Libertarians light the way

There were two things to be taken away from the Republican National Convention in Tampa this week.

One is that the Republican leadership is completely corrupt and does not support the base whatsoever.

The second is that we now live in a police state.

My generation has grown up during the Bush and Obama administrations, and cannot tell the difference between them. We cannot tell the difference between Obama and Romney, and we see through the political spin and pandering. They are all part of the same corrupt bipartisan establishment.

The way we see it; our parents and grandparents generations have lost their way, they believe the lesser of two evils is the way to go.

It has become apparent that only we can forge the future, and that if we don’t, the country will only fall ever deeper into a collective police state abyss.

We understand the free market system as much as the conservatives, and perhaps more so, because we know that our foreign policy is deeply flawed and that the more we trade with other nations instead of bomb them, and the more we cut taxes across the board, the bigger the economy will grow. Libertarians are not liberals, libertarians are capitalists, and believe in fiscal responsibility.

Lady liberty shines her light on the libertarian party. Only 12% of colonists fought the British during the war of independence. The liberty movement is growing, and with shameful acts of aggression from Romney’s people during the republican caucuses, we are now emboldened further in our cause to return liberty to this nation.

We must light the way, because all other policies and parties have failed. Darkness covers the land, and we must become the shining beacon in the night.

If the Tea Parties are successful in electing Romney to president, they will have become the very thing they swore to defeat only a couple of years ago.

In order to win, the libertarians must act like Jedi from Star Wars and use logic and non-violence to expose the shortcomings of both democratic and republican parties. With the DHS stocking up on over a billion rounds of hollow point ammunition, we simply cannot afford to start bloodshed.

People like ‘The Minister of Truth’ are the future of this nation. Here is a black man who is not only railing against Obama, but all the shenanigans of the republican party. ‘TMOT’ understands what true liberty is. I am honored to have found such a person out there in the world. TMOT shows that there is no greater weapon on earth than the human soul on fire.

We libertarians have many prominent voices out there. Ron Paul was our rallying call, and Gary Johnson is now our choice for president. There are many leaders and voices for liberty across the world wide web and in our communities. No matter what the republican establishment tries to tamp out dissent, it will only back fire on them.

We are the future of this country, we are the republicans if they will have us, and if not we’ll do it by ourselves. We have drawn a line in the sand, as the founding fathers did, and we have the constitution and another 200 years of economics and studies of governments and liberties behind us to embolden our views. We will rebuild this country, whether we get started this election or not. Libertarians light the way.

The lesser of two evils

When George Bush left office, the country was in worse shape than when he started. The deficits had sky rocketed, government had grown exponentially and millions of Americans had been laid off. During Obama’s presidency, the deficit has skyrocketed, government has grown, and millions of Americans are still without jobs. During Mitt Romney’s time at Bain capital and as Governor of Massachusetts, debt was created and thousands of workers lost their jobs. Do we really think that voting in ‘the lesser of two evils’ is going to solve our problems?

Does the lesser of two evils simply mean the better of two liars?

I have published a few articles now about why Romney is no good, and how he is not a job creator. And my father-in-law has published many articles on how Obama is no good, and is not a job creator either. Romney is a looter. Obama is a Moocher. There is not much difference between them except that Romney came from a very good upbringing and should know better. What he does is purposeful and evil. Obama gives the impression that he does what he thinks is right. That does not make him better, but to use a Star Wars analogy Barack Obama is like Darth Vader, and by comparison Mitt Romney is Chancellor Palpatine. He says the right things, and tells us he will unite the country, yet his real intentions are far more sinister. If you look at his past at Bain Capital and as Governor of Massachusetts, what he did during those years, the people he looted from, the families and communities he actively destroyed, you will see a path of intended destruction. I shudder to think what his presidency would be like.

I’ve already pointed out that there’s no difference between Obama and Romney’s voting records and that they stand for the same things. But what Mitt Romney has done in the past and continues to do, is to loot others in the extreme. He and his acquaintances are the reason we are in this financial mess to begin with. Romney cares about no-one except himself. There is a difference between true gold standard backed capitalism, and the vulture crony capitalism that Mitt Romney practices; the kind that has destroyed the infrastructure of this country, and left once great cities like Gary Indiana completely gutted.

Can we survive another four years of Obama? Perhaps. We’ve already managed the first four. Can we survive four to eight years of Romney? I highly doubt it.

