Actions speak louder than words

It is quite amazing and down right frightening how well the media is controlled by the Clinton agenda. The fact that so many ‘news’ organizations can focus so narrowly on some potty mouth locker room talk, while blatantly ignoring the criminal activities of the Clintons is astounding.

The question then, goes to the American people. What would you rather have? Trumps talk or Clinton’s corruption?

Personally I’d rather have a successful self made billionaire with a potty mouth as president, rather than a corrupt special interest controlled serial liar.

Have you never said anything stupid? Have you never said anything you regret? Have you never bragged to your buddies about something?

Trumps comments were inappropriate and rude, but they are insignificant to Hillary’s lies and corruption.

Ask yourself this: why is the media focusing so hard on trivial potty language from Trump and not on treasonous activities from Hillary?


The contrast is overwhelming and the bias from the media is deceitful and dangerous.

If Hillary has this much control over the media now, just imagine her as president. Imagine her supreme court picks, imagine your children’s future under her executive orders.

Now picture the rude businessman and his lewd comments, but also his trade deals, tax cuts and constitutional supreme court picks.

Does the picture not get a little clearer? The choice is yours to make.

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

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