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Another year, another levy attempt. When will these union types get it? We don’t want another unnecessary tax increase!

Did you know that over half your property taxes already go to our bloated school system? The Lakota school district already boasts some of the nicest facilities on the planet, and yet they still demand more money!

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And what for? Security? Technology? The schools already have all the technology they need. If they want more, why not just have a fundraiser instead of wasting money on levy campaigns and extorting the residents of Liberty and West Chester Townships?

As for the security. Even if we were stupid enough to post armed guards in the schools, which would make the schools feel more like prisons, why not just let some of the teachers carry concealed weapons? The general public is allowed to carry, so why not the teachers? If we want to avoid a Sandy Hook incident, why not allow the teachers to be the deterrents? The kids wouldn’t even know they had guns. A dozen silently armed teachers is a far better deterrent and far cheaper way to protect school children than a single silly security guard.

Back to the cost; we spend thousands of dollars every year per household for these schools, a number far too great to maintain. We already have many businesses moving into the area, but this number will slow if we don’t rein in these rouge union supported levy addicts.

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Just take a look at Fairfeild; another levy attempt! After the last one only passed a year ago! Look at Forest Fair Mall (or whatever they call it this month!) You want to know why businesses are leaving? The taxes are too high! Year after year these levies are passed and the businesses have had too much. Even Bass Pro, the anchor store, is moving to West Chester in 2015, but do you think they’ll stay there for long if taxes continue to rise in the region? My bet is they’ll move even further away if we don’t rein in taxes in our region.

And what about the parents? We always hear that these levies are about the kids, which is a lie, but what about the heads of households? What happens when their mortgages go up and they struggle to make payments? What if a West Chester business leaves the community, or lays off workers to meet the demands of these tax raises? What happens when John Doe losses his job in West Chester, and can’t afford his mortgage in Liberty Township? His employer lays him off due to high taxes, and now he has no job, and higher taxes to pay on his own home. Have none of these levy addicts thought of this?

But its only $16 extra a month they scream! What an absolute lie. It’ll be $16 a month extra for a small fraction of the community, while the majority of home owners will be stuck with hundreds of dollars extra a year. All the while their pay checks are being diminished and they are struggling to hold on to their jobs, while the teachers get a cozy pay increase. Extortion indeed! What about the businesses? Most factories and distribution centers in the area are worth millions of dollars, this tax increase will cost them thousands of dollars extra a month, on top of already bloated taxes. That’s someones job!

It’s a fat lot of good bringing in extra unneeded money to the school district ‘for the kids’ if they no longer have a place to live because mommy or daddy got laid off.

Use your head, learn the facts, go to and see for yourself that this latest tax levy is completely unnecessary, and remember to vote NO on Tuesday.

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What the federal government and the lakota school district have in common

During the government shutdown we have seen national monuments and war memorials barricaded. We have seen national parks shut down, we have seen thugs enforcing these barricades while the President plays golf.

With the Lakota Levy attempts, we see cuts to school busing, to extra curricular activities including sports and after school clubs, all the while the teachers still get paid more on average than the rest of the community and all the while they get over three months off per year while many in the community are lucky to get 2-3 weeks off for the whole year.

All the teachers at these schools get large salaries and nice big pensions, while the rest of the community is lucky to hold onto their jobs at all.

Now with the latest levy attempt, we are asked to part with more of our hard earned money to fund ‘technology and security’. To which I can’t help but incredulously ask the question “what for?”

Why do we need more technology and more security, when our students already have state of the art learning centers?

Why do we need to be extorted for more of our hard earned money when the teachers are still getting their annual raises?

Why won’t the school district cut its costs and balance its budgets, instead of raising its debt ceiling and asking for ever more cash from the struggling tax payer?

You see the Lakota School District, among many others, is just like the federal government; corrupt to the core. They simply refuse to balance their budgets and make hard cuts where necessary.

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Both the teachers of the Lakota district and the congressmen in Washington still get their pay, still get amazing benefits, still get tons of time off, still get to enjoy lives of relative luxury, all the while the tax payer is not only footing the bill, but is finding it harder and harder just to pay their own bills!