It’s not just that Mitt Romney’s fundamentals and credentials are deeply flawed, and that his business sense is to loot and plunder and destroy companies. It’s his foreign stance too. He has said that Russia is our number one Geo-political foe. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not the 1980’s anymore, there is no cold war. The Russians are incapable of launching an assault on us, and have no intentions to. As of right now, Russia is heading deeper into capitalism, free markets and freedom, while we are running in the opposite direction. That is truly sad.

Another thing to consider is that Mitt Romney shares friendship with the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu, who wants to bomb Iran based on an unfounded threat. Mitt Romney is extremely dangerous, and he is certainly not a fiscal conservative or a constitutional answer to Obama.

I have provided much information that shows that Romney is no better, and indeed could be far worse than Obama.

The question is; what will you do?

Are we going to vote out Darth Vader and replace him with the Emperor himself? Remember that the worst leaders in history always start out by appealing to the voters with a way to save them.

Are we voting out one evil to instal a worse one?

Ask yourself whether there is any real difference between the two candidates, and ask yourself this;

Shall I vote for evil? Shall I vote for liars? Shall I continue to vote in a downward trend?

Or should you vote for liberty? Should you vote to live free? And how can we achieve this?

I say that anyone who is on the fence, disenfranchised by both parties, or simply wants a return to sound economics and individual liberties, should stand up, united under the cause of the liberty movement, and vote for Gary Johnson.

Gary Johnson is registered in all 50 states, and is sort of a backup plan for the Ron Paul supporters. Ron and Gary both share very similar ideas, and like each others work.

Can Gary Johnson win? Yes he can, with 1/3 democrat and 1/3 republican voters going to the polls, we can split the vote on both sides and turn both established parties on their heads.

Will Gary Johnson win? Probably not; because most people haven’t heard of him, and many more are clinging to the idea that Mitt Romney is somehow better than Obama and somehow the lesser of two evils. Whether we win the election or not, the more people who join us and become part of the liberty movement, the bigger the sledgehammer will be to take to the dam that both parties have built around our liberties.

I will be part of the movement which changes the history of this country for the better. I will be one of those who finally puts a big crack in the criminals dam.

I invite you to join me and the many others in the liberty movement. Together; let’s smash the dam and bring the water back to the tree of liberty.

Ron Paul Revolutionaries for Gary Johnson 2012!

Who the heck are you?

So by now you may be wondering who I am.

My name is Paul Townsend.

I was born in Canterbury England. I had a fairly normal upbringing, and had a reasonably good education at English schools.

Aside from dirt jumping with my friends, and reading such books as ‘rich dad poor dad’. I was fairly normal for my age.

When I turned 16 I started playing an online game called ‘Star Wars Galaxies’, which was an MMORPG game similar to World of Warcraft, except the universe of the game was based on Star Wars.

On this game I met a girl whom I fell in love with. First we just started to talk and do missions together on the game. Eventually we were talking on yahoo chat outside the game, and then on a ventrilo server via headsets. Over the months of 2004 our relationship blossomed from a good friendship to an online romance. By fall I had decided that I wanted to go and see her.

There was only one problem…I was living in England, and she was living 4000 miles away in another continent. Cincinnati Ohio, was a fair distance away, no matter what age you are. And so, with my determination in mind to go and see her, her mother got on this star wars game and started talking to me, to suss out whether I really was a nice young English boy, or some creepy pedophile lurking behind a computer screen in some dank basement.

After realizing that I was who I said I was, she invited me over for Christmas that year, on the condition that I stay in the local motel down the road from them. I agreed, and so that Christmas, I took my very first flight from London to Chicago, and then on down to Cincinnati.

From the moment I set foot in America, I fell in love with it. Everything was well spaced out and clean. Everyone drove on the right side of the road, and it felt like a parallel universe compared to England, because everyone spoke the same language and behaved similarly, but to me, the people seemed nicer and more respectful, and I was very impressed by it.

When I was getting off the plane in Cincinnati, I caught a glimpse of my ‘online girlfriend’, standing next to her mother, and I felt a pinch of excitement as I headed down the walkway towards them.

When I saw Brooke for the first time, my heart just melted inside, she was perfect in every way.

I could write a novel about our romance from that point on. To put it into a short form. We began dating at that point, and I would fly out every summer and every Christmas for the next three years. Eventually after my ninth visit to the US, we went to see an immigration attorney to see about me moving to the US in the following year. He told us that if we got married, I could stay without having to leave and that within a year I could get a green-card. And so, that is what we did. I stayed in the US, and we married in February of 2008, four years after first meeting each other online.

My wife and I now live very happily together in the suburbs outside of Cincinnati. Again, I won’t go into too much detail, as I like my privacy. But just know that we are very happy together, and yes, it is a true love story.

