An adventure of two individuals

For the second time in a week my wife and I went to watch ‘Man of steel’. This time, instead of traveling with her parents, we traveled as individuals on my V-Star. Like going out to buy the CD for my father in law, this adventure had to be done on a bike. I had to feel the raw elements as the wind rushed around my body, the steel horse belting down the road beneath me.

We arrived at the theater, parked up and bought our tickets. The musical opening to the movie had my senses heightened, and I felt emotional again watching the masterpiece that is ‘Man of Steel’. My wife and I looked at each other as Jor-El and Lara-El gave birth to their son. The individual birth to a supreme being after hundreds of years of planned births.

The references in the movie are comparable to our modern world. Instead of reaching out to the Stars, the NASA program has been all but shut down, while we spend trillions on welfare programs and planned societies which always fail.

Watching superman grow up as an individual and become more than what society had intended for him, Brooke and I held hands and shared a moment that binds us. We each set out to become more, to become better, to become all that we could be, no matter what we were told, no matter what society wanted for us.

As the movie ended and the credits rolled up, we slowly left the theater with the amazing music still playing behind us. As I fired up the bike a huge gust of wind kicked up and we could see storm clouds rolling in, in the distance. “Oh man” Brooke said as she pointed out the thick black clouds that hung just to the west of where we were heading.

Knowing that the storm was most likely heading east, I revved up the bike and headed directly east, just to the south of the storm in a hurry to outpace it before it hit our destination.

Blazing down the road, V-Twin thumping, I kicked the bike up into 5th gear, thumping down the road much faster than I should have been going, in order to outpace the ominous storm clouds.

I began to zig-zag up north east toward our northward destination in an attempt to beat the storm, but traffic light after traffic light held down my progress. The heavens opened up and we began to get pelted with thick drops of rain. I took a sharp right to head further to the east and eased the bike back up into 4th gear. After a couple of tense minutes we were back in front of the storm again, dry road underneath. Apart from slightly stinging faces, we were in the clear for now, but we were running out of time to get home before the storm hit.

By this point Brooke was laughing, the speed of the bike, the raw elements flying at us, the quick burst of rain before coming flying out of the downpour had her excited, feeling the same spirit of individuality that I did, knowing that at least briefly we had defied the God’s and were making  up our own rules as we went along.

“Let’s go eat at the Greek place!” Brooke shouted in my ear as I built up the revs in the V-Star’s belly. “Good idea!” I shouted back “that’ll give us a chance to outpace the storm and dry off before it hits again!”

We jumped on the highway and raced toward the next exit where our favorite restaurant ‘Greek Isle’s’ is located. The heavens began to tip open again, huge drops spattering down, with the threat of a full downpour just seconds away.

We turned onto the exit and left onto the restaurants road, staring the thick black clouds in the face. We turned into the parking lot, as the rain began to pick up, seconds away from a full downpour. I kicked the bike into neutral, coasted cleanly into a parking spot, slammed down the kickstand and simultaneously switched off the ignition while closing off the fuel line. We both jumped off the bike and walked calmly toward the doors of the restaurant with the cool swagger of movie stars as the heavens finally broke and dumped tons of heavy water droplets in a flurry behind us.

“Phew we just made it!” Exclaimed Brooke, exhilarated.

Konstantine, the restaurant’s owner looked up, said hello, then looked at us incredulously trying to figure out why we were so wet. “what happened to you guys?” We explained that we narrowly escaped the storm, but that it got a slight lick at us before we were able to outpace it. He offered us a couple of towels which we gladly accepted, and he took our usual order; an order of Greek chips and two gyros.

We sat down, dried off, and watched the rain pour down, knowing that we would have become completely drenched if it hadn’t been for my evasive actions. Sure we could have stayed at the theater, or hidden under a gas station, but that simply wouldn’t have been as much fun.

We dug into our order of Greek chips and our gyros, and explored the virtues of the individual, the movie and our lives together. Days like this  make you feel so alive, and so glad that for the most part we still live in a free country, and that heroic actions make all the difference.

Most people wouldn’t risk riding in weather like we did, but we know that if you keep a cool head and keep exploring new and sometimes wild options, you can rise above the mediocre, and have a true adventure to show for it.

After the rain subsided, and we finished our meal, we talked to Konstantine for a few minutes and paid our bill before walking out into brilliant sunshine. We jumped on the bike and rode off North toward our new home. By the time we got there, the roads were completely dry. The storm hadn’t even touched the house. This storm was confined to a relatively small area, but it just goes to show how much fun you can have when you test your abilities and put your own philosophy to the test.

