Gangnam Style

I had this ridiculous song stuck in my head while I was camping in Eastern Kentucky over the weekend:

When you shoot weddings you get to hear all the latest music. This happens to be one of the latest hits. It currently has over 400 million hits on YouTube. It’s very catchy and you can’t help but want to dance to it.

Coming from South Korea, it is a ridiculous celebration of dancing and silliness. The people who made it just wanted to have fun, as you can see in the making of the video:

Life is too short not to have spontaneous moments of silliness and dancing. The South Koreans enjoy capitalism to the fullest, as did all the rock climbers down in Red River Gorge. Everyone we met down there was there to have a good time and to push themselves in their chosen sport. We happened to be down there for ‘Rocktoberfest’ and people from all over the world were there to take part.

I have to unpack my gear, tidy the house and prepare for work tomorrow, but I thought I’d share that little piece of fun; life is not all about politics! I’ll write more about my little adventure later in the week; stay tuned!

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Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

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