Fascism is already here

I watched an interview with Jessie Ventura earlier about fascism on our doorstep, which reiterated my point of view from earlier last year that the US has slipped into fascism.

Please watch this documentary, and realize that both political parties are to blame, and that the federal government now enforces a merging of corporations and the state, instead of our fundamental freedoms and rights.

The fight back comes with knowledge and know how. Watch these documentaries, read blogs, read your constitution, and join groups and organizations that share your concerns. We will restore this nation one brick at a time.

liberty 2

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

One thought on “Fascism is already here”

  1. A book I suggest to read is: The plot To Seize The White House , by Jules Archer. When a plot was in progress by those with sympathy with Hitler. To replace Roosevelt , they attempted to recruit Major General of marines. He was an American hero in evrey way. He with a journalist gathered information on the plotters. They exposed the plotters , but they were not brought to justice. Those involved , the company’s are still much a name in the U S A now. The Fascist are still about there work.today not just in the U S A , but in the U K and others right now. . .

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