The revolution continues!

We all knew it was unlikely that Ron Paul would be elected at the GOP convention. Mitt Romney’s band of thugs managed to strip too many delegates from Ron Paul by dirty tricks, and the establishment had its way.

Ron Paul’s Maine delegates erupt after getting barred from Republican convention:

But the revolution continues!

Think of Ron Paul as Obi Wan from Star Wars when he warns Darth Vader “if you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine” The shameless way that the Romney camp has stripped Ron Paul of his delegates from multiple states, and the shameless way that the establishment GOP has prevented him from speaking at the convention will reverberate throughout the nation.

We have already had many successful battles in the face of unbridled tyranny. Bones have been broken. We have been locked out and barred from our own party. But life always finds a way, and so will liberty.

Ron Paul’s latest battle is over, but the war is not lost.

And there is another…

Gary Johnson is registered in all 50 states for the Libertarian Party. He was Republican Governor of New Mexico and vetoed over 700 bills while in office. He was an entrepreneur and created a very successful company employing over a thousand workers. He understands true liberty, he’ll balance the budget, and bring our troops home.

We the supporters of true capitalism and true liberty in the Ron Paul revolution will lead the charge after the shenanigans of the 2012 election are all said and done, no matter who becomes president. Ron Paul standing up for principles is a far stronger message for liberty than giving an edited speech at the convention.

Sorry GOP, but the establishment days are over, you just dug your own grave. Perhaps we’ll revive you next time around, if you don’t get in our way. The liberty movement is growing. We will not be stopped, freedom will be restored in this nation, and the tyrants will fall in our wake. This new wave of liberty is growing every day, and it will not be stopped. “An idea who’s time has come, cannot be stopped by any army or any government!” – Ron Paul

The Ron Paul revolution is not over, it’s only just begun!

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

3 thoughts on “The revolution continues!”

  1. I supported Ron Paul too, but he cannot be elected. Even less of a chance after his “if I were the president 9/11 wouldn’t have happened.” That is possible, almost anything is possible. One thing is quite certain is that Gary Johnson could take enough votes to allow BHO to win. I remember when Ross Perot did just that and we were stuck with the Communists from Arkansas. One is currently the Secretary of State and running around with a Muslim Brotherhood member. We are handing the Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood and I don’t think that fact is coincidence.

    1. I supported Ron Paul all the way up to the convention. Now I’m throwing 100% support behind Gary Johnson. 9/11 is very suspicious, and he’s right, it wouldn’t have happened if he were president. Our involvement in the middle east causes blow-back. It really doesn’t matter if Barack Obama or Mitt Romney gets in because their policies are exactly the same. The Muslim brotherhood is another case of blow-back against the Israeli Zionist faction pushing their influence around in the middle east. Although Clinton was not a good president, he ran a more conservative government than Barack Obama and George Bush. Ross Perot and his supporters did a good job of slowing down the establishment. The work on the grassroots for congressmen and senators is what kept Clinton in line. We need to do the same thing now.

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