Don’t ask the government for help

My wife and I just got done watching a documentary called ‘Craigslist Joe’ which follows Joe’s adventures around the country over a one month span using nothing but the generosity of people on Craigslist.

Joe’s journey shows that it is individuals who shape the world, that single acts of kindness illuminate the dark.

I started this blog back in January of this year. Over the past year those who have read my nearly 200 postings will know that I have explored a roller-coaster of ideas and findings along the way. I have found out that the United States government as it stands today is little more than a common crime syndicate. Every time liberal minded individuals ask the government for help with social programs, people end up worse off, and the government gains more power. Every time conservative minded individuals ask for more security, more people end up in prison, and the country becomes less free.

gov 3

Every time you ask the government for something, you will end up with less in return. Recently I have begun to watch the Sherlock Holmes movies, and the new BBC TV series. For Christmas my wife bought me the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Over the last year I have found out many disturbing facts about the US government and its dealings around the world and at home. By using Sherlock Holmes’ science of deduction I have shown how these theories are true.

gov 2

It is not the soil you are born on that counts. It is the individuals who create the world around you that make the difference.

gov 4

Your surroundings are shaped by individuals. Those individuals if allowed the space and time will grow and flourish. The only thing governments are good for is to restrict and regulate that growth, and that is why all countries eventually fail.

If you want a happy and successful life, you’d best voice your concern over encroaching government, and not ask it for help. The only way for a country to flourish is for individuals to stand up, speak out, and act in a productive manner.

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Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

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