Liberty or Death

For the past few years I have been able to sit back and enjoy time at home with my family, safe in the knowledge that there are plenty of ‘digital soldiers’ out there fighting the good fight for liberty in this country. We’ve had a patriotic President working hard to rebuild our country and despite a bias and corrupt media, plenty of good people have been out there to spread the truth through the cracks on social media.

Back when I first became a citizen, we did not have a patriotic president and there wasn’t much cohesiveness throughout the liberty movement. My first presidential vote went to Gary Johnson out of spite for that snake in snake’s clothing; Mitt Romney. Since then, President Trump has managed to wrangle the cats and we’ve all more or less agreed with the direction he’s led us.

The difference between now and eight years ago is that we are all united now. We being the free thinking, constitution loving patriots of this great country. If you think for a second it will be that easy to steal this election from us, you’ve got another thing coming.

Too many people can see the bias in the media, too many people have experienced the fruit of a lower taxed economy and too many people are pissed off by the idiotic Covid restrictions forced on us by RINO and Democratic governors.

We see the open socialists for what they are. There is no mask any more. They want us dead. They don’t hide it. They’re already making lists of Trump supporters and openly talking about reeducating us. Let me ask them, do you expect us to start wearing yellow stars right now? Or are you just going to try and round us up right away and put us in box cars?’

All the conspiracies about FEMA camps etc. all of a sudden seem very real and there is no way on God’s green earth any of us will go willingly to any of those. Covid doesn’t scare us. Most of us now know someone who’s had the Wu Flu and most people get over it just fine, just as with any other seasonal cold.

The best thing any of us can do right now is use our social media accounts to spread the truth as much as possible. My instagram is being heavily restricted and my reach as been reduced to nearly nothing, but I’m still sharing stories as much as I can to those who would hear it.

A good idea is to have a parler account too, so that we conservatives can at least stay in communication with each other if big tech manages to pull the plug on the lot of us, which they are surely trying to do.

Another great thing to do right now is protest, whether it’s the million MAGA march or at your statehouse. Show up in numbers and show them that we will not go quietly. We will not be silenced. We will not allow this coup to take over our country.

And most importantly, donate, donate, donate to the Trump campaign to fight these bastards in court where we will surely win!

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Be the change you want to see in the world

Since Donald Trump became President a lot of conservatives seem to believe that he has a magic wand, that he is all-seeing and all-powerful. Lately, with tech censorship and shadow banning of conservatives I hear a lot of people say things like “why doesn’t President Trump do something about it?”

My thoughts are that he is already doing things about it. His defiant tweets spit in the face of those who wish to silence him, while more importantly at the same time he is doing everything in his power to install new constitutional judges across the board.

The problem with executive orders is that they can be undone. It is my belief that President Trump is doing everything in his power to create a lasting legacy where the new judges will be more restrained and rule in favor of the constitution instead of their own warped liberal activism.

President Trump can only do as much as he can with the cards handed to him and he is surrounded by sharks in the name of the media, the left, the rinos and the deep state.

So the question then is not “why doesn’t President Trump do something?” but instead “why don’t I do something?”

President Trump was critical of the presidency and of government long before he ever decided to run. The fight to begin removing ‘rinos’ started years before he ran for President.

The same people who attended the first Tea Party rallies when Barack Obama became President are the ones who are now township trustees and members of the house and senate. It takes years of grass-roots activism and tossing your hat in the ring where necessary. It also takes a new generation of leaders and patriots.

It has occurred to me that the youth in this county are not taught enough about the constitution and its importance. When I pledged my oath of allegiance I had to swear to it, to uphold and protect it. Now that I have a child of my own, I realize how important it is to protect the founders vision of the country for generations to come.

My generation gets a lot of flak for being too lazy or too unmotivated. Maybe that is the case with some of them, but not all. I think that it is far more important to shine a light on the goodness in this country and to learn its history than point the blame on this generation or argue amongst ourselves.

The task therefore, to those who are reading this is to educate yourselves and take action. May I first suggest taking a course on the constitution. It is highly informative and a great place to start. If you’re thinking about going to a tea party rally or a township meeting; do it! Start participating, go to a protest, write to your member of congress, call your senator’s office. The mainstream media may be corrupt, and the tech giants may think they can silence us, but local and persistent action will outrun them. After all, the founders managed to overcome much more with much less.

Do you know of any resources that will help others? Sound off in the comments!

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