Thoughts on self empowerment and blogging

There are times in your life when you become completely swamped. Be it with work, family, projects, or whatever else you fill your life with. Through it all, its important to stay happy.

I started this blog to express my points of view of the world, this country, freedom, and what it means to be an American. I have gone through spans of time where I have updated this site daily, and periods where I haven’t written for months.

It takes time to write out a blog, it takes longer to re-read it and make sure that not only are there no spelling mistakes, but that the darn thing actually makes sense. It’s hard to make it completely unflawed, especially in dealing with opinions on a wide variety of subjects.

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This year peaked for me during spring and into early summer. I was working 50 – 60 hours during the weekdays at my job, and supporting my wife for 12 – 24 hours a weekend with her company. In the middle of all that I was trying to keep up with going to the gym four times a week, and we had multiple out of state family functions interwoven between all that too. During this time I was also questioning libertarianism, and the way the world is changing. I didn’t have time to write, and even if I did, I doubt it would have been anything worth reading.

What is important, most important in your life, is you. You front and center. You must put your happiness above all else. In the event of a plane malfunction, you’re supposed to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. This is true. If you can’t help yourself, you will be useless to others.

Since I couldn’t find the time for this blog, I felt it was useless to try writing anything, since it would seriously lack substance.

Since the 4th July holidays, things have calmed down considerably for me. Work has stabilized, and my wife is able to more effectively run her business without as much need for my assist.

What this all comes back to is; do I really feel like writing each day? Do I really feel like writing out my thoughts and opinions for the world to see? Is it really worth my time?

Another problem with writing is critics. Everyone’s a critic. I found myself trying to defend my points of view a lot, and this distracted me from other things I needed to get done. But, after thinking about it for some time, why should I care what others think? If I’ve done my research, if I’ve laid out thoughts and ideas for others to think about, should I really care about their opinions? Perhaps. If it’s a nice opinion, or a thoughtful critique, sure. If it’s simply a nasty response, it should be ignored.

The problem with being passionate about what you write, is that you tend to get defensive over your work, because any negative feedback is judged as a personal attack. It’s important to understand that there are probably more people out there who disagree with you, than agree with you.

It’s important to simply lay out your argument, and let the comments be whatever they will be. Critiques are healthy because it helps sharpen your view point, but negativity should be ignored.

When dealing with politics in particular, its important to stay positive. It’s important to look for the good in people, and to point out the innovations in the world, and not the multitudes of faults and despair.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a western nation, particularly the United States of America, be thankful. Enjoy your freedoms, your internet, your creature comforts. Spend time with your husband or wife, watch a TV show, relax, enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sites like this are designed to spark thoughts and revelations, to help maintain and grow the freedoms that we enjoy. Everything should be taken with a grain of salt, and time should be made to laugh and be joyful in the world.

Empower yourself to do better, to defend freedom, but to enjoy life along the way. Liberty starts at the individual level, and humor saves us when the world feels  dark all around us. To be able to laugh away danger will make all the evil in the world shake in its boots. Get out there, be strong, and enjoy life!

Truth will out

The truth takes no prisoners, and it does not mollycoddle friends. I would like to apologize to any of my friends and family who I have upset while reading this blog. It was not meant to be nice and sweet. I created it to expose lies and infamies. I created it to show what true liberty is about, and to help guide individuals away from government coercion and fallacies. I would say to those who get upset, you can still read it if you take it with a pinch of salt, but this kitchen is getting hot, so if you can’t take the heat, I suggest you don’t read it. I’m not interested in creating family feuds or disenfranchising friends. For me this blog is personal, and a challenge for all those who espouse liberty.

One thing I like to do however, and something which I’m leaning toward; is self empowerment. Just because I’ve broken all your eggs, doesn’t mean I want you to stand in a puddle of goo. Make an omelet with those eggs! The ideas I have could change the world and truly make it a better and more sustainable place, without resorting to the diabolical fallacies of socialism, communism, despotism and fascism.

I cannot be put into a box because there are elements of political parties and ideas that I like and despise. Can you say that you currently support your party 100% and if not, what are you doing about it?

And what can you do to help yourself personally? How are your finances? How is your family? Are you relying on some form of government entity, or are you all chipping in to take a vacation, or cook meals together?

I believe in the best of all of you, every single person on this earth has something they are good at. Utilize those skills and make the most of yourself. Don’t ever wait around for someone else to tell you what to do, or give you permission. Get out there and be all you can be.

And to end, I will give a friendly warning to those who have not read my posts before. Nobody is safe on my blog; because safety is an illusion, and the truth always bears true eventually. If you can prove me wrong, I dare you to try. As annoying as it is to be proven wrong, it is always a good learning curve and a humbling experience. But do your research and back up your ideas with facts, because I put an awful lot of effort into my research and postings, and I’ve got a lot of philosophy behind me.

The truth is a funny thing, it only peeps its head out from time to time, and it can create crushing blows, but also extreme enlightenment.