The Joker: another false flag?

The dust has settled a little from the tragic event in Colorado on early Friday morning.

What doesn’t add up is how calm the defendant is, and how spaced out he is. He looks like he’s under hypnosis or on drugs or something.

Also; where did he get tear gas from?

How did he manage to shoot 71 people with a semi automatic weapon, in just 1 1/2 minutes?

And how was his adrenaline not in overdrive when the police arrive?

Also, all the evidence is now destroyed at his apartment because of the controlled explosions.

And it seems that he already has a layer of lawyers.

And one more thing; why would a successful PhD student just drop out and go and do this? He doesn’t look angry, he just looks possessed.

A couple of gun owners clubs say that he had a guttural sounding voice over the phone, that sounds like someone who is possessed.

Why did the news reports say there were multiple shooters, then immediately turn around and say there was only one?

All of this is too strange and too neat to simply gloss over and say he was just psycho. I now think there was more to it.

When you consider that the UN small arms treaty is being ready to be signed soon, it seems a little too convenient to have a mass murder occur in one of the strongest supporting nation’s of firearms, right before the treaty is signed.

In other news, the only other things we heard over the weekend from the mainstream news channels, was the escalation of violence in Syria, and the prime minister of Israel; Benjamin Netanyahoo; blaming Iran immediately after the bombing in Belarus, when no evidence was even gathered, and Iran denied having anything to do with it.

When you take into consideration that the Olympics is starting in a few days in what is now highly militarized London, and the security was provided by an Israeli owned security company (which failed to hire enough security guards) everything that is going on right now seems mighty fishy.

Over the last few months I have been doing a lot of research into what has gone on in the US and the rest of the world in the last couple of decades and I can see many sickening coincidences.

It seems that 9/11 was a false flag event also, and that Israel is behind a lot of the bad things going on in the world and particularly the middle east right now. To be specific, it is the extremist faction in Israel called the Zionists, who seem to be behind everything.

Now I’m no conspiracy nut, but when you do enough research and use an analytical mindset, it isn’t hard to see the truth.

Stay vigilant, keep an eye on the mainstream news, but keep reading independent news articles and blogs. I sense a bigger plot about to happen.

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

3 thoughts on “The Joker: another false flag?”

  1. I disagree. He did not shot 71 people with just the semi automatic. The rifle locked up and jammed and he switched to his pistols then went back to rifle after jam fixed. You can purchase tear gas legally from many websites all over the world. Suppliers to police force etc…..Also he did have an adrenaline therefore exposing that he had explosives in his apartment. Had he not been nervous he would have not told the cops therefore causing more death and damage his ultimate goal. His evidence was not destroyed the uncovered his laptop and many papers from his apartment. Crazy people always get a layer of lawyers if for no less than simple publicity for the lawyers. Also he was a graduate student not a PhD holder he was going to school for a PhD and it has been discovered he failed a major component of his PhD pursuit. If you look at all the facts and not at some website or sites that spread more questions than answers then yes you will consider what you have above but if you look at the Truth then you will see this guy is just a NUT CASE that clearly had mental problems and resulted to violence to obtain attention. I say that the government should just put a bullet in his head and call a day. There is no false flag. Gun control has always been a debate. This was just a crazy disturbed person carrying out a negative act and he deserves to pay the price of death.

    1. You have some interesting points, and yes it is clear that the guy is not mentally stable. He should be tried, as he currently is, and found guilty, and the punishment should be death. The point of this article is to ask questions that the media isn’t. The media does a great job of portraying one point of view, without doing any real investigation. In an era of large government and corruption, it is up to individuals and sites such as this, to ask difficult and seemingly absurd questions. Somewhere between the mainstream media, and individual postings such as this, lies the truth. My questions are to help stop the media and government agendas in their tracks, and to ask where he really came from, what the real point of it was. And if he really was just a nut case, why is the government and media trying to push agendas because of it? Or are they just doing what Rham Emanuel said and never letting ‘a good crisis go to waste’?

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