The Revolution continues

The mainstream media claims that Mitt Romney has the GOP nomination, we are being told to pick between the lesser of two evils. Even the son of the greatest presidential candidate in history has flipped sides and decided to support the ‘presumptive nominee’ But the Revolution continues! You see, the Ron Paul Revolution is a philosophical one. It is the idea of self liberty and self determination. For much of the last one-hundred years the US population has been sidetracked into left vs right politicking, and has been left with the choice of ‘the lesser of two evils’.

I will not vote for Mitt Romney, I will not vote for him even with Rand Paul’s support. I will only vote for a man of principle, and that is Ron Paul. What is the point in voting for Obama-lite? Many of Obama’s policies and legislation are Romney inspired. Why would you go out and vote for another progressive? Why would you vote for a known flip-flopper? Why would you vote for another fraud, a snake in sheep’s clothing?

I’ve seen bumper stickers and comments that say that those who voted for Obama are idiots. Well, do you think that voting for McCain made you a saint? The John McCain who supported the bailouts, the wars of aggression in the middle east, and who co-wrote the NDAA act? Do you think that John McCain the progressive would have been much better than Obama the progressive?

All those on the left that say that those who voted for Bush (the counterfeit conservative) are idiots, do you really think that John Kerry would have been better, or Al Gore? Al Gore, the guy who sells the idea of Global Warming, and makes millions trading ‘carbon credits’.

Do you not see that the media steers you into choosing between ‘the lesser of two evils’ on a consistent basis?

When I went to the very first Tea Party in Cincinnati back in early 2009, I was impressed when a man made a speech about how he was tired of voting for ‘the lesser of two evils’. And now I see that the Tea Party, along with its supports such as Rand Paul and Glenn Beck, have abandoned their principles and are now supporting a progressive that is worse than George Bush!

Where are your principles?

Do you really think you’re going to make all that much difference when you throw your support behind a ‘chosen’ candidate who is firmly a part of the establishment? The same establishment that has given you all the rules and regulations, taxes, wars, and liberty stripping security that we now feel under the suffocating pillow of bloated government.

So I ask you, will you vote for another establishment candidate, or will you spread the word of Ron Paul? The word of liberty and the constitution. Or will you become another tool in the New World Order’s toolbox of useful idiots? Blindly believing that if you support their ‘chosen’ candidate, that you are somehow aiding the cause of freedom?

Don’t get swept up into the crowd, stand as an individual for liberty and spread the ideas of the consititution and of self worth. Don’t go along with the ‘mainstream’.

We still have time, and Ron Paul may well sweep the floor at the GOP convention in August in a similar way to how Ronald Reagan did in 1980. Soon the GOP and the democrats will realize that currently; neither have the young vote and that Ron Paul does. We want to live in a free and prosperous society, and we do not like the debt and burdens of slavery currently being handed to us.

The Ron Paul Revolution of liberty and restoring this country continues!

“An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government!” – Ron Paul

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

3 thoughts on “The Revolution continues”

  1. Here’s what’s probably going to happen. Rand may very well be the VP. He’s a young guy who could easily be the president in 2020, or even 2016. His dad paved the way for him. I am still a Ron supporter, but he’s tossing in the towel. That’s why Rand did what he did. I’d say there is some talk behind the scenes. Romney would do well to put Rand on his ticket which sets up a Rand presidency soon.

    Ron knows what he’s doing, and the country isn’t ready for his kind of objectivism. But they are starting to look in that direction. Just not fast enough.

    Yes Romney and Obama are both progressives. But Rand isn’t.

    1. Ron Paul never said he’s dropping out. Rand should have kept quiet until after the convention in August. He has already lost thousands of supporters by making that announcement last week to endorse Mitt Romney. This is the GOP’s race to lose if they shun Ron Paul at the convention. He’s still in it to win it. Rand has made himself look like a turncoat, but I find it somewhat ironic that he made that announcement last minute and without much enthusiasm right after the end of the Bilderberg meeting. The idea of death threats comes to mind? I found a picture on facebook that said it best ‘2012 The year the banks quit hiding the fact that they pick our presidents And Americans still did nothing.’ The only condolence I’ll take if Ron Paul does lose at the convention is that his philosophy will continue and we’ll continue the fight. The media has done a great job of ignoring him through this election process, and has done a great job lying about him leaving the race, but you cannot put a lid on liberty once people have had a true taste of it, and with Ron Paul you get the motherload.

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