And what happens when we say NO to new taxes? Well, they get all upset and use the same old thuggish union tactics; they cut out all the nice convenient stuff and hit us where it hurts. The schools get rid of busing, the federal government shuts down the parks. The schools shut down after school clubs, the federal government barricades monuments. What a pathetic situation we find ourselves in when both our federal and local governments behave like spoiled children!

What exactly is it that these teachers, this school district is trying to teach our children anyway? That its OK to act like a spoiled brat when you don’t get your way? That you should be spiteful to others and cry and cry until you get what you want? Where is the sense of responsibility? Where are they teaching our kids to make tough choices and to do the right thing? Where are they teaching our kids about respect and reasoning?

I feel bad for my generation growing up in this ongoing recession, but I dread to think what it must be like for the school kids of today. We’ve got whiny brats in Washington, and whiny brats in the school district. What a sad state of affairs.

I truly hope there are at least enough grown ups in the Lakota School District next month to vote NO for this stupid levy, and start pushing for fiscal responsibility and to ask the school administrators to act like grown ups.

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If you’re a responsible grown up, and want to get the facts and make some tough choices. You can find out more about the levy and why you should vote NO at

Put your money where your mouth is Lakota

For all those conservatives living in Liberty Township and West Chester in Butler County Ohio, I urge you to put your money where your mouth is this November. Once again the Lakota School district is asking for another tax increase due to it’s inability, or lack of interest in balancing its budgets.

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Since West Chester and Liberty Township are predominantly conservative, you’d think it would be an easy victory against tax increases every time right? Unfortunately the answer is ‘no’. Many Republicans do not stick by their principles and are certainly not fiscally conservative.

I urge every conservative republican in the Lakota School district to put their money where their mouth is this November and vote NO to any new tax increases.

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If you think the National Government is bad, if you think that the deficit is horrendous, if you’re one of the people who is always complaining about government interference, taxation and mismanagement of budgets, then put your money where your mouth is!

If you think that whining about national government policies is going to make much of a difference; you’re dead wrong. If you think that helping to raise taxes at the local level has nothing to do with mismanagement at the federal level; you’re dead wrong.

My father in law; Rich Hoffman, has spent tireless hours slaving away at his blog posts explaining why voting for tax increases is a bad idea, and how much of the money goes toward teachers salaries and Union contracts. If you want all the finer details I urge you to read his blog posts, and do some research for yourself.

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As for me, I’ll narrow it down nice and neat; if you’re a Republican and you vote for a tax increase this election period; you’re a hypocrite! You should tear up your Republican card right now and go join the progressive Democrat Party. They love Unions, and they love your tax dollars. Or instead, you can put your money where your mouth is, vote no to tax increases and have an actual impact at the local level, which will inevitably reverberate at the national level. And if you think your kids will somehow be better off with more tax dollars going to these institutions, you’re dead wrong also. These institutions are mismanaged beyond belief, and if you just keep throwing money at them, you’ll only make them worse. Think of a future America with massive taxes, and no good place for people to go; that is the future with these levies. If we do not accept responsibility and actually balance budgets now in the present, we will be setting a bad precedent for the future. If you think a few extra dollars a month won’t hurt; think of the local businesses that will lay off workers to pay for the massive tax hikes on their expensive buildings. Where will your teenage sons and daughters work during the summer? Where will they learn responsibility? Where will they learn integrity? If you don’t stand up and make a tough choice and do the right thing, who will be there to teach your children otherwise?

Actions have consequences, and local taxes are no different that national taxes. Taxes are always a bad thing, and you have the power to stop them. So put your money where your mouth is this election and vote NO to the Lakota Tax Levy.


There is a lot to be said about education. Education comes in many ways. We have schools, universities, books, online media and life itself as lessons. Some lessons are welcome, others are hard to take.

