I don’t want weak conservatives

Britain is failing. It’s empire is gone, and the country is mired in socialism.

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My mother received a letter from my grandmother a few days ago and in it she wrote that “everyone is starting to think you made the right decision moving to America. Energy prices and the cost of living has gone up so much here, and everyone is struggling to get by”

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My grandparents are now well into their 70’s, they grew up during the second world war, and witnessed the bombing of Canterbury during the blitz. During their lifetimes they have witnessed their country bombed and broken, only to be ravaged by socialism during times of peace. When they were my age Britain still had an empire, but one country after another they left the empire as Britain went deeper into debt to pay its war bills, and to fund its misguided socialized industries. By the 1970’s when they had grown children of their own, Britain was in deep decline.

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By the time I was born in 1987, Britain was beginning to raise the lion’s roar once more. Margaret Thatcher was in power, and many of the failing socialized industries had been privatized to great success. For eighteen golden years Britain was swinging back with a fury. The Thatcher and Major conservative governments had well and truly put Britain back on track, and had its finances well in order.

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Then came the Labour years. Tony Blair promised change, he sought to put right the wrongs of conservatism, and give everyone a fair chance. It all sounded great, and my parents were among those who voted for him. My grandparents now had a string of grandchildren, and the country was still doing very well, despite now having given up Hong Kong; it’s last truly valuable territory.

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For those who don’t know; the Labour party is socialist. During the thirteen Blair and Brown years, hundreds of bans came into effect, and taxes were raised. Gas became ever more expensive, and house prices shot through the roof. During Gordon Brown’s short tenure, EU treaties were signed and the economy crashed. Red Ed Milliband, introduced ‘green taxes’ and energy prices soared.

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Now there is a coalition between the liberal democrats and the conservatives, and things are not much better. The problem is that the conservatives are not conservative enough. David Cameron is no Margaret Thatcher; not even close.

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They waffle on important issues, and don’t stick up for conservative principles when challenged. David Cameron refers to himself as a ‘liberal conservative’ which is why the country continues to have problems.

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The US has problems with Mexicans crossing the boarder. Britain has problems with Polish immigrants legally flooding the country due to EU regulations. The issues that Margaret Thatcher warned the country about in the 1980’s have become reality. Britain has lost its sovereignty, and it has no leaders with enough back bone to make a difference.

weak 6

To make matters worse, socialist ideals have been so thoroughly implanted into the education system that even my best friend, who attended Cambridge, and whose parents are conservative, now believes that global warming is real, the National Health Service is great, that Americans should have this ‘free healthcare’ and that guns should be banned. You can imagine how upset I was to hear him say all that.

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So Britain is now swinging back toward decline. And my grandparents have lived to see their grandchildren struggle to find places to live, while two of their grandchildren have sought a better life in America, where their daughter and her husband now join them.

As for living here in the US. I’ve now been a citizen for almost two years. It feels longer. I attend Tea Party meetings, and study the constitution. I’m more radical than most rednecks, at least as far as the liberals are concerned.

weak 12

It upset many of my conservative friends deeply when I refused to vote for Romney last year during my first election. The reason I give is fairly simple. I don’t want weak conservatives. I didn’t think Romney gave enough for me to vote for. The same way that John McCain has in recent months shown that he is a progressive liberal at heart.

I don’t want this country to go down the same way Britain has. I don’t want Common Core, I don’t want Agenda 21. I don’t want the Small Arms ban. I don’t want any of this socialist crap which has all but poisoned and destroyed my once great homeland.

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I often think about moving back to Britain, about owning a little cottage somewhere in the countryside, and walking my kids down to the local school. I know my wife would love them to have little English accents. But that is just a pipe dream. With as hard as I work, with all that I do, I could not even give them that, because the country is now drowning in socialism. I wouldn’t be able to afford even a small house with average house prices being 173,000 pounds ($250,000) and I wouldn’t want to send them to schools that teach about global warming and the European Union.

weak 11

I don’t even want to send my kids to American schools, for the same reasons. But I can and do own a house. Just this weekend my wife and I bought some more trees for our property. We will make our house a haven for learning and creativity. Our Nieces, Nephews and children of our own will have a place where they can learn true history, true economics, and have a place to express themselves without the prying eyes of the outside world.