Dreams and awaking to reality

As I dream I think of all the wonderful things I have experienced in my life, and imagine all the things I would like to do. In my dreams I live in a free world where I build my reality to suit my needs and desires. In my dreams, my wife is there, the sun is rising on the horizon, and my dog perks up his ears as I get out of bed and he rushes to my side for me to let him out.

When I wake up, I realize that I am living my dream. My wife is beside me, and my dog stretches out on the floor after a night’s sleep by or on our bed, and waits patiently for me to let him out. I open the door and he trots out into the morning dew over grass, and I look out to the east as the sun rises, and draw a deep breath to inhale the fresh air. I watch over my dog as he sniffs around at all the new smells, and discovers which creatures have come and gone during the night. He does his business, and marks his territory in a way only dogs know how. I call his name and he gallops back toward the house, I give him a treat and I make myself breakfast.

As I get my lunch ready and pack up my bag for the day, I don my leather jacket, helmet and gloves, and fire up my V-Star. The engine ticks over and I give it a little throttle, I edge out of the driveway and slip through the gears,  cruising down the street at a steady 30mph. Once I get to the main road my senses kick in and I become acutely aware of the sleepy drivers who are usually not paying enough attention to the road. I have avoided my fair share of accidents, and know what to look for now.

I cross the first intersection between my house and my place of work, and now something feels out of place. The sunrise was nice, seeing my wife and dog was comforting, and feeling the thumping V-Twin of my bike smoothly rattle through my body as I twist the throttle gave me all the right sensations that a well oiled machine should. But something is out of place, something doesn’t feel right, something puts me on edge.

Why are there so many security cameras going up on all these intersections? And why am I constantly looking down at my speedometer, instead of putting 100% focus on the road and others around me? Why do I feel this sense of being watched, of being judged, of being sized up like a meal? Why do I feel like I am evading some bird of pray, as if I were being hunted?

I realize that things are not right in this country. We have decended into a police state. Yesterday I wrote about a new book coming out, one that defies the corrupt policemen and their puppet masters. All these new cameras being set up, and all the police cruisers patrolling around, they are not there for our safety. They are there to tax us through citations, and to enslave us if we do not comply.

The DUI checkpoints that are being set up are not to stop drink drivers, but to prepare the police for martial law, and to get them used to arresting people without due cause.

We are now living in a police state, but the dreams I have and the reality I have are still very similar, and I still create my own reality, but the poison of ignorance and submission are seeping in all around us, and the outlook gets murkier by the second.

I have woken up now, and do not wish to go back to sleep on reality. I wish to pursue my dreams, and wish that everyone else be able to do the same, without fear of being held back by others, like pray before a predator, because there are looters and moochers out there who cannot and will not provide for themselves.

Your hard work is your own, and you should be able to keep the produce that you create, it is not someone else’s for the taking, no matter what the excuse may be.

And for those who would try and use people’s happiness against them, to use their family members, or to take their possessions to teach them a lesson on how not to stand up and defend themselves. I will warn you. Once a man has had everything taken away from him, he becomes unstoppable. That is why Obi-Wan say’s “if you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine”. There are thousands of people out there right now who feel that way. The ripple effect is being felt around the country and indeed the world right now. Those who practice injustice will be held accountable. In time, bad deeds will catch up with you, and the ends never justify the means. You will be judged for your actions.

As for me, I’d like to live in a world where I can freely trade with others, where I can live my life without having to bother anyone, or mooch off them. I am quite content to leave others alone.

To those who wish to silence the individuals who are leading the charge back toward liberty and away from tyranny, I will say: Remember the Alamo, though all the soldiers died, their deaths were avenged, and victory was had. You may try to shut down websites, you may try to silence the critical thinking minds on this earth and in this country. But this will end in failure. Societies cannot function without intelligent people at the helm.

So to those who are concerned, who feel the same way I do; that something is out of place, I say: Stand up for your rights and protect your dreams. Live the reality that you see fit, and flush out the sewage that is currently lining our streets. Learn what true liberty is, not just blind patriotism. Learn the constitution, and remember  that violence is not necessarily even when presented with it on our doorstep. Everything starts with the mind.

Dreams and ideas are directly intertwined, and no police state, no surveillance, no cops, no politicians, no jail cell, not even death or execution can hold back an idea or a dream.

“An idea who’s time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government” – Ron Paul

What are your dreams? Are you living the way you want to? Are you finding happiness each day?

I have found happiness, but I see those around me who are controlled by fear, and will do anything to survive off the backs of others, instead of providing for themselves in order to thrive.

Ask yourself this question; Is this Martin Luther King’s Dream that we are living in right now, or is it becoming Adolf Hitler’s fascist nightmare?

You decide for yourself. I will stand up and speak out for as long as I can.

I know my dream. Do you know yours?