RIP France

A couple of months ago I went to Paris with my wife and in-laws. You could feel the desperation as we walked past the homeless, the immigrants and the armed police.

I had hoped then that Marine Le Pen would win the next election. Today, sadly, the French have decided their fate.

99 years ago with the aid of the British Empire and the United States of America, France was able to hold off Germany. 72 years ago, the British Empire and the United States of America liberated France after five years of oppression from the Germans.

Today France has chosen willingly to bow to the EU and Germany while allowing its borders to be open to terrorism.

Today is a very very sad day for France.

The Titanic’s of 2012

Ben garrison is one of my favorite artists, his work spans over two decades, and in his spare time he draws out his political beliefs and posts them on GrrrGraphics. You don’t have to be a master of words to show the world how you feel. As of right now, we are facing many Titanic’s which could not only sink the ‘world economy’ but could utterly sink our once free republic. I’ll let some of his images do the talking. You can find more of his work on one of his blogs or on his main website.

Right now people are arguing about Romney this, and Obama that, while not seeing the bigger picture. This country is in a lot of trouble, and it goes far beyond the head of state.

It is important to stand up for what is right, even if you are the only one in the race.

One thing is for sure though. If enough people don’t wake up, we won’t only be peeled. We’ll be diced, mashed and eaten.

It’s time to wake up, and stand against the establishment. Whether you are an artist or a writer. Do whatever you can.

We must expose corruption, and stand up for what is right. Images such as these help us visualize exactly what is going on behind the scenes. My thanks goes out to all the artists and writers out there who are doing all they can to expose the truth.

A mixed economy will destroy itself

A mixed economy is a mixture of freedom and controls—with no principles, rules, or theories to define either. Since the introduction of controls necessitates and leads to further controls, it is an unstable, explosive mixture which, ultimately, has to repeal the controls or collapse into dictatorship. A mixed economy has no principles to define its policies, its goals, its laws—no principles to limit the power of its government. The only principle of a mixed economy—which, necessarily, has to remain unnamed and unacknowledged—is that no one’s interests are safe, everyone’s interests are on a public auction block, and anything goes for anyone who can get away with it. Such a system—or, more precisely, anti-system—breaks up a country into an ever-growing number of enemy camps, into economic groups fighting one another for self preservation in an indeterminate mixture of defense and offense, as the nature of such a jungle demands. While, politically, a mixed economy preserves the semblance of an organized society with a semblance of law and order, economically it is the equivalent of the chaos that had ruled China for centuries: a chaos of robber gangs looting—and draining—the productive elements of the country.

A mixed economy is rule by pressure groups. It is an amoral, institutionalized civil war of special interests and lobbies, all fighting to seize a momentary control of the legislative machinery, to extort some special privilege at one another’s expense by an act of government—i.e., by force. In the absence of individual rights, in the absence of any moral or legal principles, a mixed economy’s only hope to preserve its precarious semblance of order, to restrain the savage, desperately rapacious groups it itself has created, and to prevent the legalized plunder from running over into plain, unlegalized looting of all by all—is compromise; compromise on everything and in every realm—material, spiritual, intellectual—so that no group would step over the line by demanding too much and topple the whole rotted structure. If the game is to continue, nothing can be permitted to remain firm, solid, absolute, untouchable; everything (and everyone) has to be fluid, flexible, indeterminate, approximate. By what standard are anyone’s actions to be guided? By the expediency of any immediate moment.

The only danger, to a mixed economy, is any not-to-be-compromised value, virtue, or idea. The only threat is any uncompromising person, group, or movement. The only enemy is integrity. -Ayn Rand ‘The Obliteration of Capitalism”

I got home early from work yesterday and laid down for a quick power nap. I was feeling a little tired, but I was in a great mood since my wife was home, the sun was shining and it was warm outside. My dog jumped up on the bed and laid down next to me as I fell into a meditative sleep. About an hour later my wife came into the room and her phone went off. I was still sleeping, but could hear everything she was saying. I could hear and feel her getting more and more frustrated on the phone. Finally, after saying “no” several times, my wife said “you know what?” to her self, looked at the phone and clicked the red cancel button. By this point I had woken up and I asked her; “what was that all about?” Brooke explained the story to me, and basically; one of the sites that we use to advertise for our photography was calling to check our information. Brooke was very pleasant with the lady on the other end for the first couple of minutes, but the lady kept asking for our credit card information so she could update our account to a premium service. The amount was not very much, but my wife told her that we’re cutting our bills right now and we don’t need the premium service. The lady kept pushing her, and my wife kept telling her “no”. Eventually; like I said; my wife hung up the phone, and went to her hair appointment. Again; by this point I was awake, and I started thinking about something similar that had happened to my website domain provider. Being in network marketing and having various websites to run, I use one of the premium website providers to buy and keep my domain names. While checking my account the other day, I realized that I was being charged for renewing websites I no longer used. Basically, the site had put an automatic renewal on all my previous purchases. This is not something I had selected, and having used the site for several years, I knew this was a new thing, since I’ve had old domains expire in the past. Naturally I was quite irritated that I was being charged extra for things that I did not want. So I made sure to sit down and sift through all the domains and products I’ve had or used in the past, and deselect everything that was coming up for ‘automatic renewal’.

Now I must point out that the sites I’m talking about are not important, and this is not a dig at them. It is simply to illustrate how a mixed economy will destroy itself when it ceases to grow.

Right now our economy is flat-lining. Have you noticed all the cheap deals lately? All the little extra services for just $10? Have you noticed how pushy salespeople are with you on the phone, just to get an extra couple of bucks?

While the fed prints money out of thin air and the government spends our future away on all its stupid projects, while strangling growth with regulations and taxes. We the people are struggling to get by and are losing our jobs left and right.

A return to lassie-fair capitalism and libertarian principles of government, is the only way back to prosperity.

The fight for liberty will never cease and it is up to every individual to stand up and do his or her part.

Do everything you can to secure your own personal liberty. Cut down your debt, create more money for yourself through network marketing, through ebay, or whatever spikes your interest. The more independent you become, the better you will feel. And don’t let sites push you around and make you spend ‘a little extra’ unless you really want it!

Your personal capital, and your role in real capitalism will help get us out of the current ‘mixed economy’ mess. Secure your own future, and the nation will thrive.