Watering my trees in Liberty

One month ago my wife and I purchased our first house. We had spent a long time looking at houses all over the Cincinnati area. We looked at every area of the City all the way out to the country, from Kenwood to Fairfield, from Mason to West Chester, we looked all over.

township 3

We finally decided on Liberty Township, which is where most of my wife’s family live. At first we wanted to live some place different, we wanted to be independent and get our lives started in our own way. For almost three years we rented a town-home in Fairfield, and enjoyed every minute of it. But the thought of owning our own land and living in a nice area where we could raise kids, all roads pointed toward Liberty Township.

township 1

As my father in law has pointed out in some of his previous posts, Liberty Township does not have a police department, since it doesn’t need it. Just about everyone around here owns at least one firearm, and everyone is too proud of their self worth and their own property to even think about such a petty act as stealing from one another. Another thing about the Township is that there are no city taxes. The only drawback is that the school district constantly asks for more tax levies, but as many of you know, they are soundly defeated year after year because they already have plenty of money, and residents like my father-in-law are quick to point this out whenever the issue arises.


Liberty Township is a thriving community, full of farms and new sub divisions. We were lucky to find a slightly older home in an established area of the Township, and we now raise our spirit of 76 flag in honor of the founding fathers and their ideals. The guidance of the constitution is needed in these dark days of big government, and our house now stands as a shining symbol of rebellion and pride against the corrosive nature of over extended bureaucracy.

township 2

Even though the federal government continues to over reach, on a local level efforts in particular from the Tea Party organizations have managed to keep taxes in check, and have allowed for new shopping complexes to be designed. The new shopping complex that will be built in Liberty Township starting at the end of this year will be called Liberty Center.

township 4

What an amazing construction from the imagination Liberty Center will be. I have been to many great shopping centers all over the world, from Canary Wharf in London, to Mall of America in Minneapolis, and I can tell you, from what I’ve seen from the virtual tour, Liberty Center will be the best shopping center on the planet if it becomes anything like the video found in the link below.


Living in Liberty Township suits me very well, just like driving a Jeep Patriot. I picked the car and the area to live in for a reason. Both having meaning to me in more than just an economical sense. The patriot emboldens my ideals and personality, and Liberty Township mirrors my convictions.


I was very proud working on fixing up my yard when we first moved in, and I took great pleasure in planting the tree than my in-laws had been saving for us for the last three years. While I’m watering my trees in Liberty Township, I’m always watering the tree of Liberty on this blog and my Facebook page, from your comments that are left on here each week I can see that you are too.


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Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

7 thoughts on “Watering my trees in Liberty”

      1. Did you buy it from Bob and Yvonne Shelly? We lived down the street for almost 30 years. We sold ours to a young couple who then sold it again. We have many memories from that home and Liberty Township.

      2. No, the person we bought it from lives out west, we didn’t have any real contact with her except through attorneys. The house has been completely renovated on the inside. I can see why you had such good memories, the land out here is beautiful. Our mortgage guy called Liberty Township “God’s Country” and you can really see it as you drive up and down the winding roads.

  1. Bob and I were rivals from 2002 through 2005. Small………………..small world. You have to be kidding.

    Well, now that is a story.

    Bob used to be a Liberty Township trustee with Dave Kern.

    Well, you guys have done wonderful things with it. I’m glad you’re there. It’s like Fort Duquesne being taken by American troops and being switched over to Fort Pitt.

  2. Gorgeous…. and close to your Father-in-Law?? Kidding. Just giving tkr some grief.
    Your first paragraph tells of the man. That’s hugely important. Spine. Live where you want, always.
    That’s one big home…and very traditional. Brick rules.
    It suits you both and makes me smile. May you both have joy and bliss like my husband and I have endured.
    Love hard.
    God Bless America!

    1. Yeah, Brooke gets to live close to mummy and daddy =P

      I meant to reply to this months ago but got side tracked…and every time I thought about it, I got sidetracked some more. I guess that’s how life goes. I’ve been busy painting and landscaping around the house. We did lose two trees after moving in, but planted eight more to make up for it. We’re still loving the place, and adding furniture as we go. Thanks for the good wishes! And yes; God Bless America!

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