Quiz time!

I recently took this quiz about who I am most sided with for president:


My results were a little surprising; I was 91% libertarian (which I expected to be high) 85% democratic (which I did not expect at all) 79% green, and 28% republican (which I expected to be a lot higher).

As for the president, my answers lined up 100% with Gary Johnson, 99% with Ron Paul, 87% with Virgil Goode, 41% with Mitt Romney, and 27% with Barack Obama.

You can view my full results here: http://www.isidewith.com/results/59240306

Who do you side with? Your answers and results might surprise you!

Take the quiz and post your results link in the comment section below!

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Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

10 thoughts on “Quiz time!”

  1. 92% Republican 31% Libertarian 28% Green and 3% Democratic — must have been the stem cell question.

    I took all the extra questions, which I think paint the picture with more data.

      1. You know how I feel about drugs, so that’s why my Libertarian count is so low. There were a lot of drug questions that were specific to the Libertarian view. I don’t think the government should have ever been in the DEA business to start with, but now that they are, I don’t want to see and smell pot everywhere I go. And the moment drugs are legalized, society will go through the rebellious period of indulging in it to a very perilous effect.

      2. I can’t stand any kind of drugs. But depending on where you go, you can currently smell pot all over the place. Half of the US population uses or has used it in the past. We now have the highest incarceration rate on the planet, half of which are drug users and have never committed a violent crime. My answer was to tax it and regulate it. I do not want to see people walking about doing it, they should be fined for doing so. Fact is that we’ve spent over 1 trillion dollars on the drug war, and all its created is a bloody mess and criminal organizations. I think the libertarian movement is far beyond drugs though. I’m for a non-interventionist foreign policy also. Our current spending on military equipment surpasses the next 15 countries combined, and our recklessness in the middle east has multiplied our enemies. We have hundreds of bases spread throughout the world and our defenses at home grow weaker every year. Funny thing is though, I voted against almost every government program on the test, and I still went high on the democrat side. Perhaps I’m more ‘classic liberal’, though I don’t understand why I scored so low on the republican side. The rebellious period is coming no matter what happens, because there have been too many programs set in place by government. Which might explain why the department of homeland security has bought over a billion rounds of ammunition in recent months. Either way we’re in for a rocky road ahead.

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