This week my wife and I are dog sitting. Her Auntie and uncle left their two dogs in our care, and the first day went great. The dogs were happy and seemed fine. Unfortunately yesterday evening, their little one, a pug, died.

As dog lovers it was hard for us to take. I made the phone call to her Auntie to inform her and her Uncles father stopped by to pick up the body and lay her to rest.

In hindsight, had we known more about the pug breed, we would have kept her in the house the majority of the day instead of outside with the other dogs. Every one that we have spoken to has said it wasn’t our fault and that no one could have known that she would over heat and have trouble breathing. Before she died she had spent the majority of the afternoon in the air conditioned house, and indeed had plenty of water.

I take great pride in doing things well and taking care of animals and objects in my possession. My lab/collie mix is always well fed and I constantly check that his food and water bowl are topped up throughout the day. I find it very hard to accept that a family’s dog who was only dropped off at our house 24 hours before could fall ill and die so quickly in our possession.

When the little dog started to struggle breathing we contacted her Auntie and other friends and family who know more about pugs, we found out that this was normal, that they are prone to overheating and having respiratory problems. No one seemed to worry about her and told us just to lay her next to an AC vent and let her cool down. I even put a little cold water on her and pet her to calm her down. Her breathing slowed down a little and we were assured by our family members that she would be fine after a good long rest.

I went outside to mix some cement and work on some brickwork while my wife sorted out her garage sale items from the morning, while keeping an eye on the little dog. Only a few minutes later Brooke came running outside and told me that the little pug wasn’t breathing. To my shock I found her laying stiff on the ground where I had left her. I tried to resuscitate her, but it was too late. She was dead.

My wife wanted to take her to the vet but I informed her it was too late, and that she was gone. She began crying and I dialed her Aunties number to inform her. At first she thought I was kidding, and I gravely informed her that much to our shock, she had passed away. She told us it wasn’t our fault and that it shocked her as much as it did us.

In hindsight, had we know that pugs were prone to respiratory problems and over heating, we would never have let her back outside with the other dogs that afternoon. Life’s hard lesson yesterday is that you should always educate yourself on the particular breed you are looking after.

While everyone has told us it wasn’t our fault, part of the blame will always be on us. Our ignorance was a contributing factor in her death, and that is a hard truth to swallow.

One of the other hard factors to accept is that humans themselves bred these little creatures to have these ailing features to begin with. After the fact, we learned that pugs are prone to many health problems. Wikipedia lists paragraphs to health issues attributed to pugs.

What a shame that this little dog died while in our care. We are truly sorry for her demise. Life is full of hard lessons like this.

Education comes in many forms. Sometimes we go out of our way to take on the lessons, other times the lessons come crashing into reality without invite.

Though we easily could have, my wife and I did not go to college. In hindsight, I kind of wish I had continued my education in England and gotten by bachelors degree before moving to the States. But what I realized before I moved here was that I was trying to maintain a long distance relationship, and that I needed to make money in order to pay for expensive flights twice a year, and to build savings to eventually move here. I also needed enough time each evening to talk to Brooke online and to play online multi-player games in order to have little adventures to keep our relationship alive during the months apart.

The reason for obtaining a degree in most instances is to gain a successful career and make a decent salary to support your life’s endeavors.

While it is true that many of the most successful people on the planet never went to college, the vast majority of people who do go, make more money in their lifetimes than those who do not further their education.

When I first moved here Brooke and I began working full time while living in her parents basement. While we had toyed with the idea of moving to England for our early 20’s and studying and traveling through Europe during our off time, we eventually decided to stay in the States and get our life started here. We had grand plans and wanted to buy a nice big house and live the creative lifestyle.

About a year after moving here, and once I had obtained my permanent residence card, we went on a tour of Miami University with the full intention of studying there. It was only about a 35 minute drive from her parents house and had an excellent campus and curriculum.

After we had concluded our tour and had browsed the facilities and study courses we inquired about the tuition rates. To our shock and dismay the prices were astronomical. When we returned home I began researching other universities in the area, and then began looking at online universities. To our chagrin, all of the universities in the United States, every single one of them, was far too expensive.

