God bless Texas

Texas is currently leading the charge on seceding from the union.

All 50 states now have petitions on the White House website, and several already have the 25,000 signatures they need for an official response.

Judge Andrew Nepolitano weighs in on the legalities of Texas leaving the Union:

Succession is not unpatriotic, Dr Ron Paul explains why:

In these troubled times where the federal government has far too much power over our daily lives, it is healthy to question it, and even to rebel peacefully through petitions and protests. Our nation has now reached a tipping point and it must face its issues head on.

Don’t you think we’d be better off if all the states succeeded and then resumed the union without Washington DC or the federal government?

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

2 thoughts on “God bless Texas”

  1. We are breathlessy waiting for exiting things to happen! A great idea…worthy of fighting (by pen&mouth) and voting for! The federal union of american states…like Europe before and after..Would there be free circulation of goods money and humans? Just speculating on it will make everybody wake up…or at least some..from the American nightmare…So go for it:
    occupy your state!

  2. I am appalled and dismayed with the current track our government is on.

    I believe that the TARP I or II has been and is a handout for the wealthy and that bankruptcy is good for those at the top as well as for those us at the bottom of the socioeco ladder.

    What a messy joke the POrkulus bill is. More handouts to quell the masses for a time and Pet porky projects for those officials seeking re-election.

    Last but not least of all is that NO ONE will be held accountable for the BILLIONS of dollars that honest investors lost.
    WHO will give them justice?

    I close with the Fraud in lending of sub-prime mortgages, WHO will stand and be counted for that mess? And now the White House wants to do something?

    God help US! “Unite or DIE”

    Keep up the good fight MR. Beck and your staff! And the Fox News Staff.

    Frightened to be an American,

    I WROTE THIS IN 2009

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