out to the east as the sun rises, and draw a deep breath to inhale the fresh air. I watch over my dog as he sniffs around at all the new smells, and discovers which creatures have come and gone during the night. He does his business, and marks his territory in a way only dogs know how. I call his name and he gallops back toward the house, I give him a treat and I make myself breakfast.

As I get my lunch ready and pack up my bag for the day, I don my leather jacket, helmet and gloves, and fire up my V-Star. The engine ticks over and I give it a little throttle, I edge out of the driveway and slip through the gears,  cruising down the street at a steady 30mph. Once I get to the main road my senses kick in and I become acutely aware of the sleepy drivers who are usually not paying enough attention to the road. I have avoided my fair share of accidents, and know what to look for now.

I cross the first intersection between my house and my place of work, and now something feels out of place. The sunrise was nice, seeing my wife and dog was comforting, and feeling the thumping V-Twin of my bike smoothly rattle through my body as I twist the throttle gave me all the right sensations that a well oiled machine should. But something is out of place, something doesn’t feel right, something puts me on edge.

Why are there so many security cameras going up on all these intersections? And why am I constantly looking down at my speedometer, instead of putting 100% focus on the road and others around me? Why do I feel this sense of being watched, of being judged, of being sized up like a meal? Why do I feel like I am evading some bird of pray, as if I were being hunted?

I realize that things are not right in this country. We have decended into a police state. Yesterday I wrote about a new book coming out, one that defies the corrupt policemen and their puppet masters. All these new cameras being set up, and all the police cruisers patrolling around, they are not there for our safety. They are there to tax us through citations, and to enslave us if we do not comply.

The DUI checkpoints that are being set up are not to stop drink drivers, but to prepare the police for martial law, and to get them used to arresting people without due cause.

We are now living in a police state, but the dreams I have and the reality I have are still very similar, and I still create my own reality, but the poison of ignorance and submission are seeping in all around us, and the outlook gets murkier by the second.

I have woken up now, and do not wish to go back to sleep on reality. I wish to pursue my dreams, and wish that everyone else be able to do the same, without fear of being held back by others, like pray before a predator, because there are looters and moochers out there who cannot and will not provide for themselves.

Your hard work is your own, and you should be able to keep the produce that you create, it is not someone else’s for the taking, no matter what the excuse may be.

And for those who would try and use people’s happiness against them, to use their family members, or to take their possessions to teach them a lesson on how not to stand up and defend themselves. I will warn you. Once a man has had everything taken away from him, he becomes unstoppable. That is why Obi-Wan say’s “if you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine”. There are thousands of people out there right now who feel that way. The ripple effect is being felt around the country and indeed the world right now. Those who practice injustice will be held accountable. In time, bad deeds will catch up with you, and the ends never justify the means. You will be judged for your actions.

As for me, I’d like to live in a world where I can freely trade with others, where I can live my life without having to bother anyone, or mooch off them. I am quite content to leave others alone.

To those who wish to silence the individuals who are leading the charge back toward liberty and away from tyranny, I will say: Remember the Alamo, though all the soldiers died, their deaths were avenged, and victory was had. You may try to shut down websites, you may try to silence the critical thinking minds on this earth and in this country. But this will end in failure. Societies cannot function without intelligent people at the helm.

So to those who are concerned, who feel the same way I do; that something is out of place, I say: Stand up for your rights and protect your dreams. Live the reality that you see fit, and flush out the sewage that is currently lining our streets. Learn what true liberty is, not just blind patriotism. Learn the constitution, and remember  that violence is not necessarily even when presented with it on our doorstep. Everything starts with the mind.

Dreams and ideas are directly intertwined, and no police state, no surveillance, no cops, no politicians, no jail cell, not even death or execution can hold back an idea or a dream.

“An idea who’s time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government” – Ron Paul

What are your dreams? Are you living the way you want to? Are you finding happiness each day?

