What a difference a Disney Park makes

My wife and I  just arrived home after a week vacationing with her family in Cape Canaveral Florida.

Walking through the parkDisney

While we were down there her parents treated us to ‘Hollywood Studios’ and we got to see many amazing attractions including ‘Star Tours’ and the Indiana Jones Stunt Show.

Tank Indiana Jones

We got to see lights motors action, the back lot tour, and many of our favorite characters come to life in the park.

Toy Soldier Lightning McQueen

One of our favorite parts of the park was ‘One man’s Dream’ which showed the history of Walt Disney himself. Seeing what Walt was able to create from his mind, and seeing all the amazing artwork and behind the scenes props and technology really made us appreciate the man himself and his vision.

Walts Dream One Mans Dream

Walking around the park really does make you feel like you’re in the middle of a magic fairy tale, and all of this was possible because of one mans vision. From one individual mind, who pursued his dreams no matter what.

Water Tower Crossroads of the world

I could talk for hours about the park, and how much fun we had on our trip, but I just wanted to say that it has given me the fuel to pound out the rest of the year. After buying a house and running a business as well as many other things, Brooke and I were beat. Having an experience at Disney World really does make all the difference.

Brooke and I Monkeys

Now that I’m home, I’ve launched straight into my next project. I promised you all a while ago that there would be a T-shirt for Rich’s book ‘Tail of the Dragon’ so without further ado, here is the new shirt ready and available for you to buy today:





And that’s not all! I’m cooking up a much bigger project that I will be fully unveiling shortly. This trip has given me a chance to slow down long enough to clarify my goals and to reign in my vision. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day to day drag, and every once in a while you need to kick back and enjoy the moment, and to go explore new places.


Mickey Tower Tower of Terror

I want to thank all of you who read my blog, and hope that you enjoy the exciting new features coming this way!

park 3 Park

It is Individuals who fuel the world, and it is important that they stop for a fill up themselves every once in a while. What a difference a Disney Park makes!

Woody and Buzz Walt and Mickey

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