I’ve mentioned before in a previous article that my best friend growing up, went on to go to Cambridge University, arguably the best University on the planet, and definitely in the top five, of which the likes of Oxford, Harvard and Yale are a part of. When speaking to him last year he said his tuition was only around 3000 pounds a year (roughly $5000) and that was without a scholarship.

How is it that my best friend can go to Cambridge University for less money than the lowest ranked University’s in the States charges per term?

Well, one simple word can answer that: government.

Unfortunately for my generation, government has gotten its grubby little hands in all the pies. It ensures that loans will be given to students, and so universities, knowing that many people including myself want to obtain a better education will pay however much they charge to obtain it.

Where I differ is that I actually understand economics, and know that this bubble is unsustainable. Unfortunately in the mean time I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can get a college education, and end up in more debt than I owe on my house, while being able to make more money at my career. Or I can struggle at work, in a lower position, surrounded by people who are less intelligent that me, while knowing that I am capable of much more.

This is the conundrum that many in my age group now face. We can either go into massive debt with the off chance we’ll make more money in our careers (which isn’t guaranteed, particularly in this current economy) or we can struggle with the rest of the crowd for positions which need no more than a high school diploma, and work positions which are easier and pay less.

The only other option we face, is to create for ourselves an alternative education. We can use the tools provided to us through the internet and the great works presented through hundreds of years of study and philosophy to subsidize our lack of options elsewhere.

Our only real option is to select that which empowers us and start from there. Indeed the greatest achievers in life are the ones who never stop learning.

The only way to make any real money (without drowning in debt in the process) is to start a business. While even this has its costs, it is the only way for my generation to move forward until the college bubble collapses, and the Universities catch up to the modern form of education.

No longer are brick and mortar foundations needed for a good education. You can now learn everything you need to know online. Whether it be through online seminars, eBooks, or even YouTube videos.

Unfortunately had we known the health issues a pug faces, we could have researched this in advance online and perhaps could have prevented the tragedy which befell us yesterday.

While small businesses may be the only way for those among my generation to move forward with their lives and make a decent income, even this avenue is beginning to become blocked off.

Barack Obama and his democrat party have introduced the ‘Affordable Healthcare Act’ which is anything but affordable. Under its new rules employers must provide their employees healthcare coverage which is extremely expensive. Under the collectivist mindset, they have put the responsibility of the employees health in the hands of the business instead of in the individuals. This is a disastrous piece of legislation, and will have a huge negative impact on the economy while doing nothing to aid in the health and care of individuals within this country.

Brooke and I will never be able to hire anyone for our business while this ghastly piece of legislation is on the books.

When you couple this with the proposed internet tax, you have a formula for complete economic collapse. I wonder if the fools in Washington who vote for these pieces of legislation are really so woefully ignorant or if they are actually actively plotting to drown the US economy on purpose?

Either way, education is out there. Whether you want it or not. If you do not seek it, it will bash you over the head some day. If you choose to stay woefully ignorant, putting in just enough hours at a simple job so you can return to your home to watch TV, that is fine, but don’t be surprised when you turn 50 and you haven’t achieved much, and you don’t have enough money to support yourself and pay your medical bills when you get sick. You’ll only have yourself to blame.

For those who wish to advance their knowledge; more power to you. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn, and the more whole you will become. The most well rounded individuals on the planet are those who seek knowledge and advance themselves on a daily basis.

As for me, I will continue my education, which includes history, business, politics and philosophy as its largest support beams, and I will continue to advance myself well past where my friends have stopped past college.

While many in my age group go out and party on the weekends, my wife and I build our business, and during voting season we do all that we can to fight taxes and bad legislation. We will continue to push for the deregulation of the economy so that we and others can thrive.

I hope that whatever life throws at you, whether it be a sad death in the family, or an epiphany while reading a book, that you enjoy life to its fullest. Life is short, so learn all that you can, improve your life as best at possible, and strap yourself in for the ride. Because you only live once. So make the most of it.