Splitting the vote

The Republican National Convention was a complete disgrace. As I mentioned in my previous article, the establishment just took a huge power grab, and stomped all over the grassroots movements.

Chris Littleton nails it with his article ‘The GOP can because you’ll take it’ Please click on the link and take a few minutes to read it.

The time for party pandering is over. On the national scale, we must show the establishment on both sides who’s boss.

Think about it, if 1/3 of the republicans vote libertarian, and 1/3 of the liberals vote libertarian, we’ll have  a majority to get Obama out of office, and prevent his twin Romney from getting in too.

What many don’t understand is, though Obama is a terrible president, he is not much different than Bush. Both voted for liberty stripping bills such as the Patriot act and NDAA, both passed stimulus, and both ran up the deficit. Mitt Romney is no different either. And although many call Obama a socialist and many other names under the sun, what many don’t realize is that Mitt Romney would have even more power over us than Obama, and wouldn’t do much, if anything to change his policies.

Ask yourself this; ‘What is the motivation of our current presidential candidates for office? For liberty and freedom? Or for more power, wealth and control?’

So which is better? Having a National Socialist or a Soviet Socialist as president?

I say neither.

Many argue that we shouldn’t split the vote, but I ask the question ‘which vote?’

I think we should split the tyranny of the big government Obama/Romney ticket and vote for Gary Johnson.

There are enough disenfranchised voters on both sides of the political spectrum. What many on the right do not realize is that the liberals are not all ‘commies’ and ‘welfare whores’ but rather many of them voted for Obama because he campaigned as a centrist and promised to bring the troops home. When he gained office he simply continued on the same path of massive spending and warmongering as president Bush.

If you vote for Mitt Romney, you are no better than an Obama supporter because you are ignoring all the facts about Romney’s big liberal voting record. And to say that he was an entrepreneur is a joke. Romney’s business did not create jobs, he simply stripped assets and sent jobs over seas. Sure Obama never held a real job in his life, but the line between a looter and moocher is very thin.

It’s time to man up and send a clear message to Washington; the time for big government and good ol’ boy establishment politics is over.

I say we split the vote on both sides, and return to freedom!

Gary Johnson 2012!

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

8 thoughts on “Splitting the vote”

  1. DUMBEST THING I HAVE HEARD ALL POLITICAL SEASON!!!!!!!!! Splitting the vote will only result in disaster (Obama getting the election). Your inexperience shows through in this article and putting all your eggs in to one basket will surely lead you to disappointment. In this case failure at starting a revolution. Shit like that will not happen at this time to many people against the idea to actually band together. Romney gets my vote.

    1. Name me five differences between Romney and Obama. I don’t expect a win, but it would certainly turn the country around. Glory supporting for the R’s and the D’s won’t bring liberty home for us. Splitting the vote on both sides will be a show of force, and show the establishment that we are the ones that they work for. Romney is a big government fascist, the same as Obama. The only change we can make right now is by voting in liberty minded patriots at the local and state level. Romney and Obama are not kings.

  2. That makes no sense what-so-ever. I never said that there was a difference between Obama and Romney. Except for the fact that Romney might be the lesser of the two evils. (That aside) simply splitting the votes as a way to show the government you will not stand for corruptness is a pitiful excuse. Not once has any grassroot establishment ever scared the Government into doing things the people’s way instead of what they deem correct. Hooray!!!! for you un-achievable ideas of liberty and patriotism but the sad sad truth is that we no longer run this country and it is not one specific presidents fault dating as far back as you can this country has gone down hill and there is not going to be some huge drastic change or revolution on the herizon. It is simply to complicated to pull resources together to obtain what you dream of. Ron Paul has already been shut out as expected and voting for a third party canidate will simply be giving the election straight to Obama again. Patriotism is a great thing but your young and drastically niave ideas of freedom are jaded by hopes and dreams that will never come true. Sorry, buddy.

    1. Wow. OK then. So I should just roll over on my back and let the government stomp on my belly? Is that what you’re saying? I agree with you, there is no difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. So what’s the point in voting for either one of them if it won’t make a single bit of difference? Lesser of two evils you say? Or should that be the better of two liars? The American public has voted for the lesser of two evils for the last two decades and all that has done is brought evil into fruition. Grassroots campaigns can’t work? Then how do you explain the Tea Party successes at the local level? What you’re saying in essence is that small bands of patriots cannot ever change anything and shouldn’t try. If the founding fathers had felt the way you do, this would still be a British colony. Dreams will never come true? Tell that to Martin Luther King, tell that to Gandhi, tell that to all the veterans and families who have died for the freedoms we are supposed to have. My sense of loyalty is to the individual human spirit and freedom for the world. I have no sense of duty to any one party, government or country, but to an idea. Liberty is worth fighting for, because liberty allows the future to grow. Your prescription is death and destruction and the impoverishment of all. Elections can be won by small groups if enough people are willing to stay the course. It will not be an easy fight, and many battles will be lost along the way, but if the cause is just, if the cause is right, and if enough people have the courage to stand up and fight the necessary battles, we will win this war!

  3. By voting for a third party you will be ultimately supporting Obama. I know it might break your delicate gun-ho heart but its the cold hard truth. MLK died for his dream. A dream that to this very day still faces racism and hate. As far a British colony the whole country stood behind and supported the Revolutionary war. Way back before the population was in the Billions in America. To apply that situation to today is silly. The amount of people that it would take to over throw the government and set true liberties and freedom again would be staggering. It will never happen. I don’t know what they taught you in school but the voting system is a sham. It will never work in favor of what the people want. It was never created to do that. I.E. Super delegates, electoral college etc……Freedom is diminishing I grant you that. But grassroots or not there will never be an uprising for freedom. It makes me sad just to type that but its true. I am also not saying to roll over and play dead. I am saying make the best choice with what you have to work with. And simply splitting the votes so that yo as a person feel like you made a difference (which I promise you have not) is simply kindergarten bull-shit.

    1. Many of Barack Obama’s voters are just as disenfranchised as many republicans are with Mitt Romney. The split will come from both sides. MLK was assassinated, but his dream lives on. The very fact that Barack Obama is in office today is testament to MLK’s achievement. The whole of the American colonies were not fully in support of breaking from England. In fact many loyalists joined the British army, and many more abstained from fighting at all. A great number of colonists did not want anything to do with the war of independence, they just wanted to be left to their daily business. Yes, the population is larger, but politics is the same. China had a change of government in the 50’s with a population roughly our current size, as did India under Gandhi during the 40’s. If the system is such a sham, which I agree with you on, then why the heck are you supporting it? You say its bad, yet you’ll go along with it anyway. You say you won’t roll over, yet you’ll do it anyway. You’re either completely contradicting yourself and not realizing it, or you’re an ignorant hypocrite…which is it?

  4. By voting for Romney which I said in my first message I am neither being a hypocrite or rolling over. I am voting for the person I believe will not send our world into hell as fast as Obama and while that goes on continue to look for other options to obtain our freedoms back. Answer your question?

    1. Not in the slightest. Have you seen Romney’s voting record? Have you heard the answers that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have given to the same questions? I have; they’re exactly the same! If we don’t start the fight now, we never will, we’ll just do what previous generations have done and keep kicking the football further down the field, while running hopelessly, in the vain hope that it won’t catch up to us and smack us in the face. But you know what? We’re running off a cliff, and unless we come to a complete stop, we’re going over it, no matter who’s in charge. So buckle up, we’re in for a ride.

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