Mitt Romney

I keep hearing people talk about Obama, and how we must elect Mitt Romney to beat him. But how much do you really know about the republican candidate?

Strange But True: Mitt Romney Spent The Vietnam War In A French Palace

I thought that once Ron Paul was rejected by the establishment GOP, that I would go silently into the night and let everyone have their say and their vote between ‘the lesser of two evils’ without debating why I don’t like either of them. I thought that I would keep the peace and let bygones be bygones. But the way the RNC treated Ron Paul and his delegates was a disgrace to democracy and to the representation of the nation.

Death Of Democracy: GOP Party Bosses Seize Complete Control Of Selecting Candidates

This path of the lesser of two evils has done the very thing it was intended to; it brought about evil.

With bipartisan support, this new system of corruption has embedded itself on the American psyche, and we believe we are supposed to continue to play their silly games, while giving them unbridled power, and giving up our liberties.

Mitt Romney’s voting record is similar to Obama’s, and they agree on almost everything:

Mitt Romney is supposed to have been an entrepreneur and a job creator, but his legacy shows that his firm is an asset stripping company which ships jobs over seas.

Mitt Romney dodged the draft, while encouraging others to fight instead. His company looted and pillaged other companies that provided good jobs for people. And now we move forward to his governorship; in which he massively increased the state debt, and hiked fees across the board. During his governorship Massachusetts dropped to 47th in the nation for job creation.

So the idea that Mitt Romney is somehow going to save us from Obama is completely mis-founded. If you think that the media is bias now; think about a future with ‘Clear Channel’, which is owned by ‘Bain Capital’ cheer-leading his presidency at every turn, even when he continues the same atrocities of the Bush/Obama administrations.

So I’m asking you to think outside the box, and take a good long hard look at the candidate that you’ll be voting for.

Remember, if you decide to vote for the lesser of two evils; that makes you evil too.

The modern conservative party has been infiltrated by the neo-cons and their only agenda is power. The display at the RNC should give you shivers. I thought Nancy Pelosi was bad, but when I watched John Boehner blatantly ignore the objections in the crowd, I knew that he was no better. He, like so many other of the republicans at the RNC talk the talk, but they do not walk the walk, and that is simply not good enough.

As a Life Long Republican, I Will Not Vote For Romney.

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

2 thoughts on “Mitt Romney”

  1. I’ll give you credit to sticking to the facts behind the curtain. I enjoyed the show. I loved Eastwood’s speech, and was shocked he showed up, but this election is a battle over the economy. People aren’t ready for freedom in the whole that Paul offered. People want the blue pill, because it makes them feel better. I know it’s painful to be so fully awake.

    And nice job shooting tonight. The 92F shot really nice. We’ll have to get a couple.

    1. The convention was a complete farce. I stopped watching the convention after I watched Boehner’s horns sprout out when he said the ayes have it and ushered in the new delegate rule. What he did was wrong in every sense of the term, and he proved to me that he’s no better than Nancy Pelosi, who is a complete witch. They all talk the talk when it comes election time, but they’re no better than the democrats. It’s all about money and power. And to think Romney will save the economy is so stupid it makes me physically hurt inside to know that so many people think that presidents create jobs. Romney ruined Massachusetts economy, and he’ll ruin this nation if elected president. I find it truly shocking that people think there is any shred of difference between those two evil sadistic sons of bitches. Did you see any of the images from outside the convention floor? The show of force from the police and military out there made it look like a Nazi Rally. Welcome to Germany, 1938.

      On a lighter note; yes, I had fun; it was a very unique experience, I’d like to go again soon.

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