Welcome back to the USSA

It is with great sadness that I write this. The USA is no longer a free country. Any illusions that you may have that this is the symbol of hope and freedom in the world are false. It is a sad day indeed when you feel more free in the old world than you do in ‘the land of the free’.

When I walked through the immigration line upon entering the country; what I saw reminded me about what I had learned about Nazi Germany during the late 1930’s in the buildup to the second world war. As you walk through the cattle lines toward the immigration officers, you are made to feel like a prisoner, like you did something wrong for traveling abroad. When the stony faced immigration officer calls out ‘next!’ resembling that of a Nazi officer, he very bluntly asks you why you traveled outside of the country, as if it is a sin to do so. After he stamps your passport, as if you are visiting the country instead of returning home, you walk through customs, where the looters have a chance to go through your bags and personal belongings. After all, how dare you bring back anything of value without paying taxes on it. Once you make it through customs, you drop your bag off for your connecting flight, and are then sheep-herded over to the Nazi SS in blue uniforms under the guise of being called the TSA. The bright blue dressed morons then march you single file, like the prisoner you are, through the cancer giving x-ray machine, in a complete violation of the constitution and your basic human rights and self dignity. If you have any metal of any kind on you, you will then receive a liberty stripping pat down. By the time I had gone through the X-ray machine and watched my wife do the same, only to have her head and hair felt by the rubber gloves because of her berets, my blood was boiling. My arms were crossed, and I bit my lip as I trembled with anger, while it took everything in me to not cause a scene. I very promptly picked up my bag, my jacket, put my shoes back on, and helped my wife retrieve her personal belongings. We then made our way to our departure gate in silence as my anger at all the fat, stupid, lazy people that call themselves Americans allowed themselves to be herded like sheep without any recollection of what the founding fathers had gone through to give them freedom, which has now been completely and utterly stripped away.

I was glad that our connection flight took a while, it took me a very long time to calm down. Had my wife not been traveling with me, I would have refused the body scanner, and gotten myself into trouble the same way Rand Paul did earlier in the year. But, it being the last leg of our vacation, I did not want to spoil it for her.

This is no longer a free country, the sad realization I had after calming down from the Nazi TSA pat downs, was that it was not only at the airports that the blue dressed morons now operate at. They are beginning to set up checkpoints just like Communist Russia did in its heyday. They are now infiltrating public transportation, and busing. And what’s worse is that its not only the TSA, or homeland security, which oversees all departments, going against the checks and balances of the constitution. It’s the police force. ‘To serve and protect’ does not register in your mind when you see cars being pulled over left and right on a daily basis for silly little infractions. It is not much comfort to know that the USA has a larger prison population than any other country on earth. It is not much comfort to know that many of these prisoners are there because of non-crimes. Why should you go to jail when you have not harmed anyone else?

This really is the United States of Soviet America, and if you think otherwise; you are sadly mistaken. This country certainly needs new leadership, but it will not come in the form of Mitt Romney.

We do not need another Barack Obama or George W Bush. We need a George Washington. We need a man who will stand up and defend the Constitution. Better yet, we need men, women and children to learn and understand the Constitution, and to realize just how many liberties have been stripped away from us, and are willing to put their principles first.

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

6 thoughts on “Welcome back to the USSA”

  1. Sad to say that your are right on target, as was KrisAnne Hall when she was teaching us about OUR Constitution Thursday. It is amazing to learn that the feds passed 800,000 new laws last year. With 50 states (or is it 57 Mr. President?) add all of the laws that they passed. There is no way that it is humanly possible for us to know just last years laws, let alone all of the laws. We can be arrested and detained for anything these days. Put up the flag in a “zoned” community and you can be stripped of that right. This recently happened to a veteran. He got back at them by painting his entire house red, white and blue. With NDAA on the books even the TSA can detain an American citizen without a reason. Yes, the land of the free and the home of the brave is an illusion these days. Liberty is won with bravehearts and souls, but it is given away by looters.

  2. By the way, welcome home. Sorry you were not welcomed by the TSA, as you should have been given a cheerful welcome home. I’ve been through those lines and you are too kind with your description. It is even worse.

  3. No……there is another. A son he has. : )

    Great bits that reflect your experience. It’s a shame we let that happen as a country. As I was waiting for you guys I watched about 10 of those slugs standing around waiting to check people with boarding passes. It’s a make jobs program. If we eliminated the TSA think how high the unemployment would really be. They kept looking at me watching them and I kept waiting for them to say something to me. They are just mall cops with the same little man mentality.

  4. A wise woman told me the other evening…your liberties are not being “stripped” away or taken from you. Stop saying it. You GAVE them away. Did and still are. Right she is.
    Being a travel agent, as is sassy…(once your one, you’re always one), I have been all over the world. It has always been that way for me at customs. Even when I could still smoke on a plane, the custom agents were aggressive. Sorry to hear about your TSA expierience, but she should have known barretts would throw a trigger. I suppose you wouldn’t know that if you don’t travel much. It is sad. You have to be motivated to get through that noise and that means taking certain steps..unless you’re a rebel or simply don’t give a shit like me.
    I think within months, especially if Ochavez stays in…you will see DHS highway checkpoints everywhere…and you’re right, by the power given to local officials through NDAA. I was watching a news video this morning and they talked about the coming collapse..which is so apparent now, and how the fat, lazy asleeple will simply migrate to the camps….for food. Pigs at a throuh. There is no way people will be willing to do what it will take. All bark no bite. I recommend getting trained. You have to get your mind around the worst possible senario.
    Food. Asleeple do not grasp what people will do when they’re hungry. It will be the only thing they are fighting for. How we get our food..the whole big package. There will be no commerce and the shelves will be empty in an hour if you can even get there. Don’t kill your dandelions. You might need to eat them.
    Welcome Home…I think.
    Excellent Post!!!!

  5. I agree. A most excellent post. We are indeed being boiled slowly like the proverbial frog in the pot of water.

    I refuse to fly anymore. With a couple of years I am going to have to go to Colorado and I’ll drive. As you said though, the VIPR TSA interdiction squad will still probably pull me over. Also, while you were gone (or maybe shortly after your return) Ohio’s House and Senate were passing a bill to make “texting and driving” a primary offense. Just another revenue-enhancing, liberty stealing law from small minded lawmakers.

    Also, I listen to Neal Boortz from 9-12AM on 1290 out of Dayton. He often tells a story of his own TSA experience. He details how he was pulled aside for an agressive patdown in a glass room while he watched another TSA goon go through his carry-on and steal his camera and iPod. He said he was yelling and screaming for the other goon to look over at the theft but he was told to mind his own business and that if he continued to cause a problem he would be arrested. He demanded to speak to a supervisor, confront the goon and to see the security footage that surely existed of the theft. He was told that the man was now off duty and that the security tapes are confidential. I believe this goes on much more often than is reported.

    Oh, and Rich…love the Star Wars reference 🙂

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