I have found happiness, but I see those around me who are controlled by fear, and will do anything to survive off the backs of others, instead of providing for themselves in order to thrive.

Ask yourself this question; Is this Martin Luther King’s Dream that we are living in right now, or is it becoming Adolf Hitler’s fascist nightmare?

You decide for yourself. I will stand up and speak out for as long as I can.

I know my dream. Do you know yours?

A return to values

Our Societies are made and broken on a system of values. If our values are strong and rooted in a common cause for freedom, we will be strong. If our values are rooted in a common cause for collective salvation, our nation will become weak and perish.

My values of freedom, independence and limited government, mean that my political views do not fall into the category of Conservative or Liberal

My views are strictly libertarian in nature, and I follow the constitution of the United States since it embodies many libertarian values.

Libertarianism is a political philosophy that upholds individual liberty, especially freedom of expression and action.

The largest growth of freedom and industry in history can be traced to laissez-fair capitalism and libertarian systems of government.

Pax Britannica (Latin for “the British Peace”, modelled after Pax Romana) was the period of relative peace in Europe (1815–1914) during which the British Empire controlled most of the key maritime trade routes and enjoyed unchallenged sea power.

Although Great Britain did create the largest Empire in history, it was mostly done through exploration and peaceful trade agreements. Some skirmishes did happen, but the Empire was not constantly at war, and ruled over its territories with very few people, and lax rules. Peace and Prosperity, laissez-faire capitalism and libertarian values allowed the expansion of the British Empire through trade. This was also a period of great industrial growth and led to the industrial revolution.

Many of the current political establishments throughout the world today, seek to divide and conquer us with the game of Left vs. Right or conservative vs. liberal. While many do have more conservative or liberal opinions, I believe the Overton Window has shifted so that we are all now ‘progressives’. If you support a progressive candidate on either the left or the right, you are essentially a progressive by aiding their agenda.

However there is a third option; we can go back to constitutional values, and start voting for candidates who espouse these values.

Do not vote for a progressive on either side, even if this allows ‘the other side’ to win. In reality the only side is your side. The individuals side. If you cannot win, then don’t play. Stick to local issues, and talk to as many people as you can about national issues when there is someone who actually sticks to the constitution.

When I see President Barack Obama, I see the communist values of Joseph Stalin, and when I look at Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney I see the fascist values of Adolf Hitler. Neither sides stick to what they say, and both have pro-government agendas with the expansion of government interference in our daily lives and the destruction of our personal freedoms.

While capitalism and a free society with libertarian values are important, peace is the third key to prosperity. We must not engage in unnecessary warfare.

The great seal of the United States embodies the will of the country.

The bald eagle grips an oak branch and 13 arrows. This symbolizes  “a strong desire for peace, but will always be ready for war.”

Our current situation, mirroring the downfall of the Roman Empire by taking over countries, is unsustainable, and should be avoided. See my article WWIII, a great depression or liberty to see why another war will ruin us.

‘there is no instance of any country having benefited from prolonged warfare’ – Sun Tzu

We should be peaceful with other countries, and engage in trade. More money and prosperity can be made in peace time than in war time, and more technologies can be invented when there is peace at home to do so to.

There will always be threats to us, and we will confront them, but we cannot continue to create preemptive attacks on other countries simply because we fear them producing a weapon that we already have thousands of ourselves.

We do not have the right to police the world, but we do have a right to protect ourselves, and protect ourselves we shall. We must get back to our roots and become a leader in the world again, a leader for peace and prosperity through freedom, free trade, laissez-faire capitalism and libertarian values. Once we do this, the world will be a better place.

Empires rise and fall, countries rise and fall, and all of this is because the people of the nations allow it to fall to by becoming apathetic. This nation is founded upon the principles of freedom, and thus has the most potential to save itself. A return to values is far more important than any one party, and a return to peace will ensure our survival, and allow our country to thrive once more.