Dual Monarchy

Is this America?

If our elections now only come down to a race between two men, two heads of state, then we already have a Dual Monarchy, and have already lost the fight for liberty.

Mrs Clinton almost won the Democrat nomination, and on having won the presidency, we would have had over twenty years of bush’s and Clinton’s in office. This was a little too obvious, and with Barack Obama, there was a large group of people who voted for him in the belief that he would bring the troops home. This clenched the democratic victory.

But what is more important than the head of state is the representatives, those on the local level and those who go to the congress and the senate. If you can find a brave man or woman in your district, who will stand up to corruption, and champion the constitution, do all in your power to elect them.

I am praying that Ron Paul wins at the RNC convention. I suggest that you contact everyone you can, and do all you can to pressure anyone you know, who is going to the convention, to support Ron Paul.

If he does not win, dark days lie ahead. Mitt Romney will not fix the problems that we face. Be ready. We are already living in a post-constitutional republic, and we have a long way to go to get it back.

Something very special, or potentially horrific will happen during the RNC convention. The eyes of the world will be watching.

The last nail is being driven into the coffin of this once great republic. I will not help drive it in there. For the next two weeks, I will do all I can to help Ron Paul get nominated. Never in our nation’s history have we needed a constitutional leader so badly.

Just a thought

Why is it, that before the GOP convention has even begun, that everywhere you go, you hear groups calling out ‘we must unite around Mitt Romney’?

Why is that? I’ve pointed out the many reasons why we shouldn’t vote for him throughout my various posts, and the many things truly wrong with this country, and the subjects we should be concentrating on. But why are we being told ahead of the game, that we should vote for this man?

Is it to quieten our questions? Is it to silence the dissent? Is it to ram through the agendas of the GOP establishment, instead of cave in to pressures from Tea Party organizations?

I think there is something very sinister behind this current movement. There may only be two weeks before the convention, and there is a chance Mitt Romney will win. But in the mean time, why shut down all debate?

Shouldn’t we be debating among ourselves on what the best policies should be, and weeding out the bad candidates? Shouldn’t we be sharpening our blades upon the questions from liberty minded people?

(The above picture is disturbing, its supposed to be thought provoking. Think about how much destruction has happened from within during these president’s terms.)

Why are we being told to ‘unite’ behind one front? What if that front is wrong? What if that front is just as bad as the one we’re fighting? What happens when people like myself quit speaking out against these infamies?

What happens if we continue to be led by blind nationalism as a countermeasure against Barack Obama’s clear destruction of the country within?

What if this is all a game to pit us against each other?

Blind nationalism is what led to the rise of the Third Reich. Germany too had traitors from within, but when you up the anti on both sides of the spectrum, you only end up with a wider war, or complete and utter conformity, with fear as its only means of control.

Think about it.

Has the Tea Party sold out?

The mainstream media has reported that Mitt Romney has picked his running mate.

But wait…

I thought you had to be the actual nominated candidate to pick a running mate?

Apparently the Tea Party is supporting the Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan ‘ticket’.

But wait, why?

Why would the Tea Party which proclaims itself to be ‘a national resource for all who support political reforms based on the core principles of limited federal government, states’ rights, balanced budgets, individual liberty, freedom and personal responsibility’ support two men who represent none of these beliefs?

So I ask the question; “has the Tea Party sold out?”

If the Tea Party actually stood by its own principles, then wouldn’t it be supporting Ron Paul right now and doing its best to force the hand of the GOP into nominating a constitutional minded patriot who believes in the very ‘core principles of limited federal government, states’ rights, balanced budgets, individual liberty, freedom and personal responsibility’ that the Tea Party claims it supports?

Ask yourself that question, and go do your own research, please turn off your TV and actually look at what’s really going on. Please look at the candidates pasts, their voting records, what they’re really about. Don’t just take the media’s word for it.

I think the Tea Party has been hijacked and steered back into the direction of big government by other means. There is a difference between blind nationalism and patriotism. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are one and the same. But we still have a chance to change this course. At the end of this month we have a chance to elect Ron Paul for the GOP nomination. I suggest that if you are a Tea Party member, that you stand up and tell the rest of your group that if you are a true patriot, you should stand behind the only candidate in the GOP against big government Romney.

If you are too afraid to stand up to the group, then you’ve already lost your freedom. It is not a comfortable position pointing out what is right when everyone else is wrong. Personally I hate having to point these things out. But Mitt Romney is not going to solve our problems against Obama, they are one and the same. But we do have a chance to put a real patriot in the white house under the GOP ticket. If you truly believe in personal liberty and all the things that the Tea Party is supposed to represent, then lets pressure everyone to get Ron Paul nominated and get him to the white house. There is still a chance! Integrity matters!

Mitt Romney secures loss in November

I just heard that Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan to be his running mate. Apparently nobody understands that he can’t pick someone unless he actually takes the nomination at the RNC convention by a vote of delegates. We are told that he will defiantly win at the convention, even though his supporters are so scared of the Ron Paul supporters that they tried to bar the delegates from Maine from coming to the event.

Another thing people don’t seem to understand (on the republican side at the very least) is that Mitt Romney is completely out of touch with almost every American.

If the republicans want to win in November, Ron Paul must be on the ticket.

Not only would Ron Paul split the ‘black vote’, but he also has the support of the veterans and the young vote, and the ‘anybody but Obama’ group. He even has a considerable chunk of the democrat vote. Ron Paul would win against Obama in a landslide. It would be the largest sweep of the states since Ronald Reagan took office.

People keep telling me ‘we need another Ron’ in reference to Reagan, and I keep telling them that they have a Ron…Ron Paul!

If Ron Paul is not on the republican ticket after the RNC convention at the end of this month, Barack Obama will win another term as president. You can take that to the bank!

If Ron Paul does not become our next president, there is a good chance our republic will end.

Please watch all the videos, and remember there is a fine line between blind nationalism and true patriotism. We need a small and limited government, and a definitive course of action directed by people who have an actual track record of doing that.

We need a true patriot in the white house, one who will stand up for the liberties of each and every one of us. And there is only one man for that job; RON PAUL!