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I want to live in a place like this. I will build a place like this, and I will vote for true conservatives, for true libertarians, for those who truly understand the free market, who understand true freedom. I will not settle. Because there are destroyers out there, and they work at different paces, but they are eating up the world, and I refuse to vote for any of them.

I will build my own safe haven, I will provide the best future I can for my kids, I will remember what has happened to Britain, and I will not let it happen here. I will only vote for politicians who stand on principle, who stand up for the silent majority, who stand up for individual rights, who understand and defend the constitution. I want strong leaders who aren’t afraid to stand up and fight, even if it means doing so on their own. I want leaders who are willing to stand up and filibuster for hours if necessary to make a point, to be heard, to make sure that this nation doesn’t go down without a fight. The more we vote in true conservatives, true libertarians, true constitutionalists, the better off this country will be, and perhaps it can continue to shine as the bright beacon of hope for the world.

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Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

14 thoughts on “I don’t want weak conservatives”

  1. This is your very best post ever. You tore my heart out! Our nation is truly on the decline and seems to be falling for the lies of the charlatons of the left. Hope and change to what? There is no hope and never has been for Communism/Socialism. You nailed every point with the best of the best. Keep up the good work. Every point was made from your own family. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Your comment’s mean a lot to me. I’m so very glad there are people like yourself, Cyd and Rich out there, not afraid to speak their minds and to convey the truth. Somewhere along the line Britain lost its voice and lost it’s way. But here things, as bad as they are, are still possible, and there is a certain American spirit which refuses be crushed.

  2. So true . . . some of us will fight to death. We are determined to save our nation from the evil slobs that want to destroy this last great beacon of hope. This is still the nation that the worlds downtrodden hope to immigrate. The latest Gallop poll gives the numbers.

    1. That is why it will survive, because many of those who were born here are willing to die to defend it, and those who emigrate here will not compromise, because they have come from cultures that are already bent and broken. My very first visit was to meet a girl I had met online. Within 24 hours of being in this country I was not only in love with my future wife, but the country itself. My journey has been one of discovery, and I’m more in love with the idea of America than what it actually is. I believe it still can be what the founders had envisioned, and I aim to be one of those who makes it a reality, just as immigrants of the past did.

  3. Yes we do tend to believe in what our founders fought to create. I keep remembering that only 20% fought for our freedom. The loyalists did hang in with King George – no matter what. HRH Obamanation does have the 40% that won’t ever leave him. He can tell one lie after another. It won’t matter to those that are receiving the handouts. When the economy totally crashes will be when they will feel the pain. At that time the FEMA camps will be open for business. Soup lines and all the other fringe benefits.

  4. Major change to occur peacefully happens incrementally, See what progressives have done since Wilson.
    Romney would have been a small step in the right direction!!

    1. Romney was a flop, but I like what I’m seeing at local and state levels. There are a lot of good candidates being putting up. When Barack Obama was first elected, we’d never even heard of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Now we’re hearing calls for their election as president in 2016!

  5. Yes, one baby step at a time they have effected “change.” The sheeple were sleeping. Well, some of us are trying to wake them up before the wolves eat them alive.

  6. Our two biggest opponents are: 1) the media, and 2) public schools. I can’t decide which is worse. Our biggest chance for change is in education. The media are “all in” for socialism and I don’t expect that will change for decades, no matter how the country feels.

    1. I think they’re as bad as each other, both are dictated by the socialist narrative. The alternative media will overshadow the ‘mainstream media’ by the end of the decade, but it will take more effort to change the dialog with public schools.

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