Put your money where your mouth is Lakota

For all those conservatives living in Liberty Township and West Chester in Butler County Ohio, I urge you to put your money where your mouth is this November. Once again the Lakota School district is asking for another tax increase due to it’s inability, or lack of interest in balancing its budgets.

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Since West Chester and Liberty Township are predominantly conservative, you’d think it would be an easy victory against tax increases every time right? Unfortunately the answer is ‘no’. Many Republicans do not stick by their principles and are certainly not fiscally conservative.

I urge every conservative republican in the Lakota School district to put their money where their mouth is this November and vote NO to any new tax increases.

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If you think the National Government is bad, if you think that the deficit is horrendous, if you’re one of the people who is always complaining about government interference, taxation and mismanagement of budgets, then put your money where your mouth is!

If you think that whining about national government policies is going to make much of a difference; you’re dead wrong. If you think that helping to raise taxes at the local level has nothing to do with mismanagement at the federal level; you’re dead wrong.

My father in law; Rich Hoffman, has spent tireless hours slaving away at his blog posts explaining why voting for tax increases is a bad idea, and how much of the money goes toward teachers salaries and Union contracts. If you want all the finer details I urge you to read his blog posts, and do some research for yourself.

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As for me, I’ll narrow it down nice and neat; if you’re a Republican and you vote for a tax increase this election period; you’re a hypocrite! You should tear up your Republican card right now and go join the progressive Democrat Party. They love Unions, and they love your tax dollars. Or instead, you can put your money where your mouth is, vote no to tax increases and have an actual impact at the local level, which will inevitably reverberate at the national level. And if you think your kids will somehow be better off with more tax dollars going to these institutions, you’re dead wrong also. These institutions are mismanaged beyond belief, and if you just keep throwing money at them, you’ll only make them worse. Think of a future America with massive taxes, and no good place for people to go; that is the future with these levies. If we do not accept responsibility and actually balance budgets now in the present, we will be setting a bad precedent for the future. If you think a few extra dollars a month won’t hurt; think of the local businesses that will lay off workers to pay for the massive tax hikes on their expensive buildings. Where will your teenage sons and daughters work during the summer? Where will they learn responsibility? Where will they learn integrity? If you don’t stand up and make a tough choice and do the right thing, who will be there to teach your children otherwise?

Actions have consequences, and local taxes are no different that national taxes. Taxes are always a bad thing, and you have the power to stop them. So put your money where your mouth is this election and vote NO to the Lakota Tax Levy.

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

9 thoughts on “Put your money where your mouth is Lakota”

  1. Very well stated. Any increase in taxes will guarantee the Lakota branch of the NEA more money in their paycheck. Out of your pocket and into theirs. These people are totally union oriented. If you think they work so hard to pass a levy, think again. They are a union. They use your children to get what they want and what they want is more money. There are double dippers in the Lakota district that are pulling in close to $500,000.00 per couple, per year. Think about your family and vote NO! Stop giving these people more and more of your money. Few know that the Lakota branch of the NEA has written in their contract that at a minimum they receive 78% of the budget. If you think that bussing, pay to play and other needs will be the first priority, you are dead wrong. The first priority will be to negotiate a NEW and expensive contract with the OEA from Columbus. Thus it has always been and thus it will always be.

    1. Thanks for the comment. There you go folks, corruption at its finest. And to think they use your kids for their extortion; and that’s exactly what it is. The levies have nothing to do with improving the schools; they already have plenty of money to do that. They just want their paychecks at the expense of yours. What a shoddy system indeed!

  2. Teachers’ Unions are the biggest and richest unions in the U.S. And they support the Democrat Party, Progressives, Socialists, big government, and corruption. They use the money collected from teachers, who teach our kids, and use it for political purposes. Unions do not belong in the public sector, but there they are! Like it or not. Levies feed the teachers unions. Stop this nonsense at the local level. Vote NO on levies. The Union does NO good for the Lakota School District.

    1. Thanks for the input Graeme. It is these socialist unions that are rotting away the American way of life. Local school districts are duped into paying for these levies ‘for the children’. It is a very sad state of affairs, that can only be stopped by voting NO to new tax levies.

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