There’s no news like bad news

In the movie Tomorrow Never Dies, Elliot Carver says that ‘there’s no news like bad news’

In the movie Carver is a billionaire international media mogul of the German-based mass media company, the Carver Media Group. He frequently uses his influence to gain an advantage for his firm or wreak havoc on opponents. Moreover, CMG doesn’t merely report the news – it creates it; CMGN is the first to report on scandals and disasters because it causes them to happen.

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) is the eighteenth spy film in the James Bond series. It follows Bond as he tries to stop a media mogul from engineering world events and starting World War III.

During the film: Media baron Elliot Carver, head of the Carver Media Group Network (CMGN), begins his plans to use the encoder to provoke war between China and the United Kingdom, which would replace the Chinese government with one more supportive to Carver’s plans of exclusive broadcast rights.

Think about the actions going on in the media right now, and how bias is used to shape our current world events. From the invasion of Iraq, to the current presidential nominations in the republican party. Also consider where we are today from the late 90’s, how many movies depict corruption today?

To illustrate  how politicians and media groups get you to go along with their agendas, watch this video:

Think about a major event, I remember how many newspapers were sold on the day Princess Diana died, the terrorist attacks on 9/11, the beginning of the Iraq war. Think about how much money the news channels make in advertising during crises such as these, with more people tuning in to find out about the ensuing carnage.

Just take a look at an article from the BBC this past weekend Although it is tragic that there was loss of life aboard this ship, many lives were saved, and yet all the major news channels create talking points and debates on ‘who is to blame’. I highly doubt it was much more than an accident. What about all the other issues in the world right now? The US economy is sinking, Europe is in meltdown, there are revolutions all over the middle east. Which issue do you care about right now?

I read sites such as What Really Happened because they cover stories that corporate media covers up. I do not solely believe any one new source, but I do take snippets of information, and figure out the truth for myself.

The bias and manipulation in the media is so fervent, that I cannot watch them anymore.

The media has their own agendas, and are not interested in the will of the people, and neither what is good for them. Only the special interests and sponsors that come from the top. The corporate special interest media, is terrified of Ron Paul, because he speaks the truth, and they know he will cut out the special interests and war profiteering, and they will say anything to discredit him, no matter how absurd and untrue.

The only way these media groups, sponsored by corrupt politicians and special interested corporations which have ceased to produce in the name of a quality product and service, and earned profit, but which seek to make a quick buck by some disastrous piece of legislation; is if we continue to watch them. Like I said I’ve given up on them.

Unless we allow the current ruling elite to completely change this country into a police state, the blogging community, now including myself, will take over as the ‘mainstream media’. There are many more articles out there in the internet, that are fair, balanced, and objective, than the bias of the corporate news industry.

People are once again beginning to be skeptical of the world around them, and concerning themselves with their own individual liberty again.

What would you prefer? Shocking stories on the news channel, or the peace of sitting at your computer reading objective articles online. I’m guessing by reading this, you’re choosing the latter. And that is where online blogging communities gain their strength.

Freedom is only lost, and evil only triumphs when good men do nothing.

There’s no news like bad news, but good news will find a way.

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

5 thoughts on “There’s no news like bad news”

  1. Very good. You know, if people would just go back and watch James Bond, they’d learn a lot of these tricks that are going on right in front of them. Do they think that fiction does not reflect reality? Of course it does!!!!!!!

    That particular character reminds me so much of George Soros now. I bet George loves that character. The trouble is, there aren’t enough James Bonds to save the world these days. Most of the men now want to be women and to sleep with James Bond themselves. That’s not a good situation. Someone has to fight the bad guys………………not putting on lip stick so they can walk in a gay rights parade that the bad guy created to distract everyone one he commits crimes!

    1. I think fiction mirrors reality. After all; where do we get our ideas from anyway? You are right, we need more hero characters in movies. That’s why I like 80’s movies so much. I’d love to see 80’s style movies with modern cinematic effects, but Hollywood is overrun by timid socialists who crave a ‘sensitive’ character who always has some sort of ‘issue’. When I watch Pierce Brosnon with James Bond, or Bruce Willis with Die Hard, it makes me want to be like that character because they are ‘tough guys’ and they don’t have any perceived faults. They are not ‘sensitive’ characters. They embody what every male wants to be. Guy’s aren’t interested in having their nails done and looking like they just got out of the shower.

  2. I posted this over on the Overmanwarrior site a few days ago and it is even more appropriate here:

    I love it when Hollywood “lets the curtain down” for a brief moment. Have you ever seen the last Die Hard movie “Live Free or Die Hard”? There’s a fantastic scene that you can’t find on YouTube anywhere…I bought the DVD just to watch that one scene again. It happens when Bruce Willis’ reluctant partner Matt Farrell gets off this great speech:

    “The news? I got a big damn problem with the news. You ready for this? The news…is completely manipulated. Everything you hear, every single day, is designed by corporate media to do one thing, and one thing only…to keep you livin’ in fear. Total fear. Fear, so you’ll go out and spend money on things, things you don’t even need, things you probably already have six of, so that their advertisers keep buying ads on their stations.”

    The reason it shocked me was that most of the time in popular culture such a speech would be delivered by a character considered to be insane, or mocked and ridiculed. In this movie Matt Farrell started out as someone Bruce Willis considered to be wacky but by the end of the movie he was shown to be extremely intelligent, giving weight to his beliefs.

    Also the movie “Men in Black” portrays the tabloids as “the real news”; more accurate than the mainstream media.

    As they used to say on “The X-Files”: “The truth is out there”. The problem is that most people don’t put in the work to find it.

    1. I LOVE Die Hard, and yes, that is probably the best quote from all four movies…I’ve actually been thinking about that quote on and off for a while now. In fact, I think I’m going to watch the movies again. Thanks Phil!

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