Obama is the joke of the world

As the Russian military prepares a full scale invasion of the Ukraine, President Barack Obama issues a weak response to the occupation of the Crimea by Vladimir Putin’s forces.

Barack Obama’s polls are down at home, our economy is going sour, and there are many signs that it is about to crash. His healthcare bill is a complete disaster, our debt is at astronomical new highs, and he continues to spread more money for failed social programs while publicly announcing cuts to our military.

obama joke 2

All this comes on top of scandal after sandal by his administration; Benghazi, fast and furious, the NSA spying on everyone, the IRS auditing conservative competitors. Mr Obama is no longer the darling of the left, nor of the world, who were practically at his feet when he took office.

Even in Germany where he was loved as a senator before his election, there are now graphics depicting him as the Stasi.

obama joke 1

Vladimir Putin, who is a cold calculating ex KGB operative, has now ponced on this weakness, and is preparing to retake what he sees as his in the Ukraine. The world is watching as our weak and foolish president sits back and does nothing, except issue empty rhetoric; symbolic of his entire term as president.

What a shame for this country that the first black president of the United States will be remembered not for the content of his character, but for the color of his skin. He has proved himself once and for all to be completely incompetent, and he has seriously weakened our nation, both at home and abroad.

While Russia’s Putin calculates war in the Ukraine, President Obama and Vice President Biden jog around the white house, while Michelle Obama gets ready to star in a sitcom. These people are so far removed from reality it is astounding.

I pray for the people in the Ukraine, and for the stability here at home over the coming weeks. Barack Obama is surely the joke of the world.

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

5 thoughts on “Obama is the joke of the world”

  1. Everything is moving according to the plans made in the 1960’s by the leftist groups that were hell bent on burning our cities to the ground. Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson, Bill Ayers (Weather Underground), Communist Party USA (which has a huge black contingency in Chicago and Hollywood – McCarthy was right), Harry Belafonte, Angela Davis, the union leaders, the abortion movement, the GLBT agenda, and on and on have been taking over our universities for all these years. Harvard is no longer an institution of higher learning. It has become a Communist stronghold and people like Cornell West have taken over many of our formerly prestigious universities. I urge people to read everything that David Horowitz writes. He was one of them, but is now exposing them for what they are – militant Communists with the goal of destroying our Republic. Murder means nothing to these people. They are criminals and have always been criminals.

    1. You know, you’ve been writing comments like this for a while now…and it’s really starting to sink in for me. Everywhere I look I see evidence of it. Did you enjoy the communist awards last night?

  2. I’m really sick of the media giving themselves awards every week. All of them seem to be craving attention any way that they can get it. Ms. Degeneres makes me sick. I have never found her funny and she really made a fool of her/hisself last night. I really can’t stomach much of that show. Those people have zero class. They get dressed and jeweled as though they are kings and queens (some are) and then prove they are fools. I’m sure not one of them would get a part if they did not toe the “party” line.

    1. Some very interesting observations. It’s funny that many of the highest grossing films of the year didn’t even get a mention, yet all the movies ‘toeing the line’ got all the applause.

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