The future of war and peace

The United States currently has the strongest air force in the world. It maintains its superpower status by maintaining its fleet.

Before the US gained air superiority. Britain had the stongest Navy in the world, and its fleet of battleships ruled the seas, maintaining Britain’s supremacy as the worlds formost superpower.

But nation’s do not stay powerful for long. Not when they have become collectivist at heart, and loot their general populace.

The United States, while having the strongest millitary, also has the largest spending. The US spends more on defence, than the next fifteen countries combined!

If standing armies were the badge of a superpower before navies, and airforces are the current standard. Wouldn’t you suppose that the next step would be the domination of space?

We currently have hundreds of satilites revolving around the earth. Many of these are capable of capturing images from countries the world over, and reporting back the going’s on, in great detail.

The next step in superiority is space, not in an airforce, which requries a great deal of fuel to keep going.

The deal we currently have with China is dangerous. We do ship our jobs over seas. But it is worse than that. Our fine young minds are unable to expand their thoughts and ideas due to heavy government regulations and red tape.

The country that once embraced and produced new technologies, now ships them over seas at the blink of and eye.

There are vultures throughout government, who are more interested in making a quick buck, and looting the general populace, than of streamlining the inventing and producing process through simpler laws and regulations.

This nation’s wealth is tied to its inventors and producers. It’s debt and hardships are tied to its vultures in government and corrupt corporations in bed with these parasites.

A nation cannot sustain a war effort without an economy to produce its arms, and keep its armies supplied.

This nation’s economy is crumbling, and thus, our war capacity is failing. The traitors in government are selling this country down the river with every new peice of strangling legislation and tax increase, and every new expansion of war funding and sanction signing. To create more wars when we have a failing economy, is not only immoral, but dangerous to our very way of life.

The future of warfare lies in new technology, and can only be produced by the great minds of the world. The inventors and producers must be allowed to thrive within our borders, or else they will go elsewhere or simply shrug and not produce.

Our real defense of this nation lies within the individual, with his ability to defend himself, his family, and his neighbors with his shotgun and pistol, and assault rifle if necessary. It is not up to the traitors who want to ban guns and ammo, and leave the country open to invasion.

We have traitors in our midst, who would leave us naked and exposed to rouge regimes of the world. Those who wish us to give up our guns, wish us to not only give up our liberties and safeguards for freedom and way of life, but to leave us exposed to the rouge elements of our own society, and to the pariah regimes of the world.

Our armies are stretched thin throughout the world. The war mongers are beating the drums for more wars. Our debt is spiraling out of control, and the traitors are asking us to give up our last line of defense.

The future of war, and of peace, lies at home with the individual. And if attacked, those individuals can rise up and defend their nation.

There is a movie from 1955 ‘the dam busters‘, that depicts Barnes Wallis who invented ‘the bouncing bomb‘ that took out two huge damns on the Ruhr in Germany, slashing their capacity to make steel by two thirds. This wreaked more havoc on the German war machine, than the entire air force could on a string of factories.

Wars are won by individuals. Not only their leaders in their armies, but by the  inventors who create new technologies, or simply refine old ones, to suit the new problems in war.

Watch the skies, and keep an eye on China, they have amassed wealth at our disposal, and we have allowed the traitors in this country to let it happen.

We need to reduce the deficit, bring the troops home to slash the defense bill, and concentrate on rebuilding ourselves from within.

The future of war and of peace lies in our hands, and ours alone.