Defining the “Right Stuff”: Virgin Galactic has it, government doesn’t

Richard Branson is a self made billionaire. He has more than enough money to last him a lifetime. While he does now live on an island, his vision is towards the stars. Sir Branson’s legacy will be in giving the world affordable space flight in a time where governments are hell bent on restraining their people from the stars. Where government fails, capitalist visionaries like Richard Branson lead on.

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The Gunfighter's Guide:

There are too many in the wake of the two commercial space endeavors which tragically ended during the last week of October 2014 who still believe that the government are the professionals in space flight, whereas the private sector are the amateurs. First was the 140-foot Antares rocket operated by Orbital Sciences Corp that blew up 15 seconds after lift-off destroying $200 million dollars of investment. Then there was the even worse Virgin Galactic spaceship that suffered a structural failure and crashed killing one and injuring another pilot destroying over $400 million dollars of a very unique craft. There seems to be a belief that if the federal government had been involved that these accidents wouldn’t have happened and that only the deep pockets of a looting government can fund such endeavors.

Well, here’s the deal—if it were up to the federal government there wouldn’t have been any crashes, because…

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