Impeach Obama now!

Now is the time to impeach president Obama.

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President Barack Hussein Obama is ‘pondering’ strikes on Syria, without even consulting congress. No president of the United States is allowed to declare war or strike another nation without congressional approval or declaration of war by the senate. Since the United States is under no ‘imminent threat’ by Syria, there can be no legal course of action taken against this sovereign nation.

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Barack Obama now has a string of allegations and scandal’s against him, many of which are impeachable.

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The utter hypocrisy by this president is palpable. During his campaign speeches for president, he derided George W Bush for his invasion of Iraq. And yet here we stand today with Obama having racked up his own set of war crimes.

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President Obama is a clear and present threat to this nation. His government’s policy of reckless spending has this country on the verge of complete monetary collapse. His complete mismanagement of the country and forcing of the healthcare mandate is suffocating this once prosperous nation.

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President Obama’s ‘pondering’ of a limited strike on Syria is not only unconstitutional, it is delusional stupidity. This one act could spark a chain reaction which brings about the start of World War III. This man’s erratic and derisive behavior threatens our very way of life, and will throw this country into oblivion if left unchecked.

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No president is allowed to sign multiple executive orders and declare wars without the approval of congress and without the use of the separation of powers.

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Mr Obama has made himself into a king figure, this is totally unacceptable and completely against what the revolutionary war was fought for.

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In order to preserve our constitution and our way of life, and to show as an example to new presidents in office, the time to impeach president Obama is now!

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Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

6 thoughts on “Impeach Obama now!”

  1. Short and sweet my libertarian friend. I bet you think I’m for war. I am not. I am less for touting then walking away and the consequences that move makes. I like your thought process for the moment. It’s correct. Long term? Before hand? Poking the viper in the eye? What happens when you not only cross the line in the sand (verbally) but then erase the sand with a friends foot? Not even that! There’s so much wrong with the unintended consequences. Leave Ron Paul behind please. I understand your youth but just regard the mouthy threat. Line just a passing phase like the irs and tea parties? What happens when you poke the viper then run? I know that answer. Do you?
    Again, please…this is NOT about whether we’re in or out. It’s the narrative…you might say. Ask a general. Are we left flapping in the breeze? No not really. There’s nothing left after that piece of shit showing. The succession of events must be clearer than ever.
    A pull back on Syria won’t change the course.

    1. Not really sure what you mean by that comment. Leaving Ron Paul behind? He’s retired now, but his message lives on. His son is now in the game. Lines in the sand? Poking the viper? Are you referring to my allegiance? When it comes down to it; I believe in liberty, freedom for all, and capitalism. I swore an oath to defend the constitution, I’ll take on anybody who I perceive to be a threat to that. As for my youth…it’s my generation that has to make the difference, I’m one of those leading the charge, and this is uncharted territory. I look to the founding fathers and critical thinking to lead the way. That is full of dips and turns, you’ll have to excuse the volatility and understand freedom and a future is our goal.

  2. Sorry bout that. I knew when I wrote it that my blackened brain and attention span of a paper clip was coming thru.
    I’ll make my thoughts more cohesive to your response later today.
    I respect you more than you know and I came off wrong. Disregard my post. I have a point that I will make later. You have wisdom beyond your years and it IS your charge to lead others to freedom. There’s another issue that in your ferver, you dismiss.
    Your “volitility” is fine. Remember, I’m already a son of a bitch and terrorist by my government so ….sticks and stones. Your nothing if not consistant. Your convictions are admirable, but not everything is so clear cut.

    1. Yeah, nothing is clear cut, especially not in politics. When I started this blog I considered myself conservative, but as time went on I found myself disillusioned with the Republican party and found myself agreeing with libertarian viewpoints. I want to win though. I want a real chance at restoring the constitution. While I love the idea of a libertarian/capitalist utopia like Galt’s Gulch from Atlas Shrugged, I realize that is a long way off. Right now our best chance is to have libertarian/constitutionalists infiltrate and guide the Republican party back to its roots. It’s a long road we’re traveling down and no one election will determine our fates. This is going to take a lot of effort for a lot of years to make a real difference, and for the truth to come out there will be a lot of ups and downs, and back and forth. Right now we’re just hashing out ideas in the battlefields of our minds.

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