The Englishman who became an American Citizen

It all started fifteen years ago when I met my wife online playing a video game. As teenagers with months off in the summer to get to know each other, we formed a special bond. Four thousand miles separated us, and she lived in an entirely different continent, but that was not enough to stop me. During Christmas of 2004 I took the heroes journey and set off for the land of the free, to meet my one true love.

Since that day I visited the USA many times over, multiple times a year, until we were married and I stayed here for good. In early 2012 I became a citizen of this great nation, having developed a great love for it over the eight years I had known my wife.

Around the time that I became a citizen, I started this blog, as a way to express my thoughts on important matters, mostly concerning politics of the day.

My journey has taken me from visiting Sir Winston Churchill’s house, to visiting Washington DC. I have met with celebrities and politicians alike, and have formulated very unique viewpoints along the way.

Though not all will agree with my stance on certain issues, many can agree that I hold them with conviction and integrity based upon my experiences and studies of the matters at hand.

I hope that no matter whether you agree with all that I write or not, you will appreciate where I’m coming from on the matter, and I hope that it makes you think more deeply on the subject, and that it adds to your intellect and wisdom.

I hope that the content I provide aids in your own American journey.

Paul Townsend

January 7 2019

One thought on “The Englishman who became an American Citizen”

  1. I wonder why the UN said 110,000 refugees have fled from Eastern Ukraine not into Western Ukraine but into Russia and the Crimea? And I wonder why the UN even thanked Putin for taking extensive steps to help those refugees. I wonder why Putin’s popularity in Russia at over 80% is double that of Obama at around 40%? Why is it that, as three Harvard, Princeton and Dartmouth professors reported in the Washington Post, only 1 out of 6 Americans can even find Ukraine on a map and that the more ignorant respondents were even of Ukraine’s location, the _more_ they favored military intervention and saw Russia as being the guilty party. I wonder why the US government rejected the solution offered by the OECD that Russia had accepted, and I wonder why OECD observers accepted Putin’s offer to come into Russia to be objective witnesses to the situation at the border with Ukraine? I wonder why Western governments or the Western corporate media say nothing about the fact that, as abundant evidence shows, the US had been supporting and encouraging anti-government activities against the elected government in Ukraine and, when that elected government was over through through violence, basically hand-picked the members who joined the unelected, pro-Western junta that replaced it? (No doubt this is why the vast majority of Russians believe this to be the cause of the crisis in the first place.) I wonder why those same Westerners, including you, say nothing about the abundant proof all over the Internet that many of Ukrainian paramilitaries ruling the streets in government-held areas are neo-Nazis who openly praise Hitler and the SS? Why is there nothing on your website about Timoshenko’s recorded phone conversation in which she spoke of turning Russia into a cinder? Or Poroshenko’s comment about making 100 separatists die for every Ukrainian soldier? My advice to you my young friend is that if you are so determined to ignore the facts, you ought to go and put your body where your mouth is and go fight these wars yourself. My brothers and I were subject to a draft, and so after they came back sick and traumatized from Vietnam, I bothered to find out about this thing called the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which my congressman, the great John Moss of California, wrote to me was the only vote he ever regretted casting in his decades in Congress. It was truly remarkable that after all the lies that got us into Vietnam, different lies got us into Iraq, which is still in anarchy, yet only a few years later a new set of lies is about to get us into Ukraine. (You can easily find the information I mention above by Googling it. You just have to want to know the facts. I doubt you do because you don’t have to pay the piper or put your body on the line for the tragic, irrational policies you’re advocating.)
    I don’t get the sense from your website that you are either a “my country right or wrong” nihilist or bad person. You seem intelligent, so it’s hard to believe that you really think the US government, which is funded by the 1%, operates for the interest of the 99%. But it does make it all the more tragic that you, as a morally decent, well-meaning person, support Western intervention in Ukraine. Is it in your interest to advocate policies which are not even in accordance with the values of justice you embrace? Unless you want to live a wasted, tragic life undermining your own values instead of fighting for them, you have to overcome the discomfort of looking at all the facts scientifically however much it hurts. But why should it hurt? PLEASE read this great and fascinating books: How We Know What Isn’t So by Thomas Gilovich, Less than Human, by David Livingstone Smith, The Righteous Mind, by Jonathan Haidt, Irrationality, by Stuart Sutherland, How the Mind Works, by Steven Pinker, and The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins. These aren’t political books. They are by scientists writing according to a rigorous peer-reviewed scientific methodology. You, my young friend, need to seek out what you disagree with and these books will tell you why. If you don’t, you will live a wasted life. Once you get your psychology right, you yourself will know what politics to read, or more importantly, you’ll know how to read it. Best wishes to you.

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