The Tea Party is winning

Contrary to what the mainstream media would have you believe, the Tea Party is not only alive and well, but is actually winning elections!

On Tuesday the West Chester Tea Party backed candidate Mark Welch became the newest trustee for the township. He now joins George Lang as the second Tea Party backed candidate, right in House speaker John Boehner’s back yard. The Tea Party now has a majority vote in the Township, and this will send shock waves throughout the republican establishment.

The days of RINO republicans are over. The Tea Parties are putting more and more pressure on local and state candidates, and are even beginning to sweep through Washington with candidates such as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

tea party 2

Despite what the mainstream media would have you believe, these Tea Parties are thriving, and are pushing issues on local ballots to dramatically change this nation back to the way it should be; free and independent.

Fake conservatives on local radio stations who use the progressive and derogatory liberal term ‘tea bagger’ to attack local freedom activists are beginning to lose their voices to a vacuum, and eventually they will be drowned out completely. Gone are the times of progressive republicans and weak flip flop principles. The earth is moving beneath the republican establishment, and the more they point fingers, the more they call us ‘wacko birds’ and ‘dangerous’ the more you know that we’re having an effect on them.

tea party 1

If you want to learn more about your local Tea Party, just get on Google or Facebook and search for them, and with any luck, you’ll be able to stop by their next local event.

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

8 thoughts on “The Tea Party is winning”

  1. “West Chester Tea Party backed candidate Mark Welch”? Backed how? The membership might have voted for Mark. Some of the campaign team were Tea Party attendees/members but other than the candidate forum, which included all candidates and a last minute Nov 4th post from Ann Becker, I didn’t see much support.

    1. The West Chester Tea Party held the debate, handed out yard signs for Welch and King, and on the night before the election a voice message was sent out suggesting that members vote for Welch and King, and to vote against the tax levy. That’s plenty of support.

      1. 90+ percent of the Welch signs were placed by about a half dozen people active in his campaign. There was no mention of of Mark Welch or Matt King on the WCTP website until the Oct 5th announcement for the candidate forum on Nov 15th (10 days). The only other mention of Mark Welch on their website was made less just hours before the polls opened. Two mentions (and one has been deleted already).
        I would expect 100% of the WCTP members would vote for Matt and Mark without a voice message…it was the other 25k people that voted that needed to be reached.
        If the West Chester Tea Party was the deciding factor, and Mark Welch is the proof of “Plenty of Support”, then Matt King should have at least beat Democrat Stoker.

      2. Matt King and Mark Welch split the vote. That’s why Wong got back in. Even with all of Stoker’s influence she was still ousted. I said the tea party backed the candidates, not spoon fed them to the community. Most people still think the tea party are a bunch of radicals.

  2. Impossible for two people to split the vote when we had two votes to cast. If there was a split it would have had to have been between Wong, Welch and King. Matt King lost that split and had more Tea Party support than Welch.

    It’s great that the TP leaders reached out to their membership (albeit rather late IMHO) however, the low information voters, non-Tea Party voters were the people that needed targeted. You need boot’s on the ground for that, if that’s “spoon feeding” then it seems to have been the difference, not the Tea Party. I spoon fed my precinct till my feet hurt and the results of that were reflected in Welch’s polling numbers.

    1. The Tea Party could have made more noise, but they have a lot of enemies, and decided to play it quietly. All four candidates split the pie pretty evenly. That’s what I meant by splitting the vote.

      The Tea Party does a lot behind the scenes, and Welch is a regular attender of the meetings, as is George Lang. Both are backed by the Tea Party, and that is my point. Could the WCTP done more? Sure, of course they could have, that’s possible in any race. But like I said before, they did hold a debate, they did hand out signs. And one of the Tea Party backed candidates did win. In an area which is doing well in a down economy, beating two incumbents is a tough challenge. I’m glad the worst one was knocked out.

      1. That is a new scheme that hasn’t really gone into affect yet. If you have issues with how the Tea Party is operating, attend the meetings and bring up your issues and ideas. We need more passionate people. The Tea Parties are winning small victories, but could win a whole lot more with additional support.

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