The Titanic’s of 2012

Ben garrison is one of my favorite artists, his work spans over two decades, and in his spare time he draws out his political beliefs and posts them on GrrrGraphics. You don’t have to be a master of words to show the world how you feel. As of right now, we are facing many Titanic’s which could not only sink the ‘world economy’ but could utterly sink our once free republic. I’ll let some of his images do the talking. You can find more of his work on one of his blogs or on his main website.

Right now people are arguing about Romney this, and Obama that, while not seeing the bigger picture. This country is in a lot of trouble, and it goes far beyond the head of state.

It is important to stand up for what is right, even if you are the only one in the race.

One thing is for sure though. If enough people don’t wake up, we won’t only be peeled. We’ll be diced, mashed and eaten.

It’s time to wake up, and stand against the establishment. Whether you are an artist or a writer. Do whatever you can.

We must expose corruption, and stand up for what is right. Images such as these help us visualize exactly what is going on behind the scenes. My thanks goes out to all the artists and writers out there who are doing all they can to expose the truth.

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

3 thoughts on “The Titanic’s of 2012”

  1. Thank you for posting my cartoons. I have not had a chance to draw many lately, but there’s never a shortage of ideas. I will draw more when I have time. You are right–everyone can do something to speak out against the police state that is unfolding. It’s our duty as Americans! –Ben Garrison

    1. You are very welcome. Life can get busy, but when we have a spare moment it is important to express our feelings. I always look forward to your next drawing, keep up the good work!

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