On Friday I became a US citizen. It was a choice I made because of my love for this country, and because I always want to stay with my wife, without all the updates of paperwork that go with a green-card.

Over my four years living in the US, I have paid attention to the political process, as I am an avid historian, and I like to learn about how ideas affect reality.

I know that George W Bush was not a popular president, and I paid attention to the election process as Barack Obama became president. I felt at that point, that the country had changed, and was not on the right path. Imagine that…someone from another country, sensing that something was out of place. I couldn’t put my finger on it. So I continued to watch the news, and stay informed, as most people do.

I was amazed when I discovered Glenn Beck. And at this point I must point out, as I said, I love history, and I am an objectivist at heart. If you have a point to prove, I will gladly listen as you display the facts, and then do my own research to discover whether I believe your point of view or not. I am not a republican or a democrat. I was neither liberal, socialist (Labour) nor conservative while living in England, and to be honest I was rather young at the time. No, I came here with a clean slate, with open eyes, a honest heart, and the future ahead of me. I do not hold any major political convictions to one party or another.

What I do hold to though; is freedom. When I stepped off that plane in Chicago, what I sensed (and yes I realize I’m saying Chicago…I know about the corruption there now) was freedom.

When I was sitting in the passenger seat with my girlfriend for the first time in late 2004, her mother driving us from the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati airport, I felt free. Not just in love, but free. As we were driving down I-75 north, we rounded the hill, and the lights of Cincinnati burst into view. ‘This is what America is all about’ I thought to myself. ‘This is why people love to come here’. Everything was so big and bustling, everyone seemed to be so laid back and enjoying life.

Perhaps I was just lovestruck, perhaps I was seeing it in a romanticized light, but the sense I got from the people around me, shook me in a profound way.

I had decided at that point that eventually I would marry the girl beside me and live here some day.

And so back to Glenn Beck. What a character! I’ve never in my life seen someone on TV talk so harshly about politicians in such a serious and profound way. What really got me hooked on watching Glenn, was when he took a fish, (live on television!) gutted it, pulled the skeleton out of it and said ‘this is what the politicians in Washington are lacking…a spine!’. Wow! I couldn’t believe it, I was awestruck and beaming at the same time. I don’t care what country you live in, it takes balls to do something like that…to stand up to the establishment in such a profound way.

Like I said, I’m not some left wing or right wing nut. I was simply watching the news and settling into married life in the States with my wife. I watched the news because I like to stay informed about the world around me.

My wife is an avid photographer, and when the first Tea Party protests started, we headed down to the local one in Cincinnati to take pictures. I talked with an old guy who was sitting at one of the coffee shops down there, and he pretty much told me his life story. ‘Son, get yourself an education, and don’t let the government tell you what to do’. He bought me a coffee, and we had a pleasant conversation for about half an hour. When the march began to city hall, I said goodbye, and my wife and I followed the crowd, taking pictures along the way. I loved seeing the crowd in action. Everyone was cheerful in nature, and were protesting excess spending and special interests, and I liked seeing freedom of speech and protest in action.

By the next protest a month later, my in-laws had joined the local tea party, and from time to time, I would accept my father-in-laws invitation to attend one of the events. I would sit down and listen to what they had to say. But I made a point to never take part, as I was not an american citizen, and I did not feel it my place to say anything at that point. For the time being, I was simply an observer, watching what Americans do best.

For the next couple of years, I continued to observe the direction the country was heading in, and was deeply disturbed by the Obama administration’s passing of laws and bills which I felt violated the Constitution. By this point I had studied a great deal of American history, and felt I knew about as much as any normal American, if not more.

I continued to watch Glenn Beck, up until he canceled his show, and by that point I was researching the history of political candidates and global corruption. I no longer felt that Global warming was real, and I was greatly disturbed by all the ‘lies’ that were circulating the world.

As I said, I was still not an American citizen, and so I did not rock the boat, or discuss any of my findings in public. Aside from conversations with my wife and father-in-law, I mostly kept my opinions to myself. I was simply a resident, reading up on articles, and finding deeper truths to the world.

On Friday I became an American citizen. Like I said, I did so of my own accord, because I feel I share the same values as this country was founded upon, and I wish to live out my life with my wife by my side, in this great land of opportunity.

And now as a citizen, it is my duty to protect this country, from enemies foreign and domestic.

I will use the knowledge I have gained, to spread the truth, to help inform those around me, and to promote peace and freedom in the world.

I am Paul Townsend, and I love Freedom.