Quarter century old

Today is my birthday; I have just turned 25.

I think back on my life so far, and what I have achieved  and look to the future. As I begin to phase out of the youthful part of my life and head toward the mature part, I think about where my life will lead me, and what I will be able to accomplish.

The world is a mess, it’s always been a mess, and it will always be a mess. But perhaps it is more of a mess today than it has ever been, and perhaps I can have something to do with fixing it; at least to the extent where we can get along enough to continue building the world around us instead of destroying it.

I was at a Tea Party Rally last night; it was pot luck and everyone brought good home cooked food. The mood was relatively somber. I know many of the older folks in there wanted Romney to win the election, and had worked hard to oust Obama. I felt a little bad that I had something to do with denying that chance, but at the same time I knew I was doing the right thing. You don’t fix a problem by delaying it further, and the republican party has some deep seated issues that need to be fixed before we can make any real progress. The good news is that many of them were ready to work even harder, and start working with the youthful libertarians; which is the future of the party.

I know I talk about politics a lot, heck that’s pretty much why I started this blog, and I know I get passionate on certain issues. I know that I don’t always agree with my friends on here, but I believe in freedom to the extent that I will always follow through on my convictions, and I’ll go against the  grain more often than not if I have to prove a point.

It is said that kites fly highest against the wind, and perhaps by flying against opposing viewpoints my opinions will get recognized and considered more.  I don’t like getting into arguments with people, especially not my friends and family. I don’t like the tension, and I’d rather just find common ground. I’ve said before to my family that you shouldn’t read this blog unless you have thick skin and can take it with a pinch of salt. I do a great deal of research into the subjects I write about, and I think I hit the mark more often than not on my view points.

I believe in freedom above all else. Individual liberty is the crowning achievement of mankind; it is the stepping block to all other achievements. I will continue my quest to unlock the shackles of over-burdensome government so that I might have a chance of continuing to build my own future through my middle years. I want to look back while in my twilight years at my accomplishments and say “yeah I stood up for that, I made those bold statements, I defended those principles” and be able to look at my grand kids and know that I did the right thing, and that they were able to prosper for it.

I think it’s important to do things differently, to break the mold, to exercise unique opinions. Some of what I say will flabbergast people, while other times I take a more mellow tone. I try to be balanced and provide as many facts as possible. I suppose I try to get people thinking more than anything. Thinking about everything from a different point of view and perspective. If you can think for yourself, and challenge your own previous opinions, you are well on the way to discovering Abundant Truth in your research.

I hope I hit the mark with much of what I post, and hope that I don’t offend or upset my friends too much on here. Nearly every one who has commented on here I consider a friend, and most of those people I have been lucky enough to meet in person.

I hope that going forward I can make more alliances than enemies. I think freedom is a universal concept, and once awakened, people will join the movement toward it.

I am a quarter century old today. I have achieved much over the last 25 years. Though there are a lot of uncertainties in the world today, I hope I can be part of the movement which changes it for the better. A quarter century from now I hope I can say that I made a difference, and that the world was better for it.

Hurricane Sandy and the test of individuals

As Hurricane Sandy barrels down on the east coast, we are reminded of what is really important to us. We look to our families, to our structures, and to our achievements as individuals as we brace ourselves for the worst.

It is up to the individual to secure for himself and his family a strong building, and supplies to last through a storm and it’s aftermath.

It is the individuals and their inventions which give us structures to take shelter in, devices to track weather patterns, and storage to hold food during the storm.

It is the individuals who board up their homes to prevent glass breaking, who fill sandbags to prevent their homes from flooding, who store extra food and water for power outages. It is the individuals who will pick up the pieces after the storm has passed.

Do not look for government to help you during this mess. Take care of yourself, take care of your family. Always be prepared, and always improvise in times of need.

God speed to everyone in the path of the storm.