It’s all about trying to do the right thing

It’s been quite a journey.

I became a US citizen five years ago. Back when I first became a permanent resident, one of the first things I did was go out and buy a firearm. As a legal US resident I was allowed to buy one provided I give six months of utility bills to prove that I had been living at the same address for that time.

I was so proud to buy that first handgun. In my home country I would never have even been allowed to look at a handgun, let alone buy, own and legally shoot one.

A few years later when I became eligible, I jumped on the opportunity to become a citizen. I was in love with America and everything about it.

Like many I was not happy with the Obama administration and assumed the republicans would pick a good candidate to beat him during the election.

Around the time I took my oath of allegiance I started this blog site. I was young, stary eyed, full of hopes, dreams and dedication towards what I thought was right.

As the election process wore on in 2012 I became weary and bitter. I felt like the system was rigged. As a newly minted US citizen I felt cheated and resolved to read through the various alternative news outlets, which often dealt with conspiracy theories.

After another victory for Barack Obama, I felt disheartened, but comforted myself with the push-back against the Democrats and their liberal agenda.

I went through a libertarian phase and read more into the constitution. I wrote lots of articles on here and did everything that I thought was right.

After buying my own house and living out my very own American dream, everything seemed to collapse in on me mentally.

I’ve worked it all out in my head now, but I fell into a depression for a while. I became homesick and I questioned everything I had done up until that point.

It’s not easy pursuing truth. I admire those like Alex Jones who put themselves out there only to be ridiculed. Sure Alex is a little out there, but he’s an honest guy who is doing what he feels is right for his country.

Now that President Trump is in office and America is starting to get more of its forward thinking spirit back, I feel good about the choices I’ve made.

It’s a long road and we all must do what we feel is right in the moment. You have to pick your fights, stand your ground, let you voice be heard. You can always change your mind later. That’s not a lack of integrity. That’s called wisdom and being true to the life experiences that shape you.

Read your books, read real news (not mainstream BS) and spend time with your family. The American dream is ever evolving and it is up to each of us to ensure it is passed on to the next generation, bigger and better and stronger than ever before.

As our president always says, Make America Great Again!

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

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