The Global Warming Myth

Six Years ago Al Gore warned us that the earth was going to heat up, and that if we didn’t start limiting our green house gas emissions; the world would end.

Six years later, the world has not heated up, if anything it has cooled down.

See these sources to see why:

The USA has cooled down

The Coldest Day

14 year timeline

Mr Gore and his friends have made a fortune off CO2 carbon trades, all the while the world continues to pollute more than ever, even though we have plenty of new and ‘green’ technologies.

By making fossil fuels more expensive; you make life harder for most people. Humans naturally want to live life to the fullest and want to live it in comfort. You cannot tell them to live a half life, to live less lavishly, when there are technologies available for them to do so. I want to live my life to the fullest, and I’ll do whatever I have to, to make that possible.

I own a car and two motorcycles. My car has a V6 engine, and my main bike has a V-twin. Both use a lot of gas, and both are very powerful. I like to have power in my vehicles so that I can get out of dicey situations. Having the power at your hands and feet to get out of the way quickly; can save you from disaster. Also, my car is great in the snow during winter, since it is heavy and sticks to the road. It heats up faster, and runs smoother because of the size of its engine. My bike is big enough that my wife can sit comfortably on the back and we can go on trips together.

According to Global warming theorists; I am to be punished with CO2 taxes for having the luxury of taking trips, and of preserving my life by having a large enough vehicle to effectively battle the elements.

Has anyone considered using hydrogen vehicles? Seriously, if we used hydrogen, we would have a viable alternative to gas powered cars with a lot less pollution.

Now I don’t like pollution. It’s dirty, disgusting, and it makes you feel sick. Who really wants to breath in carbon monoxide and smoky CO2 anyway?

I just simply don’t believe in the Global Warming myth because it has been proven to not be true.

After all, plants breath CO2, so how can the world end if they are constantly scrubbing the air for us?

If anything, we should be encouraged to grow more trees and plants. How much nicer would our suburbs look with more trees?

As I always say, special interests are at play. The Oil companies don’t want to lose their oil profits, and scammers like Al Gore don’t want to loose their CO2 trading profits either.

I think the real problem in the world is a matter of resources. Which incidentally is the reason for most wars, and incidentally is the reason for the up and coming invasion of Iran.

How much sense does it make to ship oil from the middle east to the US when we are perfectly capable of producing our own oil. And how much sense does it make to ship tonnes and tonnes of products from china that we are perfectly capable of producing ourselves here?

Fiat currency comes into play, and devaluation of other currencies, which makes it cheaper to ship products to other countries rather than produce them at home . These little schemes that ‘the elite‘ have in play right now, will not last forever, and we are starting to seriously deplete resources that should be in abundance.

And why is it that we do not recycle more of our waste? How much sense does it make to fill up a landfill with mostly recyclable material?

Of course, its so much easier to point to the sky and say that the world is going to heat up, and if we don’t confess our sins by paying CO2 taxes, and give money to elitists who waste it on their own guilty pleasures, than actually tackle the real problems.

And so we sit at our tv sets and allow silly shows to morph our minds into pudgy goo, and do not pay attention and stand up to the real problems of our time. And these problems are mounting.

It’s easier to pay attention to a myth than to a reality.

When I was in school, we were taught about deforestation, global warming, greenhouse gasses and the like. I can honestly say that I abhor unnecessary deforestation, but that we do need building materials to build our homes and businesses. Luckily there are such things as tree farms, and just like the food farms of the past, tree farms will become our future.

We can recycle more waste, we can live in harmony with the environment.

I am no tree huger, and I am no mean polluting industrialist. I believe in the future of mankind, I believe in newer and better technologies, I believe the world can be whatever we want it to be.

It does not have to be a filthy place nor a place filled with ti pi’s. We can live in big houses with an abundance of technology, but we must target the special interests and get rid of them. Our world is choking on them.

When we get rid of the special interests; we will have a future.

Published by

Paul Townsend

Paul is a freelance writer who grew up in the UK and became an American citizen.

6 thoughts on “The Global Warming Myth”

  1. This is my absolute pet peeve of all time. As Rich said, this is the number one way of spotting a looter these days. I will not vote for any candidate who has ever espoused the man-caused global warming theory. That’s both Romney and Gingrich. This is pretty much the biggest scam ever perpetrated by man. As with any looter sceme, a few at the “top” are getting rich at the expense of everyone else, and at the expense of our freedom.

    1. It’s frustrating because so many people believe that it’s true. It’s right up there with ‘the financial crisis’ and the transfer of wealth that went on in 2008 and indeed is still going on today, as the biggest scams in history. And you’re right, it not only takes away our money but our freedom too. It’s an excuse to regulate our lives and watch everything that we do.

  2. Remember…Josh Mandel cheered for Gore. He contends that he never did. Too bad there’s video of it.
    I’ve forgiven him for that. There’s many local reps that drink that juice.
    You are right…many believe it. My neice was forced to watch An Inconvienient Truth in college mind you. She exited that liberal school….FLAMMING.
    Good post!

    1. You know, often when politicians say one thing; they mean something totally opposite. In Al Gore’s case, it’s not ‘an inconvenient truth’ its ‘a convenient lie’, since he makes so much money from it.

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