Socialism isn’t working…what a surprise!

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The communist lights the way forward … but Obama is so much smarter than the others. LOL!!!

  • Minister Michel Sapin said: ‘There is a state but it’s a totally bankrupt state’
  • Unemployment and living costs have spiralled since party came to power
  • President trying to revive economy through cutting spending by £51billion
  • Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici said Mr Sapin’s comments were ‘inappropriate’ and tried to blame Nicolas Sarkozy’s government
  • An online poll in Le Figaro newspaper showed that 80.5 per cent of readers agreed that France is bankrupt

Mail online writes:

France’s Socialist government was involved in a vast damage limitation exercise today after a senior minister admitted that the country was ‘totally bankrupt.’

Colleagues of Michel Sapin, secretary of state for employment, insisted that he was merely highlighting the faults of the last conservative administration, after the minister said the government’s tax-and-spend policies are just not working.

Finance minister Pierre…

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