Who are the real Nazis?

There are many liberals out there right now spray painting Nazi symbols on peoples houses, keying Trump supporters cars, beating up trump supporters and firebombing GOP headquarters. They yell and scream that Trump is a Nazi, while failing to see the irony in the way that they protest. Their actions are reminiscent of the way Germans treated Jews during Hitler’s rise to power.

Another point to make is the way the media has rallied behind Hillary and demonized Trump. They insinuate that Trump is a bigot, that he is anti immigration, that he is a Nazi, yet they fail to see the irony in their blind and corrupt bias.

So who are the real Nazis? The peaceful Trump supporters? Or the paid disruptors at his rallies?

Who are the real Nazis? You can bet it’s those who steal Trump signs, who throw away trump ballots. It’s those who beat up an old homeless woman who tried to protect Trump’s star in Hollywood. Those are the real Nazis.

The real Nazis are those who cover for Clinton. They are those who have been bought and paid for. They are the corrupt. The real Nazis are those who blindly support Clinton, who ignore her crimes. Who blindly follow a false narrative portrayed by a corrupt media.

Joseph Goebbels would be proud of what Clinton has managed to achieve in her near full grip on the media. Those who support Clinton are the ones who support a Nazi, not those who support Trump.

And another thing, Hillary’s rhetoric on Russia, her advocacy for women to enlist to go to war, her path of destruction as secretary of state in regard to regimes in the middle east. All of this is very dangerous.

You have the most corrupt person to ever seek office, who is under FBI investigation yet again, who has a dangerous track record of death and destruction. Then you have Trump, who has a clean record and a history of growth and success, who has employed thousands of people.

So who is the Nazi figure?

A vote for Hillary Clinton is the vote for a Nazi type figure, not Trump.