Bernie Sanders Nazi thugs

Glenn Beck likes to refer to Trump supporters as ‘brown shirts’ a term coined by Adolf Hitlers militant political wing. It’s surprising that a man as well informed as Beck has chosen to label passionate Trump supporters as Nazis, while ignoring the real ‘brown shirt’ thugs.

On the republican side you have the establishment working overtime to smear Trump in any way shape and form possible. In the media you have the majority of news outlets running every kind of anti-trump article imaginable. But the worst, the absolute worst form of intimidation we are experiencing comes from the militant Bernie Sanders supporters.

I saw the images of the protest, near riot unfolding in Chicago. I saw the footage of a man trying to jump the stage in Dayton. And when I was walking toward the latest Ohio Trump rally in West Chester, I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach as I thought of these protests. My fear was realized when a group of loud potty-mouthed teenagers were protesting outside the Town Hall rally. The police had cordoned them off and were protecting both their right to free speech, and to protecting both them and the pro Trump people. None of the Trump supporters minded much, until of course the Sanders supporters started shouting “F**K TRUMP, F**K TRUMP.” There were children present in the patient crowd of thousands trying to get in. The disgusting disregard for decency left many a little on edge.

Trump is not Hitler

When I walked into the Town Hall stage and sat down I saw many security officers. There were regular security guards, local police, the local sheriffs department and of course the secret service. They were all very calm, very pleasant people. But once Mr Trump arrived they went directly into business mode and I could tell some of them were nervous, as was I.

For good reason. A few short minutes into his speech two Bernie Sanders supporters tried to rush the stage. They were pushed back by the secret service personnel and escorted off the premises.

Mr Trump was calm and shrugged it off. He was pleasant about the whole thing, but it had many of us nervous.

After he had left I walked outside. The supporters were very happy with his speech. He is a lot more down to earth in person and seemed genuinely sincere. Contrast this with the thugs outside who were still shouting “F**K TRUMP, F**K TRUMP” while they heckled a pro Trump young black man and his family as they walked past. The news crews were too busy typing up their stories about the rally itself inside to pay attention to the ‘brown shirt’ style of intimidation tactics being used outside by Bernie’s thugs.

I can honestly say, now that I have seen him in person, that Donald Trump is the real deal. He is sincere in his rhetoric about restoring sovereignty to this nation and he is not the racist reincarnation of Adolf Hitler that the media are trying to paint him to be. He is not stirring up violence. That is the Sanders supporters and their left-wing fascist tactics.

What I saw inside the Town Hall rally was a very successful man, who is very opinionated and has changed his mind a lot over the years, but who really cares about his country. He engaged very pleasantly with the crowd, even taking the time to listen to shouted questions from some people. He gave honest and humble answers and even gave a few people a hug when they asked for one. He shook hands, he listened, he tried to take everything in. The protesters outside and the two disrupters inside were too obsessed with trying to silence our freedom of speech, than to listen to what the man had to say. And that is Nazi style fascism, not Trump’s well intended speeches.

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Nazi thugs”

  1. A lot of those starting crap at Trump rallies are paid provocateurs, paid by the crony capitalist Republican establishment. They want them to get the other protesters wilded up and scream stuff like f**k trump in hopes to get Trump supporters to act badly. They want Trump supporters to throw fist. They sent in the same thugs into the occupy movement after they saw their messages about the banks and wall street got bailed out but we got sold out. The Koch brothers and their multimillion/billionaire buddies have spent over a billion dollars since 2010 buying state governments and congressional puppets to do their bidding which is to return to the early 1900’s when crony capitalism ran rampant where greed, corruption and exploitation was unfettered. It was a great time for them but absolutely miserable for most. A Trump presidency threatens their efforts of completing this push because Trump is his own man and doesn’t need or will need their money to get reelected. They’re afraid he wont listen to them on the possibility of appointments of bureaucrats to departments but mostly the appointments of up to 4 supreme court justices. The Koch bros. and company need to keep the senate Republican and the supreme court and lower filled with their people to complete their takeover of government. You think things are bad now, just wait until our country becomes a full fledged oligarchial corporatacracy with little government oversight. Like they ended up doing in the 30’s with the great depression, they’ll do the same again but this time we’ll be too broke to save peoples pensions, ect, millions of retired folks will be on the streets except for those in the circle. Anyway, these crony capitalist and their Republican puppets are doing everything they can to protect their investment from Trump and Bernie. Heck, the Koch bros have their best analytical and pr teams working on Canadian Cruz’s campaign. Wow, sorry about the long rant. I’m just tired of the establishment manipulation and misleading of the people and the press.

  2. Another thing, Trump was right about women getting punished for getting an abortion if it was constitutionally banned. It would be against the law and with that, the doctor/person that gave it and the mother who wanted it would be published. The Republicans crying foul are hypocritical because they all want it constitutionally forbidden and know if it was, consequences would come with it. They’re just throwing trump under the bus!

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